8550U vs 7700HQ – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

Intel recently released their 8th generation of mobile Kaby Lake R CPUs, in this video I want to compare the features and performance differences between the newer 8550U and 7700HQ laptop chips with a series of benchmarks to find out which you should consider in your new laptop, or if it’s worth upgrading to.

Benchmarks I’ve tested include:
Adobe Premiere
7-Zip (compression/decompression)
VeraCrypt (AES encryption/decryption)
Handbrake (transcode 4K to 1080p, and 1080p to 720p)
Corona 1.3
Dota 2

Gaming tests were limited, as we’re only testing built in graphics.

Check pricing and reviews of other laptops with these CPUs:
7700HQ: http://amzn.to/2rU4q18
8550U: http://amzn.to/2H2VfAv

See the full review of the Dell XPS 13″ which was tested with the 8550U here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAMBpBsBFJ0

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irishcoliny says:

When is 8700HQ supposed to roll around?

TehPlayer14 says:

Well once Intel CPUs will get meltdown patched perhaps it will make a change in next U generation

Akshay Sharma says:

Your vidoes have quality i must say that. I wanna ask shall i wait for 8700HQ laptops or buy Dell Inspiron 7577 with 7700HQ ? What’s your suggestion ?

Rui Dinis Ferreira says:

You can make overclock to the 8th gen

Bosco Cheung says:

To sum up, 8550u almost has a bit better performance than 7700HQ, and also with gain a longer battery life. Is it correct?

DoObs says:

@Jarrod’sTech try Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, exporting RAW images.

Sadly with multi threaded just gets so bottlenecked if cooling is on par.
I found the 8650U against a late 2013 15inch macbook. They were identical in export times. But Nikon D850. These 25watt cpus get crimpled.

muzhaq5 says:

Jarrod for the win…:)

yash paliwal says:

You deserve way more views for amount of work you have done!
subscribed! 🙂

Simster275 says:

Having just bought a laptop with a 7700HQ this is kinda saddening… That ultra books now have as much CPU power… Well atleast I have a GTX 1060 :/ wish 8700HQ would’ve come sooner so I could have that

José Pablo González says:

Try undervolting it and youll see the gap between them close

Unknown Person says:

So which one for music production, video editing and little bit of gaming ????

Lucas Haither says:

The fact that power consumption is so different it amazes me so much.

5had0w Films says:

Wow! for a 15w processor, this is incredibly impressive.

Luilli Capellán says:

Imagine a laptop with a I7 8550u and a gtx 1060 max-q with a 90+ watt/hour battery

Banana says:

Can’t wait for quad core 13″ Macbook. Hopefully they include the new 8809G or 8850H.

IxianMace says:

How’s that Motospeed V30 RGB mouse? Still working properly? : )

Sumith Bhat says:

Are 8th gen U processor laptops a good value for the extra money?

Matr1x says:

With the video editing tests the lower ram would have been bottlenecking the 8550u

MR-K.I.A MjD says:

for gaming in laptop HQ or new u series ?

Tank Connors says:

love the vids.. ive been looking for a I5 VS I7 on your channel… Do you have one? if not…you should make one..I heard I7 is only about 10% better than I5… ?

Brian Lim says:

doing all the important laptop comparison tests that we need. subbed!

Cristinelu 097 says:

If the 8550U would have been cooled properly it probably would perform the same as the 7700HQ. Considering the fact that the 8550U uses 15 watts instead of 45watts for roughly the same performance, I think it will be a great CPU with some cooling tweaking.

Wandrinsheep says:

I’ve raised the tdp in my Samsung notebook 9 pro to to 20W after doing a repaste and it gets 720 in cinebench so it all comes down to what the thermal headroom of the device. The 8550 is better under equal conditions

East Coast Drones says:

On the bench tests the 8550U can keep up, but in actual video rendering or game play FPS no way!!!!!!, the 7700HQ will surpass the 8550U performance.

