Destiny 2 Beta CPU Benchmarks & Performance Research

We’re back to benchmark & research CPU performance in the Destiny 2 beta. We previously benchmarked GPUs in the game.
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Editorial: Steve Burke
Testing & Research: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman


Cmdr Flint says:

Anyone any idea what modern CPU would be the rough equivalent of my i7 4790?? It’s so very rarely used in tests these days I’ve no idea how it stacks up to the rest. I’m kind of assuming it’s somewhere between a 7 series i3 and i5, maybe even competing with the low end of Ryzen???

Jaime Almeida says:

And another bad optimized game running on 4 cores…
Is this another Tomb Raider case or are devs just shitting on AMD hardware?
R7 1700 should be at the 160fps mark at least!

michael bertucci says:

I used a i3-2100 and a 1060 6gb and I kept getting low dips in frame rate at 1080p It seems like I’m the only one. I don’t get it I used latest driver’s from Nvidia

Neurotyczny Kot says:

I have i5 and gtx 1070 and only thing that totally destroys frames is msaa, turn that on and it’s 30 fps, change it to something else and it’s 60+

Merijn Manders says:

Plez stop repeating the same thing 15 times..

discocrisco says:


Bungie: smt, lol

the blue hammer says:

I love how the minimum cpu they said was a fx 4300 yet it still cant play the games pvp (yeah… i have a 4300 *sigh*)

Troy Harrison Chriest says:

Who the hell uses motion blur while recording gameplay -_-

Insomnatech says:

I was testing the resolution render/output setting in the Destiny 2 beta and found that on the GTX 1070 I could max everything out except MSAA and Depth of field – I used HDAO and High preset for those. But what I found was I could set the resolution to 3840×2160 and set the resolution output setting to 85% which is 3264×1836 and get a locked 60FPS with HDR enable. This looked and played exactly like native 4k and it was amazing i highly recommend this for GTX 1070 owners.

Daniel Delindi says:

The video does not include the ram speeds of the ryzen which is the major contributor to ryzen performance. I just watched a video of the 1st gaming scene with ryzen 1700 and 7700k and the ryzen was pulling a lot more frames both on a 1080ti.

Moist Towelettes says:

lol, a fucking i3 is better than the 1700. People that think the 1700 can compete with the 7700k are so deluded.

Olli Niemelä says:

Will my old i5 3570k @4.2 paired with 1060 6gb OC run this ok?

James H says:

I’m sure bungie can allow certain software aka Afterburner RTSS for OSD and Fraps etc. But ensure everything else is prevented injection.

No Name says:

This is why I chose Intel. People can say i5 has 4 cores in 2k17 and all but I still get more frames and I don’t stream, and I can multitask doing the things I do.

Intel is way more consistent, maybe AMD can be after they mature, maybe after Zen 2.

Jonathan Liz-Fonts says:

The only setting I dropped was AA – from MSAA to SMAA. That alone gave me a constant 70+fps with everything else at highest @ 1440p

ArtisChronicles says:

It’s funny because I never liked Depth of Field anyway.

Georgi Nedyalkov says:

Does anyone have any idea what API will Destiny 2 gonna use DX11, DX12 or Vulcan?

fordy929 says:

FX 6300 and 1050ti… maybe if i oc everything? XD

uZiiTV says:

If you want to really push the game and have a good benchmarking spot, the nesus strike right where you spawn at has an event that happens where 3 different factions fight each other and a drop ship comes down. This is where the most action takes place in the beta.

Max Facts says:

AMD has been preaching its, “Please Develop For Our Wimpy Multi Core Mess” Forever. But alas Developers rather save time/money and Develop for ONLY as many Cores as needed rather than exclude those who invested in IPC powerful CPUs but have fewer cores. If a Developer only needs 2 cores to get the job done then why waste any more time developing for 4 cores. By developing for Intel’s superior IPC cores ROI is realized faster and they can start new development sooner.

