Are games the best benchmark of a CPU? Not AMD Ryzen, and here’s why!

Today I discuss benchmarks and how gaming benchmarks that don’t fully utilize a CPU aren’t really a fair comparison when you can get a benchmark that DOES fully utilize the CPU. Especially Ryzen which is a superior CPU to any Intel quad core CPU unless all you do is play Counterstrike at 150 fps or more… Hey, Ryzen probably still can do that! Nevermind! LOL


The Gain Domain says:

Thats what im saying! and i saw a deal for ryzen on monday for the 1700 at 250$.. waited to long and it went poof :'{

BGaming says:

please stick to the title of your videos … 10 minutes you talk bullshit until you get to the actual point


Hey there Youtube.. Today I’m going to talk a little bit more about applying some oil to my squeaky chair.

The Real Elvis says:

If you game… ALL you should care about is the gaming benchmarks. You wouldn’t want to rely on conventional benchmarks at all.

Simonarne Myklebust says:

also when the frames are higher the ms delay is lower and that can give pro gamers an edge

IaMaWeSoMe7478 says:

Iphones however are still dual core and typically in some cases outperform their android counterparts with optimization…

IaMaWeSoMe7478 says:

Hey mike wouldnt you benefit more from a 7700k than A Ryzen system?? As Adobe CC applications prefer more single threaded performance over multicore??

wengundumgod says:

Ya paint the ram with some white that would look nice.

nikolygtx says:

next video its windows best benchmark of a CPU ?

Rufen aka Konjini says:

think game makers have bin focussing on the most used infractructure available and by there cosumers. I have a gut feeling also that Scorpio is gone supprice us like that. As Microsoft is really quiet about it and got somethings in there sleavs. Hope you’re right on the dx12 part on Scorpio that would bring a huge boost to multycore optimization in the future.

CZmiho says:

According to steam hardware survey 46% of users have two physical cores (and it is changing very slowly). There will be no games that needs more than 4 cores to run well in next 5 years. I rest my case.

Eric Jensen says:

Too many variables in testing. Some games are faster with AMD, others with Intel, but if all games are running above 60 fps, then that gamer will have an enjoyable time. As for online gaming, we are dependent on the ping. I played a game years ago with a buggy server and lag was unavoidable. That was one server on Earth and Beyond. When playing Call of Duty 4 online, I noticed extremely low lag, most of the time. I, living in southern California, played COD with players in Japan with, get this,  no lag. In fact the ping rate was great considering the distance involved. Also, I read that professional gamers will lower all graphics options to bare minimum to maximize frames. As I said, too many variables. But consider some with a cheap $100 AMD APU with decent vid card can get great frames. They just lower eye candy. It seems we place far too much emphasis on extreme spending for the cpu, gpu and motherboard. Those with concerns over cost will be confused thinking they can’t have a super system but at a much lower cost.

z0mb1e564 says:

Cool vid man

Anto Halim says:

Hi Michael, there is one game that could fully take advantage of multi core. The game is a chess game. To benchmark Ryzen with this game, you could use a software named Fritz chess benchmark. Though this is not a perfect software, at least it is the closets one. I believe Ryzen 1700 with stock clock will outperform OCed 7700K in this benchmark.

jagsfanrick says:

I play WOW Legion, and you need a decent system, especially in a 40 man raid.

Bai Laohu says:

Valid point…but at the same time, do you want to buy a processor that can’t run your current applications? Need to do both for a fair assessment I think.

If all the software you use are optimized for single threads, then why exactly should you buy a highly multithreaded cpu? Yes the latter might be awesome…but you’re not going to be able to use that awesomeness because the applications you use, for better for worse, handicaps it.

Would be amazing if games functioned like media production and uses all the threads you can throw at it though-with good scalability….nobody wants 8c/16t to be the ‘standard’ right now with how expensive they are.

Ash Scott says:

Making an OS that works on all platforms is like making an engine that you can take out of your car and put in your bicycle. It HAS TO suck in your car, or you’re going to have a REALLLY bad bike ride.

Waheed Tech | وحيد تك says:

Hi Michael Dontigney,

I am planning to buy This motherboard ( ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero AMD Ryzen AM4 )
please do you recommend me ?
because i have 1800x on hand please help me

bmxriderforlife1234 says:

games dont really tax cpus that much anymore if you think about it. and directx12 is making that more the case. its reducing overhead, but due to consoles and old lower core machines and devs coding for the lowest common denominator we will see it continue that way. cant really make a game thatll push 6 or 8 or even more cores to the max when alot of people are still on old quadcores or sometimes hyperthreaded dualcores.

justin barrett says:

they certainly are if you’re just a gamer….however not for me, as I primarily use Blender(a 3D package)for content creation and rendering…so not for DCC people and apps, but yes, in a nutshell yes….it is a completely appropriate way to benchmark for a gamer.

GothicTech says:

FIanlly someone who understand the whole push AMD is doing. Multiple cores are the answer to Make game dev finally step up and utilize the CPU cores as well GPU to work better simultaneously. Not only games, using CPU for AI and rendering can still use a lot of work and optimization but since the majority of the world are at quad core the dev don’t see any benefit to cator to non Enterprise consumer.

Hotte GKT says:

Thumbs down because i think you missunderstand some of the benches.
If someone bench GTA V with Ryzen he does it maybe because there are Players just
interested how good the CPU works in GTA V.
And you messed up the Numbers with the Monitors. It is Hz not MHz.
Alot of Users of 144 Hz Monitors says they cant switch back to 60Hz because
they see the difference and that this bothers them.
So once 144Hz then always 144Hz 🙂
For myself…i am out of this latest and greatest Race.
I have a GTX 770 with a I7 4770K. And this System runs all the Software
as good as i need it to be. As long as nothing breaks i dont buy anything new.
If CPU and/or Motherboard whould die….i guess i whould buy a Ryzen 1700.

VnuReo says:

Hey man, your power supply is upside down.

Sai Ram says:

I am the 750th subscriber yay

hello walkman says:

AoTS received an update optimisation for Ryzen and shows R7 gaining 20-30%. Pcper has written an article about it.

fayssal mekh says:

i agree 20000000000%

Wissam Mo'athen says:

I agree , games developer is lazy to improve there games , games are like hungry creature that eats cpu power , old game is just that creature Jailed in a cage from its food

Joe Melnyk says:

you are 100% right sir!

Algorythm44 says:

17:05 I think we’re a little ways away from a 144,000 Hz monitor lol

Daniyal Butt says:

Mike you have nailed this 100% . Surprised other channels have not emphasized this .

Sean O'Friel says:

wtf are you talking about gta v is well optimized

VenoXj1 says:

Games are the best benchmark for any CPU to check what the frames on gaming is. That is even why they’re doing it.

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