Core i5 6600K Skylake Benchmarks vs i5 4690K/ 3770K/ 2500K/ FX-8350

Take an Nvidia Titan X, overclock it and benchmark a bunch of CPUs at 1080p. What happens? Well, the processor takes centre-stage, allowing us to compare CPU performance more effectively – in most games, at least. Here, the new Skylake chip takes on three prior generations of Core i5, plus the FX-8350. Note: ALL chips here are running **at stock** – it’s the Titan X that’s been overclocked.

Check out our Skylake OC benchmarks here:

Games tested:

00:02 – The Witcher 3
00:58 – Grand Theft Auto 5
02:08 – Assassin’s Creed Unity
03:18 – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
03:55 – Far Cry 4
05:01 – Shadow of Mordor
05:44 – Ryse: Son of Rome
06:20 – Crysis 3

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Alvaro Dickinson says:

Where is i7 3770K? Are you crazy lier ?? Dislike this shit.

IHate Amd says:

You’ve passed! You used a video

Intranetusa says:

In practice, the 6600k performs almost exactly the same as the 4690k. The IPC improvement of the 6600k over the 4690k is less than 5%. The small difference in small games in this video is due to the faster DDR4 RAM. Techspot did a review of RAM speeds, and showed that faster RAM can improve fps by 5-10%. This review, for example, shows a pretty large fps increase in games when you go from DDR4: 2133 to DDR-4000:

XandroMC ortiz67268616 says:

u sure it’s not doing so well cuz of the titan

The Horror says:

What frequency is the 4790k running at

Stefan says:

RISE OF THE REDS! try this CPU with that game and tell me about lags….


and just like 100 dollars in ebay

Jourdan Pulquerie says:

Great job!! Quick question, What is the right figure? is it the average FPS, I’m looking for the average FPS for each game you have presented, is it possible to give us that? Thanks

The Truman Show says:


Mr Patato says:

the fx8350 has verry poor IPC but still staying strong

Ahoy Jumper says:

No se cansan de engañar a estos pendejos? son el cancer de youtube pseudotesters de mierda.

mininijafan says:

pentium 4 intel is still the best cpu ever built end of story

Jigar Shinde says:

Any chance to check the RAM speed performance difference on Haswell CPU, i feel Skylake is winning because of the RAM speed it gets from DDR 4, ofcourse the latency is high in DDR 4 but still it would make sense to check Haswell with DDR 3 2400 MHZ RAM and Skylake with DDR 4 3000 or above

Adam Todd says:

What is the best cpu, motherboard and ram combo for £410//$510? I need an upgrade and want to order it today. I have a GTX 970 but am planning to upgrade in the future so i am looking for a future proof upgrade with great performance 🙂

M Curry says:

hey can you guys do this again with 7600k and compare overclocked previous gens against a stock 7600k.

videoradeon says:

fx 8350 is good!

Ionstorm says:

3570k and the 2500k seem to have a much more steady FPS than the 4690k and 6600k; Is FPS updating more often for those CPUs? If not then such big changes in FPS are confusing.

Vincent WU says:

gta 5 benchmark got tire glitch =D

Naterz says:

all yall fighting over what is better old vs new i5. rip me with amd phenom…. lolol

Mattheus Hildebrand says:

The best method to prove a bottlenecking (What I use for myself) is to run the games that I want, in the configuration that I find best and follow up the cpu and gpu loads with v-sync on. Like most of people I have a IPS 60 Hz display and what I consider to be a bottleneck is when the framerates go below 45 fps with the CPU usage of 100% and in combination with a small GPU usage. You don`t need to freak out and upgrade you gear for 10% of performance with framerates you`ll never be able to see.

SciTk says:

is this 4k

Piotr Dębowski says:

what buy: i5 2500k or i7 2600k?

Cheese_Tube says:

Holy crap, I bought the 3570K many many years ago and I’ve been running it at 4.2GHz, what a beast. It still holds up today!

Internet says:

lol upgrading my i3 2100 to 2500k 😀

Thrilling Hazardous says:

what windows 10 is suitable for gaming pls help?

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