FACT: Intel’s Coffee Lake will widen the IPC performance gap. Intel’s Superior IPC Powerful Cores beat AMD’s wimpy cores like a rented AMDonkey, Coffee Lake will make sure of it now, Ice Lake later.

JOMARS says:

the 7600k is DEAD ahahahahha

Emanuel Cardoso says:

“ryzen is more future proof, games will start to use 8 cores” lol, i3 beating amd on modern games. Keep going on your damage control.

James Reese says:

Please include the 2500K if you have time in the future. Still a lot of Sandy Bridge users out there, but otherwise another fantastic video man.

Kira Ryuzaki says:

my first gen intel i3 550, 7770 1gb, 4 gb ram worked on low all , 1080p res , smoth like butter , fraps didn’t work to check the framerate thou

Blaž Bohinc says:

Honestly scared and intimidated.
Chill out dude.. smh

Andruxa9690 says:

Intel da King

eclap78 says:

Overclocked R7 losing to stock i3. GG AMD.

Forgotten Tech-Gamer says:

The fuck. All consoles run on amd hardware, but on pc it doesn’t match? Yeah destiny is a no go for me. I can play any game I want with my 1700x, but this one isn’t one of them.

matzoe123 says:

soooo… many people say console ports have better multicore support as consoles have 8 cores and as there are more and more console ports/games that are developed for console and pc. here we see the opposite. in fact i think 4c/8t will still be king 2017 and most part of 2018. only exception: intels upcoming 6cores if they will have more singlecore performance than the current 4cores

RNG zus says:

Hmmmm bungies up to more shady shit? coluding with intel and nvidia, and screwing over their fan base in exchange for corporate money? nothing new going on here. move along.

The Major League Ginger says:

I play on a FX8320E, but I can stay about 30FPS

Rem ko says:

1080p? Fucking peasant resolution, where in the fuck is 2160p?

Razor Blazor says:

Bunjie is “working together” with Intel and Nvidia. It’s all sabotage against AMD.

oDieseLz says:

Damn was that an i3 out performing an R7 1700?

Tau the bice Gaming says:

Just weird that my i7 6700k at 4.4 wont go past 130 fps in multiplayer.

cornbreadman says:

I wonder if having more L3 Cache would slightly bump the FPS higher? *(3.2GHz + 40MB L3)*

Eric Marcus says:

I ran this game on my Intel Q9400/GTX 680 and it runs unexpectedly good.

Ihatehelicopters says:

30%+ behind the 7700k. As awesome as the 7700k is. I smell some underhanded tactics. (own both cpu’s). The ONLY way to say you wont accept this is don’t buy the game. I know i wont be. REAL simple for me: you want to fuck over a group of my fellow pc gamers and give them less fps than there system is capable of? Take some under the table cash/ favours? Then don’t buy the game! Its not amd v intel! It’s consumer versus developer.

Go Time says:

Game ran great on my R5 1600 gtx 1070 60fps 1440p not sure WTF all the fuss is and it will be fine when it comes out for the 144hz folks

vav247 says:

Should have OCed the r3 1200. Anybody that doesn’t is leaving performance on the table, even with the stock cooler.

søren kristensen says:

the beta performed poorly on my ryzen 1600x in large open areas , gpu usage drops down to 60 usage in large areas and fps drops to sub 60fps. i have a gtx1070 and a 1080p monitor. hopefully the final game is better optimzed for amd.

Hollow114 says:

Yeah. I’ll get Destiny when they can use 16 cores. It took the guys on Tomb Raider like a month to do it on a game that was already out. That AMD optimization is terrible. an i3 doing better than an r7? lol

cracklingice says:

How the heck is this game doing so bad on AMD CPUs at the moment… Aren’t the consoles running SOCs very similar to Ryzen? Mind blown. Then again maybe the console SOCs lack SMT and that’s why it’s not working on Ryzen.

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