CPU Shopping Tips as Fast As Possible

This CPU buyer’s guide aims to dispel some of the most common myths that exist for prospective buyers.

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Chi Sohma says:

What is comparable :
AMD A12-9720P Quad-Core processor
2.70GHz with Max Turbo Speed of 3.60GHz. Powerful 7th generation, quad-core performance lets you crush any multitasking demand.
I wanted to know if this is a good processor. I am on a budget, and I saw a laptop with this AMD cpu, so I’m trying to see if this is good processor for an art computer ( having multiple and big files open, also working with heavy art programs )
Unless you can upgrade a cpu in a laptop. Then >_>;.. I think I’ll buy it til i can upgrade?

Shed says:

intel i3 4130 2 cores 4 threads 3.4ghz or amd ryzen 3 1200 4 cores 4 threads but 3.1 ghz

DoriNori says:

This is a lot more complicated than I thought. I just want a PC that won’t be obsolete in 2 years

Glenn says:

Apple A11 BIONIC CHIP- Good at both but for mobile gamers.

blood_shooter 017 says:

Intel is better

md mashud rana says:

hay boys,
i’m using asus m81-k motherboard.can i change my intel processor and replace amd processor plug in this mboard

Poor Gamerzkie says:

Can I asked something?
What cpu can I use for gaming and at the sametime for education?

Javian Brown says:

Intel…. Don’t know much about AMD and honestly I don’t really care to

Intermission says:

Is this a good build?

Cpu: intel i7 square potato
Motherboard: gigabyte z1x70 piece of tinfoil
Ram: crucial vengeance ram horns
Case: cardboard box
Powersupply: bare wires i put into the wall
Gpu: nVidia geforce 1080x ds lite screen
Storage: seagate floppy octopus
Wires: no lol
Cooler: ice cube
Thermal paste: thermal pasta

Please tell me if you have any suggestions for different parts

rafath chowdury says:

Why does he look familiar to some movie star that I can’t remember the name of

Ethan Johnson says:

Best performance, features, and quality. He just described intel. Obviously.

Hichem Yahiouche says:

is intel core i5 6200u good ??

M. Nurhaikal says:

I have the i5 4460U with 4GB DDR3 RAM. Planning to get the i5 7400 with 8GB DDR4 RAM. Is the performance different huge?

LittleMaus says:

Step 1.
Buy a intel cpu

Steven Grindey says:

so Ghz is the same as abec in skateboarding it has nothing to do with what you actually need

Matas says:

The shocking truth is that AMD and intel are actually friends. They even share stuff with eachother, such as x86 and x64 technologies!

Levi 73013 says:

I see you pebble 2

Zero Blade says:


CyanISea says:

OR, You could google search which is better, and look at a least 10 websites.

Rakesh Belliappa says:

I have AMD A10 processor, almost every game running smoothly, great product by AMD. AMD is the future
Intel focusing on Profit.

namelessUser says:

Prior to Coffee Lake and Ryzen:
Intel: Higher single-threaded performance, good as a jack-of-all-trades and great for gaming.
AMD: Higher multi-threaded performance, great for productivity and for streaming at a decent bitrate.
Nowadays, things are starting to blur a bit with the 8700k and Ryzen APUs, but for enthusiast and budget builds these are usually decently reliable rules of thumb.

Alystas says:

Well, shopping by brand isn’t the most pragmatic thing you could do, but when you know history of computers, you also know that Intel tend to get realy shitty business habits when they think AMD isn’t a threat to them, that’s why i’d rather go for AMD CPU for most of my builds.

tom202404 says:

I chose to buy a pre built $700 pc with i5 over a $500 with AMD. I feel no shame.

SnehRaj Jadeja says:

1:51 didn’t tell about load of instructions
so you can’t compare a ball and a football at the same time

Cyclingfurball says:

How do i find what socket my motherboard has?

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