7740x vs 7700k Showdown – i7-7740X Vs i7-7700K CPU Comparison!

Today we review and get confused as we try to figure out why the i7 7740x exists.
Big thanks to Intel & Playtech for making this video possible!
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Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz says:

intel is ending-welcome amd

pjwhit19 says:

The 7740 would make sense if it was sold as a Delidded CPU for extra OC only. Than you could keep all the extreme overclocking on one motherboard.

CastAway_Dave says:

X299 is like buying a shirt with one sleeve missing.

Hope you’re feeling better..

ガMingo - MGx says:

now do the comparison if you both delid them and use clu

Vile Gaming says:

not even an upgrade

Александр Катриченко says:

ндамс, немного непонятна логика интел- это чистый высер, смысл какой покупать за невьебические бабки материнку и ставить 7740х , если 7700к одна и таже херня и намного дешевле материнки

Justin Chan says:

RIP tech lounge

SixtyFPS GAMING says:

I wish you through in the 7800x

That Guy says:

Well, it’s fairly obvious why the CPU exists. I suspect Intel needed a new product, and had a backlog of chips with defective onboard graphics, so they disabled the onboard graphics, slapped on a bigger heat spreader, and called it a day (I could be wrong, but that’s what I would do). Still has the best single core performance of, well, anything; so I can’t be mad.

Leon Pozo says:

Love the Fila beanie m8

Michael says:

no reason to buy 7740x
a renamed 7700k

TheMetalmachine467 says:

Why would you go for the 7740x
If you have the moolah
There are 3 choices for hedt now
I9 7900x 10 core
Threadripper 12 and 16 core
Otherwise your a spending a lot of money for a 4 core cpu when you can get a z270 i7 7700k for cheap
Amd Threadripper is doing the same thing
There adding 8 core threadripper

Ionut Cosmin says:

the gains from overclocking are insane!!!!!!! not

Probably Not A Chicken says:

5.1 ghz on air. that’s insane. I dislike this platform and that chip, but that doesn’t make those numbers less insane.

Alex Villalobos says:

This is why the the 4790k cost the same as a 6700k or 7700k theirs like barely any difference

Rocky12345 says:

The i7 7740K exists for one reason and one reason only ever heard of Ryzen Thread Rippers. Intel seen how every review was testing the 7700K and 7600K CPU’s against Ryzen in games and winning only because of the extra Mhz on Intel’s side. Someone at Intel got the bright idea to basically use the same ole Craby Fakes call them X versions and have them on the new socket insuring to reign supreme in gaming on the new socket also. Hell these two CPU’s models were not even on the road map as X CPU’s until Ryzen came a long.

Hugo Takayama says:

6:10 cinebench del 7700k debe estar en esta en turbo a 4.5 todos sus cores ni a coñas da 999 cb en stock (4.2ghz)y en 4.9ghz osea + 700mhz va a dar solo 1082 osea +83 cb de diferencia que en overclcok, esta mal hecha esa mierda

Alex Brook says:

The cache layout and size difference is likely the reason why the 7740x falls behind in some games.

h1tzz says:

they want you to buy those i5’s and i7’s to free up their stockroom haha

Logan Wolv says:

hey,7700k can also fit in z170 mobos and run them if they have a specific bios update

Anto Halim says:

“Idiot Insane” for those who buy 7740x

Shinji Ikari says:

X299 has a lot of problems.

Jonathan Muller says:

It should not exist

BramSLI1 says:

Now there’s an honest question from an honest reviewer. I don’t believe we’ll have an honest answer anytime soon.

Vextor Gaming Benchmarks says:

I’ll just stick with my i7 7700k usless upgrade

Rodolphe Fouquet says:


ZZstaff says:

For overclock comparison you should have used 4.9GHz on both CPUs – because of silicon lottery. My i7 7700K will do just over 5.2GHz, for example. – – Intel should sell the i7-7740X for $200 to make up for the motherboard price.

Quantum Rage says:

the reason this cpu exists is because lintel thought it would be a good idea for people that cant afford an i9 strait away. so if you want to upgrade in the future you can buy a X299 motherboard and a cheap i7 then you you can upgrade to an i9 in the future to. take advantage of all those useless ass x299 features. I’m going to wait until pricing and benchmarks have been done but honestly i think right now thread ripper is looking like a good option if you want a multitasking gaming station. or just do something exotic with a duel exon workstation board. i’m sure allot of the ewer ones will come down in price in the future but pack allot of the same features as the x299 board has to offer

Zahid Shabir says:

I would have happily gone for the 7740x or even the 6 or 8 core skylake X as they have high IPC and overclock well but the PCie lane limit is bad

Nathan Winton says:

I have absolutely no idea what the heck everyone is going nuts over this CPU. YES it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that skylake-x does but….. SO WHAT!!! Its still BY FAR the BEST gaming CPU in the whole world. MUCH BETTER THAN ALL SKYLAKE-X CPU’s. The FPS is what everyone wants and this CPU puts more of them on the screen than any other. Everyone wants to critique intel because of the lack of extra PCIe lanes and quad channel memory but everyone watching these videos only wants their games to play better and faster…. NOBODY IN THE WORLD NEEDS MORE THAN 32gb ram for any games so the empty DIMM slots don’t matter. This 7740x is like a Supercharged Dragster Funny Car…. Yea it is correct that it doesn’t have the leather seats and cruise control with 4 doors and power windows, but its still the fastest damn motor on the road!! Nothing else out there overclocks stable with a AIO to 5300mhz. This isn’t a Video editing or rendering wonder, but you have the i9 for that stuff. So at the end of the day when you want to give up gaming and graduate to serious number crunching creative work or whatever, JUST LOOK, you don’t have to go out and buy another $400 motherboard to put a super-chip on it because you already have one. Just slap an i9 chip on it and spread your ram out across all of those slots and start working!!

I’m just sooooooo tired of everyone saying the same damn thing that there is no reason for this chip to be, because there is!!! To be the best damn gaming chip in the world… BTW… Coffee lake isn’t going to be any better either because the base clock is only sub 3800mhz which is just sad!!

oldmanian says:

The best explanation I have heard on why this CPU exists was from Wendell. He surmised that Intel did it so that the platform could claim that IPC in it’s literature. As we’re seeing across the reviews on the 6C and above, the redistribution of the cache is causing some weird things performance wise despite the achievable clocks, the CPU’s don’t seem top perform and deliver in certain situations.

I’m so dissapointed right now. I sold my 6950X and by all accounts it’s a better chip then the 7900, ugh. And the mobo issues…..

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