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BryantCivica says:

FX-8350 FTW!!!

GuyPersonMr says:

instant favorite for starcraft and catchy title

Willie Robinson says:

I’m willing to spend upwards to $400 at the most. I’ve got a Radeon 7750 I want something that looks better then the PS4 etc. My mother board is gigabyte 970A-UD3 what processor will be good for a beginner PC enthusiast??

jediblast says:

is the xeon e3-1240 good for gaming?

GuyPersonMr says:

loved the vid man! subscribed!

BassBoosterTV says:

What a retarded game he’s playing.

harry barry says:

are these specs good for gaming ?

Processor : intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20 GHz 3.20 GHz
RAM : 16 gb
System type : 64-bit operating

TheDabEnthusiast says:

true, i once played it with 1.8 ghz and 1gb ram and 4gb hard drive… yes i said 4

Titan Assassin says:

Ratios still won’t end up with 2:3 and 3:5

Yella Dart says:

Dude, only one complaint, give prices in pounds AND dollars as the prices aren’t equal to the exchange rate, for example, a new release 360 game costs about $50 US and about £40, they’re actually cheaper in the USA since $50 US = about £30 and £40 = about $60 US. You can’t go on exchange rate alone.

Eddie Rod says:

22nm not 28 you dumb azz!!!!! Do some research and teach yourself before you try and teach other people!!!!!

Yella Dart says:

An actual question though lol I currently have an i7 920 (Bloomfield) @2.66ghz, would you say it’s worth upgrading now? And if so, to what?

Callum Reed says:

I love buying things from American sites in Dollars because it’s cheaper in Pounds… hehe

Munchy Monk says:

Get an AMD FX-4170, 4.2 ghz: Quad-core. Can run Battlefield 3 at ultra (at 70 fps) , just make sure to get a good video card/MB so it doesn’t get bottle-necked.

Ayaz Faiz says:

me too cheer…

Error8766 says:

except the insane delivery cost

MRPyro Gaming says:

you wouldnt need anything to fancy for wow

GuyPersonMr says:

you guys can find the 3570k for much less than over 200 dollars in microcenter

IsaacScz says:

core i3 3220

JorD says:

amd blows


damn u suck at sc2 D:

Ad Addv says:


Error8766 says:

1155 is dead theres nothing beyond i7 3770k which is outperformed by cpus which cost 50-100$ less

DiceEdits says:

he made a mistake calm down

Ad Addv says:

u can play wow witha potatoe

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