7820HK vs 7700HQ – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

Intel recently refreshed their Skylake CPUs with Kabylake, in this video I want to compare the performance differences between the Intel 7700HQ and 7820HK laptop chips with a series of benchmarks to find out if it’s worth paying extra money for.

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Xavier Cairns-Betts says:

Would you recommend gigabyte over metabox?

ferdinand he says:

why 6820hk can up to 4.3?

Sayanta Seth says:

I get cinebench score of 924 in my Alienware 17 r4 with 7820hk overclocked to 4.4 ghz and gtx 1080 and 32gb ram. It’s a beast of a machine.

Евгений хз says:

one of the most useless test ever

Thang Ta says:

The 7820HK is good for huge laptops that won’t be carried from places to places often. Like the 7+ lbs ones. The ones with thick and good cooling chassis and not the super thin ones. So it’s still more portable than a desktop and still mobile when needed to be moved.

But for thin ones, the temperature is disappointing. I was waiting for Aorus to update the x5 to v7 with 7820HK. But damn that 70 C at load compared to the 56 C -_- too much of a difference in temperature for little improvement in performance.

ferdinand he says:

really professional

Jawad Ali says:

Great video. and i totally agree with you. Kaby lake is not worth the upgrade over skylake.

Ciki Lord says:

Great video again, I like your content cause it’s honest and the graphs are real, not like on some channels that are fake and unreasonable.

LSSRoshi says:

Great video, glad you did a comparison between Intel’s 2 top laptop CPU’s. This helped a friend and I on deciding if a 7820hk is worth extra over a 6820hk or 7700hq. The thermals are a big factor.

DWolf Review says:

Well at least there is no ryzen laptop processors yet so intel can afford to relax a bit :)) let’s hope they start really pumping up with the next on, what was it called cannon lake ? Well still to be expected that the hk can perform better, else i would have been disappointed :))

YouwillneverdefeattheriddleoftheBlackRiders says:

What do you do with all these laptops? Why do you have so many?

hyun kyu park says:

you’re good contents creator_keep it up

yangfan lu says:

awesome review! can the prime 650hp last 6 hours doing jobs like web browsing word editing? planning to get one for uni, what’s your opinion on that? thank you.

Montisaquadeis says:

As for repasting the CPU it would depend on the laptop and how god a job they did when putting it together. Some places do a much better job and use a much better paste then others.

JonGCruzNY says:

Great video. Thanks.

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