Buff Barnaby says:

Never get a U chip if you want PERFORMANCE.

maxpunch says:

I read that Dell has increased the tdp on that processor to 26W at least in the i5 version.
Source: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-XPS-13-9370-Core-i5-FHD-Laptop-Review.280518.0.html (Processor)

Chris Chen says:

Finally an actual generation gap and not 4th gen refresh.

Ahmed360 says:

For a U-series and only at 15W, this is Amazing!
I’m hoping OEMs start combining it with good GPUs in the near future.

Abhiram Jayasankar says:

Its da ram dudeeeeee

Dame Simic says:

77 for gaming 855 for editing

Bboy Tyby says:

-100mv then it will out perform 7700hq. In turboboost all cores

Newone Very says:

The winner is 8th gen HQ.

King Makaveli says:

I read that if you use intel xtu you can undervolt the 8th gen U cpus and increase the max tdp like from 30-45 watts. Which from people tests results in cinemench multi r15 scores match and even better than the 7700hq.

akarna69 says:

Great video! Any idea when 8700H laptops with new GPUs will be available? Rough estimate?

Redza Imran says:

Now I get it. Desktop version: Coffe Lake. Mobile version: Kaby Lake R

Paul Reyher says:

The 8550U wasn’t thermal throtteling, it was reaching it’s power limit. It will never ever reach 3.7GHz when stressed on all cores, 15W are just not enough for this task.
I’ve got an Lenovo Ideapad 320S with the i5 8250U in it, although configured to 18W by default, it “only” reaches 2.5GHz under full load, reaching 72°C at max.

Vinay@HD says:

how is the Asus vivobook s15 with the i7 8550u?
I am considering buying that.are there any better options at that price range?

Just AJoX says:

my dream laptop :
i7 8700hq / gtx 1080 maxq / 17.3 inc 1080p 120hz 3 ms tn / 2×8 gb ram 2666 mhz / 500gb ssd sam. evo 960 / 1tb hdd sata3 / decent cooling , not 2thick not 2 thin and from msi if possible with the steelseries keyboard . would happily pay ~ 2800 $ for it

gurjeet kour says:

U make the best video and most helpful one i wish i 7 8gen hq comes out fast i m saving a ton of cash for it

LordSauron says:

People saying that 8550U is obviously better need to take into consideration Intel’s dreaded turbo boost crap. It does allow for the CPU to have higher results and higher clocks but only for a short period of time. I would love to see a stress test in both for 30 mins and see who has the higher result. I have nothing against Intel but i am skeptical about turbo boost since its basically overclocking the chip until it hits a thermal bottleneck and then scales down. Which long term wise, does reduce life span and creates more noise. So take the benchmarks of the 8550U with a grain of salt.

Pc ColdWar says:

really love your laptop serie always very nicely done now can we so does chip whit some kind of discret gpu like a gtx 1050 or mx 150 or gtx 1050ti talking about the heigh generation don’t see many offer on those at the moment at newegg only one featuring the amd 530 whit 4 gb and the mx 150 sadly no beefier laptop for us gamer on the fence to have gaming when moving since we crave for it on the go;)

King Makaveli says:

And bro can you review the new acer aspire 5 with the new 8th gen u procesers and the mx150 and ddr4 ram. Specifically the one from costco as it has the best bang for your buck. Including both an ips screen and extra ram and storage. And a backlit keyboard.

I7 8550u
12gb dual channel ddr4
256ssd + 1tb hdd
Ips 1080p display
Windows precison driver touchpad and backlit keyboard


You would be the first review on acers new line. Looks promising

Phil Nguyen says:

Awesome video!
I have a Dell 7577 i7-7700HQ in order and ready for pickup this weekend from Costco. It was on sale ($300 discount) for $900. I am still using an older Dell 7568 i5-6200u. Should I wait for the 8700HQ? Thanks.

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