6700HQ vs 7700HQ – Laptop CPU Comparison and Benchmarks

Intel recently refreshed their Skylake CPUs with Kabylake, in this video I want to compare the features and performance differences between the 6700HQ and 7700HQ laptop chips with a series of benchmarks to find out if it’s worth upgrading to.

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Sailormoonlt12 says:

Hello, is it better to buy a laptop with i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 6GB or a laptop with i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 6GB? The 6700HQ is 100$ cheaper. I can’t decide. Btw, love the video.

Mohammad Adhi says:

i have the acer aspire vx 15 gaming laltop which has a core i7 7700hq and 8 gb ram. i run the cinebench test multiple times but all of the time it gave a result within 600-650 cb. comparing to your result it is significantly less. does ram size make any difference in cinebench test?

^Abu3Tb says:

Thanks to this video

my English not good
i wanna know what’s the best
6700hq or 7700hq

Jose Moanińho says:

Can you compare u and hq processors

nik Bahtin says:

so risen it is

T Bohrnstedt says:

I was getting a laptop for college today and I was between two. One with a 7700hq and the other was the 6700hq. With this video, I can say I saved $400 because of it. Thanks!

Xingzhe Xin says:

Nah it should just be driver issues. If it’s not the drivers then we are really in dire need of AMD to punch intel in the damn face.

shamil khal says:

Does the 7700HK exist ???? like this

dogemcwolferman says:

It just helped me so much because I can get a 1060 and a 7700hq or a 6700hq and a 1070 for the same price and it’s just so much better to take a better gpu

Rawmusse says:

I saved 250 usd because I bought the Gl502vm with the 6700hq, thanks!


I just want to see a Ryzen chip with Vega GPU’s in laptops so the prices of gaming laptops can go down. Hope AMD makes CPU’s for laptops rather than only APU’s.

mohammad .H says:

thanks for quality video.

Gamer 101 says:

would the effect be much in game development?

Cm Cm says:

I’m waiting for amd ryzen laptops.

Air Espenilla says:

Wow i feel so much better having spent $1800 on a laptop with the last-gen Skylake cpu.
I was worried the newer Kaby lake processors would be so much better, but after watching this there really isnt a big improvement at all over Skylake.
I guess i’ll be safe for atleast a couple more years. Phew!!

Furkan X says:

hello which one is better now can you help me
1 – MSI GE72VR 7RF Apache Pro, 17.3″, Intel Core i7-7700HQ, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6 GB), VR Enabled, 16 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD
2 – MSI GT62VR 6RE Dominator Pro,15.6″, Intel Core i7-6700HQ, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8 GB), VR Enabled, 32 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD

Jesse Afolabi says:

it’s interesting that no one actually mentions the possibility that the benchmarking programs used in this videos might not be well optimized for the 7700hq. I’d like to see you run this test again at a later time just to be sure, otherwise, great video!

DarkLord PoChan says:

Guess who just saved $200.

georgearidea says:

Thank you very much for your review!!!That was really intuitive!!!

Holyspiritrecieved says:

as you can see they overclocked 6700hq to the 7700hq and it failed to be better and intel isnt really working on any mobile cpus while amd ryzen is making a laptop and it wrecks the benchmarks. Just will it stay cool enough to last 5 years?

Disruptii says:

Thank you! I’ll be saving a couple of dollars because of this!

Alex Marin says:

@1:11 – The 6700HQ doesn’t support 2400Mhz memory natively. Only up to 2133Mhz. And you generally won’t be able to buy any laptop off-the-shelf with an i7 6700HQ and a 2400MhZ of RAM. I presume that you used the 2400Mhz RAM from your new 7700HQ laptop and put it in your old 6700HQ laptop and then went to the BIOS and chose its XMP profile. So you basically overclocked the 6700HQ memory. This is not something the average buyer of a 6700HQ laptop is expected to do (buy new 2400MHz RAM and overclock in the BIOS) as doing such kind of RAM upgrade will most definitely more than offset the cost of just buying a 7700HQ laptop directly.

nulen says:

I currently use 4710hq (it’s 2,5GHz, up to 3,5GHz) and I would say you could use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to lower maximum turbo clock speed for 1 Core Acive. I personally set the limit to 3.0GHz and thanks to it it can work stable while gaming on higher than stock clock speed.

Faizan Mohsin says:

You should have compared battery life as the 7700 is more efficient

YouwillneverdefeattheriddleoftheBlackRiders says:

doesn’t the 7700hq have extra extensions for DRMed netflix 4k videostreams? BTW these laptops look killer.

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