Battlefield 1 CPU Benchmark (Dx11 & Dx12) – i7 vs. i5, i3, 8370, etc

Our BF1 CPU benchmark includes the i7-6700K, i5-6600K, 6400, i3-6300, AMD FX-8370, AMD FX-8320E, X4 845, and more.
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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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Suvajit Karmakar says:

I think the 6600k is a better buy at this time.

Jordick 69 says:

According to this I should be able to run the game smoothly without any problems, but for some reason I’m getting insane frame rate drops from smooth 70 (i capped it there) down to 0-10 fps.

But the real problem is that the game also freezes up for 3-5 seconds every minute or so, which practically makes the game unplayable for me. The freezing usually happens when there’s action going on on the screen, such as explosion, gunfight or sprinting.

I’ve read reports that the game is heavily unoptimized for PC, so that could be the case why the game drains even the high end CPUs dry. I’ve also heard that the W7 could cause those freezes, because it handles data slower than the newer ones.

Any ideas?
According to the system requirements, I should be able to run this game even on lowest settings without any problems.

My specs:
GTX 970, 4gb
18gb ram
W7 Ultimate, 64-bit

esanpr says:

The best explanation I’ve heard, thanks excellent video

SquarerFive says:

so excited to get battlefield 1 tomorrow. Btw i watch your channel all the time

Steven says:

great job testing ~~!

Marcos C says:

duq fuck u talking a out this is the first fps aaa I will play on pc instead of my ps4 becuse it optimized any gpu 950 and up can play it whith an i3.

Ender Wiggin says:

guys I just tried bf1 on Xbox 1 s and almost died compared to pc. is the experience gap really this dramatic. crazy. no chat no mouse. freezes etc.

Jammy dodger says:

I’m looking to build my first PC, can a amd gpu fit is a Intel motherboard?

BrianDMS says:

Why not include the good old 4790? the i7 is supposingly still much better than the new 6600 and i’d like to know how it performs as well

jkteddy77 says:

Where does Haswell land in this test? or Ivy Bridge? 4770k/4790k closer to the 6600K’s numbers or?

GamingTurkey says:

4930k 4.4ghz r9 290 crossfire. Getting 50fps is something getting bottlenecked?

Akash DeeP says:

How much is performance difference between i5 4690k and i56600k

cristianzex says:

Why not 1080p max out ?

Guldkatten Jens says:

So is i5-6400 and gtx 960 2g playable?

Dr. Fresh_2k says:

MAN AMD SUCKS! What’s the point of buying an AMD CPU? Yo Ryzen Betta do good or else AMD should GET THE FUCK OUT of the cpu business cause this is truly pathetic, how is the only option for consumers just one? AMD outta be dissapointed. Its time to put up or shut up with Ryzen. If you can’t keep up GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE GAME! This is embarrassing and a disgrace that different map more time bullshit testing shit by AMD is just damage control by AMD because of how damaging this review is, disgusting. … JUST DISGUSTING!

FroztiProductions says:

They promised a huge decrease in cpu usage with dx12… Will it get better with future titles?

Arc says:

what the heck is wrong with dx12, all scenerio it makes worse compere to dx11, not only in bf1 there are other game with doesnt improve by goin to dx12 in fact its worse and should not be use in current state.


AMD cards definitely got better performance with the DX12 updates. My 7950 on my second system got around ~71fps on DX12 compared to ~59fps on DX11

Gowtham N says:

At 4k does CPU matter? Will i5 be enough?

Gamer Tom. says:

Conclussion? For those who don’t get the time for watching a vid 15 min. 😛

charlie brownau says:

Missing G4400/G3258

Nícolas Piano says:

are u guys having problemas with dx12 too? once i set it up on setting and i restart the game, it crashes in the next opening, can u guys help?

Somayina Ohaegbu says:

Can you test all of the CPU’s with the RX 480? The FX series is seriously limiting the 480’s performance compared to a 6600k or 6700k.

Ricky Canada says:

i think your benchmarks are wayyy off as compared to guru3d , the fx 8370 is showing identical performance to a 5960x,9.html

poct 33 says:

Why not overclocked AMD? seriously overclocking the CPU + RAM + nb AMD showed much better results tembolee that AMD overclocking is not blocked

The Major League Ginger says:

When I tried to run the beta on my FX4300 + GTX 960 SSC, the FPS wouldn’t even stay at 30, it was unplayable, and since I didnt know if the release version would run any better, I ended up just going with the PS4 version

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