AMD 1700 vs Intel 7700K – CPU Comparison

Here is our performance comparison between the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 & the Intel Core i7 7700K.

More info on AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (US):
More info on Intel Core i7 7700K (US):

More info on AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (UK):
More info on Intel Core i7 7700K (UK):

Benchmark PC Specs:
Intel Motherboard:
AMD Motherboard:

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Kruise T says:

I’m just so used to intel I can’t switch, I’m building an x99 with the 5820k to edit a project, and after I get payed imma pick up the 6950x

Giovany Caballero says:

win intel xd

Ben Mitchell says:

You said it was no contest even though you go on to say the 7700k outperforms it on most conventional programs? People really just like the sound of 8 cores I guess

trump centurion says:

You gotta understand as well that those games he showed the benchmarks on are DX11 GAMES WHICH ARE ALMOST ENTIRELY SINGLE CORE DEPENDENT. For FUTURE games Ryzen is better because it has more cores which with new API’s like VULCAN AND DX12 they spread the workload out across ALL THE CORES and don’t pile it all on ONE. So Ryzen like the FX line of cpu’s will see a actual performance BOOST with NEWER games. In the future MORE CORES=BETTER PERFORMANCE now if those cores actually perform WELL like with Ryzen then the performance will be even GREATER. So right now the Ryzen line is the best bang for your buck bet at future proofing your PC because down the line games are all gonna be more GPU dependent with DX12 and VULCAN.

Goran Pavlović says:

but amd failed again at gaming department, fuck these cores. 80% of you here will be using your pc for gaming n stuff hence 7700k is the obvious choice, intel is intel so yeah

jzacarias117 says:

Even though AMD new Ryzen cpus are a great option, people are not supporting them, sad, competition is good

Haddz says:

I still think Intel wreaks AMD

Keijo 420 says:

intel xeons have always been my go-to cpu, but maybe i should try amd out to see how i like them

Syed Tassinari says:

how do you run win 8 on 7700k?

Nikobellic987 says:

7700K better for gaming, that’s all i gotta to hear.

NeonTrash says:

I’ll give it to you simply.
Intel cores: less but more powerful
AMD cores: more but less powerful
Games: Use less cores but require power
Editing/Multitasking: Use more cores with decent power

Segev Shtubi says:

still, AMD cant win in gaming…
such a shame…

bledi quatro says:

only gaming is not cpu bad lotency and graptick card …stop owerclock and benchmark not work online game baby

GhosT says:

yeah sure, AMD still is stuck with MAX TEMP of 62 and INTEL cpus can be fine at 80 and with that live longer, so F amd, intel forever!

Andre William says:

the question remains the same: Who will buy high end hardware to play in 1080p?

Skywalker TV says:

teme intel

Hd.myyou says:

i 7 7700 k is the gaming beast

BOTB _WING says:

Why not test R7 1700 vs I7 6800K or 6900k ?

Chris Bullock says:

I do a ton of video re-encoding and the 1600 X is the CPU for me…

Marco Panzanni says:

How many system fans are used in this setup, besides the dual cooler? Thx.
Also having diff coolers for each sys makes it a bit tough to compare power draw properly.

Cosmo Kramer says:

1 major flaw: you didn’t test the games on an AMD gfx card. ditch the NVIDIA, and see how Ryzen 7 performs way, but way better. the reason is that NVIDIA did a shit job with their DX11/12 driver.

loki apple says:

7700K is best for gaming but 1700X is better at everything else. But 7700K can overclock very well while 1700X cannot. But at higher resolution e.g. 2K,4K it really doesn’t matter much since GPU limit comes into play. Both are fantastic chips.

Sean S says:

So many people here in the comments section that need to grow up. Common guys you’re smarter than that.

jayount says:

I think it should be mentioned that for the Ryzen 7 1700 price mentioned in this video, the Wraith Spire CPU cooler is included as well.

Fiddlestickz1 says:

So the thing with the bad TIM on 7700K, if i wanna go max OC on it, is it necessary to delid and replace the TIM to get better temps? I still have a potatoe with i5 760 4ghz and thinking about upgrading sometime soon. Was always an intel guy, but this really makes me consider Ryzen, multi core is also better for the future.

Mike V8 says:


Black Desert says:

I Believe if apps optimize for AMD 16cores then AMD will be atleast 2.5 times faster but intel is faster on single core or apps that only support 4 cores, there is no game that support 8core or 6 core so intel wins for real world games but not in benchmark.

if games optimize for AMD proccesors you get the same thing AMD will be faster.

TheManTheo says:

my intel i5 7600k trashes ryzen in gaming, though i cant say that it would for a workstation build.

monir monir says:

if I’m not wrong the i7 7700k has reached 7ghz with nitrogen cooling not with water

xSS4x says:

Here i am with my 5 ghz 3770k wondering when a CPU worth upgrading to will come out rofl.
The 7700k felt underwhelming like pretty much everything else in the last 5 years so no wonder AMD almost caught up and that many ppl will get Ryzen.
I’m hoping this competition will bring some good CPU worth buying in the next 2 – 3 years . . .

azrul nizam says:

the environment are pretty much the same as Snapdragon 821 vs Apple A10 Fusion

Tobeyforce says:

Thanks for the info dude, great comparison! 🙂

K1 K1 says:


ulgk says:

AMD all for me! The price you pay to have an almost similar performance to the Intel 7700k is very competitive. By the way, Intel 7700k is not that much better.

Don’t get me wrong, I am actually a fan of both companies. It just happens Intel was able to dictate and/or control the high-performance market with very expensive prices. Not anymore! The AMD Ryzen looks so cool and exciting to me. Definitely will buy it for my next gaming system.

Sanabil Asrar says:

Long shot AMD Ryzen has a lot of potential and as the time advances Devs will utilize more core count so RYZEN with its more core count will take a huge boost. And finally Intel has some competition now its good for all of us PC users

srsly seriously says:

but will the amd chip burn my house down if i leave it on overnight? :thinking:

Stick Bahena says:

intel for games.

Zedanium Official says:

I am not impressed by amd’s new cpus and I don’t like how intel is not making any real progress since 4790k…

Илья Бунеев says:

>”A pretty BIG difference over there”
>8 sec….

Void Space says:

Very calm and nice review. Thanks.

Hieu Nguyen says:

My 5820K Still better alot than Ryzen 1700 xD.

Ace_Of_Spades Gaming says:

Waj, redo this video with updated stats post the Windows Scheduler update for Ryzen.

H A P P Y L U X Lux says:


Br00dje says:


johnnano13 says:

I play Arma 3 and it’s a CPU game uses singe core and i want to edit videos so ill choose the 7700k but if i wasn’t rendering videos a 6600k it’s a good choice. AMD it’s not for me at this time and i got AMD CPU right now.

Ádám Barinkay says:

so look that benchmarks is a bullshits

Anto Halim says:

There are many debate on R7 1700 vs 7700K, but there is a simple fact, with R7, 6800K, 6850K & 6900K, are RIP.

bledi quatro says:

lotencyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is to problem online

TheTjabster says:

the amd 1700 beats the i7-6800(the highest score in cinebench in the video)

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