AMD Ryzen R5 1600X CPU-Z Benchmarks | Faster Than Intel’s 6800K

So AMD have yet more time in the spotlight, this time thanks to leaks on a chinese forum showing the Ryzen R5 1600X outperforming the infamous Intel I7 6800K 6 core 12 thread processor in the CPU-Z benchmark.

The Ryzen R5 1600X features 12 threads and 6 cores, 8MB of cache and turbo’s 3.7GHZ+ thanks to Extended Frequency Range XFR. These aren’t the first set of leaked Ryzen benchmarks, and hints show the CPU to be around 260 US dollars for the R5 1600X. Which is kinda crazy. for more gaming news, reviews & tech – if you want to help us out! – Follow us on Facebook! – Paul’s Twitter

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fistingendakenny says:

8 mb cache with 3.7 stock… lol is this 2006 ? cause i remmeber core 2 quads with this kinda performance for sub 100 $$

Daniel Bellezza says:

i think it’ll do really well for what we’ve seen. I’d like it hit around 4.5-4.6ghz with a good AIO liquid or high end air cooler. It seems like AMD might be getting it right this time.

Raging Monk says:

R7 1800x and 1700x bench marked well but did not end well in game play results. Bench marking is B.S. as proven by Game play footage for the new AMD Ryzen. It may play a roll in rendering etc… but not gaming.

hithummah says:

the RyZen launch is rivaling Nintindo Switch release.

bronisław komokowski says:

We making assumption?,even if it is written it is only estimation.pleas show some real benchmarks (it is in title) unless you prefer to talk about nothing.

islam sarul says:

Game over intel

Jus' Jay says:

Any news on how these chips will perform in a 4k gaming theatre setup? I thinking of building a badass one should I wait? If not for anything the Intel chips will come down in price I’m thinking

TROLL says:

Who cares about single core performance?

Luka Tomko says:

no hackintosh for team red though

MakoRuu says:

I for one hope AMD does well. It will force both companies to compete even more and release even better CPUs for even better prices for everyone.

But… Didn’t the same thing happen with AMD’s 400 series GPUs?

Leaked benchmarks had people believing they were going to beat out the 980 ti and the Titan, but they failed to even match up to the 970 until months after driver maturity.

All I can say is “It’s about time?”

Tyrone Biggums says:

Goodbye my hardworking 8350, I will miss you. Time has Ryzen for a new CPU. opting for 1800x or 7700k.

JK C says:

Intel’s way of competing: Pay OEM manufacturers $1+Billion a year to not use superior AMD products. (like they did during the Athlon 64 days)

Darathu says:

Bullshit, some of those intel cpu also have 16 threads and lose.

tejas tayade says:

I hope this is true even after it releases

Nikola Marjanovic says:

It doesn’t come over right when first thing you say is Ryzen seems a little bit behind in single thread performance. First thing you should say is: it seems to be almost triple better price per performance with ryzen 1600x against skylake i7-6800 and those are both 6c12t cups at similar base clocks. You basically get i7 performance for 175$. UNREAL REVOLUTION!

Nick Grace says:

isn’t the 1400x a 4/8 and not a 6/12???

Harry Osborn says:

I will buy 1600x it’s helluva great

S Morris says:

RIP Intel

Bee Rice says:

Should I get a 7700k ($350 on newegg) or wait for Ryzen and wait for Intels response to Ryzen? Currently have an I7 4770k.

F. Teixeira says:

if amd pulled it off it they changed how fast humanity will evolve. literally. they stopped intel inertia and now there is competition and motivation to manufacturers to make things better

ggooaa100 says:

R5 1600X OC best budget CPU


i have a intel 6700k and i love intel cpu’s. but im thinking about selling my 6700k for about $250 and buy the R7 1700 8c/16t for $320 its fucking insane! pair it up with my 980ti at 1440p pure jesus!!!

Thundertube says:

Did i make a mistake upgrading to an i5 from an anthlon a little over a week ago

Ali0The0King says:

who saw the thumbnail and knew that he writed r7 not r5 ??? if u did like … even if u didnt like

Daniel Cashmore says:

if all the early data etc is true then intel will be truly worried

Konig D says:

Through the whole video, I couldn’t help but think “Damn dude, swallow your spit” while he was talking.

Tarikul Islam says:

Amd next APU market will be 8 core 16 thread law end will be 4 core 8 thread and the price will be much more lower then the previous APU lineup. I think AMD’s next strategy is thread count. When 4 core PC is common then they will go back to their FX strategy. Fuck you intel for your pricing.

SleazyHunterX says:

gotta get rid of my intel shit this week…to hardwareswap!!!

mdd1963 says:

And as the benchmarks leak out, the results seem predictably confirmed: good performance for the money, but, still below that of a 6700K or 7700K in gaming. (who plays cpuz or cinebench?)

Blentil says:


farmerfb says:

joke score, can’t even catch an old bulldozer at 4.0Ghz in multi threaded.

Bboy Tyby says:

you showing bullshit in every video you upload. delete your youtube chanel

Charles Earl says:

Regardless if it clocks to X or Y… To earn my money it needs to BEAT a 4.8Ghz i5 7600 across the board in all game titles @ 1080P. I am an AMD Fan and I kept my 480 over the GTX 1060 as they were close enough. But I already own a 4.2Ghz i7 2600k CPU and the i5 7600k really is no faster in games regardless of what CPU-Z or Firestrike Physics might say. I need to feel a bump in performance or my money is better spent on a faster GPU at this point. It’s all about frames per $$$.

HGD says:

I saw leak where R7 1700 can OC and then it’s faster than i7 7700K in single thread. Is this true? If it’s true then it’s viable for both, gaming and video rendering.

Anth bobo says:

This redgomantekvido

Robert Galvan says:

There was a review that the 1600 smashes the 7700k, so if the 1600x isn’t better than the 7700k according to this video, then there is something extremely wrong.

ralegar5 says:

multi fred and single fred

ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ says:

They are comparing their new CPU with an one planned and manufactured
earlier from another company. Dont know if this is objectively correct.
Seems logical for me that a new one with different technique is qicker
than an older one. By comparing CPUs only, not brands, this result is
not surprising.

leihoa says:

140 people bought Kaby Lake last week.

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