Dual Core vs Quad Core CPU Comparison

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2 Cores vs 4 Cores CPU /
Pentium G4400 vs i3-8100 | GTX 1060 6GB


kazah86 says:

you are reliable tester

bodyguard xpnin gözlüğü says:

G4400 fps counter is wrong
Afterburner fps and gta v fps counters different!

oussama bouzid says:

GTX 950 VS GTX 150 MSI

Barack Smith says:

If you only have a dual core then use “Adaptive 1/2 refresh rate” in the nvidia control panel (AMD probably has something similar), it will limit your fps, if you have a 60hz monitor then it limit you to 30fps. It will let the cpu “catch up” to your gpu and game play will be much smoother.

1Tanker says:

Poor job syncing the 2 screens together. Hard to compare 2 videos playing at different spots in the game!!

Phan Thụt says:

Guys I need help ##
Which combo is better for PUBG
A. G4560 + 1050 ti
B. I3 8400 + gtx 1050
Thanks guys

mralexthe2 says:

Even if the dual core is hitting above 60 on GTA it still looks very choppy

Shinya says:

why g4400 FPS of GTA V: 48, but D3D11: 30FPS ?

Alaco123 says:

Why dont you just disable two cores on a i5 or i7….

Fernando Salazar says:

8 core vs 16 core in gaming

Se agarra de aquiii... says:

Yeah!!! Now 4 vs 6 cores.

kraken says:

g3258 4.5ghz+- oc, this pentium is pure trash

I Am The Morningstar says:

Which one is better, a i5 7600k or a i3 8350k? Im planning on upgrading from my old i3 6100 system.

Yasin Omidi says:

atleast do with same architecture and clock speeds 8100 is quite a beast for the price ( no motherboard included)

Carlos Francisco says:

i5 750 oc with nvidia gtx 1050 or gt 1030 and amd rx 460

The JUSED says:

6 и 8 поколение? как то не честно…. тест не правильный

oussama bouzid says:


Ahmad Suryani says:

i have 4 cores Phenom II X4 955, but this like 2 cores

zoohotelforever chou shinn says:


Roman Korzhov says:

Can you make a test of intel core duo 2cores/2thr. Vs pentium g4560 2cores/4thr. It seems to be interesting

alifa ridho Musthafa says:

I guess dual core suffer because gaming + recording at the same time.

Ray Amukwaya says:

G4400 can barely keep up.

Vadim Richard says:

Бля сравнил жопу с пальцем

Victor Villalba says:

Why g4400 and not g4560 or 7100?

Jizzus Christ says:

wrong fps display on the right side compared to actual reading of d3d11

HardwareNichtRat says:

Bad cpu choice. You should just disable 2 cores

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