16 CPU Core Comparison – AMD 1950X Threadripper vs 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 server or workstation systems are fairly popular, but is it worth considering to AMD’s Threadripper instead? In these benchmarks I compare the differences in performance between the 1950X and two E5-2670 CPUs. Both systems have a total of 16 CPU cores with 64GB of RAM, so let’s find out how well they do.

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Zein Naja says:

I want to know if threadripper is viable using unraid.

Brett Sepulveda says:

I’d pick Threadripper. Even though it would be more expensive you’ll still have several years of support with socket TR4 and a warranty for all the components that you’ve bought.

go0n says:

You’re 3 subs from 5,000 and I just made you 1 closer!

BestNameEver says:

Thanks for the video, my used Supermicro Server came yesterday, what do you think about an upgrade to ivy bridge xeons such as the Xeon E5-2670/2680 v2?
I see most of the Socket 2011 MBs such as mine support these with new BIOSes.

Camdex says:

At 2:04 “Geekbench 4 multi brings things a little closer with only a 40% difference”. ONLY a 40% difference…. thats I don’t know, kinda noticeable. You seem a bit reluctant to emphasize the HUGE performance Ryzen has here over your comparison PC. Still a good video, found this info interesting.

Zeke Levin says:

That thumbnail shot is absurdly nice.

Donis says:

I’ve also got a system with dual-2670’s and these score 114 sc on cinebench. Your video shows 104 points, which is close but makes me think that you perhaps did not enable turbo boost correctly. Remember these do 3.3ghz if enabled but only 2.6ghz if not. Windows power settings also should be using the *performance* mode, as it also reduces performance quite a bit for these old xeons. But regardless great video.

Jānis Meija says:

what is the point to compare systems if one is 2012 and another 2017. 1950x is meant to be overclocked.

CoRDS says:

and where does someone get those cpus for $50?

raredreamfootage says:

Does it take Registered Ram DIMMs?

Sameer Rishi says:

great videos of course steve was right

33 33 says:

300-600 dollars for a dual xeon board? I picked mine up for $170.. Also picked up my xeons for 50 dollars a piece over a year ago, now they are over double in price!

Phoenix Phyre says:

I’d like to see this but using 2 E5-2680 v2 10 core’s I’m willing to bet it would be a hell of a lot closer and 1/4th the price of the threadripper. I just spent 400.00 on 2 e5’s and 500 on 128gb of ddr-3 ecc ram. I feel I got the better deal.

Also I recommend upgrading your xeons to the v2 versions they are much better.

Redsmeg68 says:

what was the total cost of each system ?  what about Ram, was it ECC memory on the Dual Zeons ??

Hardware Unboxed says:

Awesome video mate. Wish I made this comparison! It was great.

max bootstrap says:

I chose the Threadripper 1950X hands down. Didn’t even consider Xeons.

Sam Fisher says:

Beneficial video as always.

Azhar Alhilu says:

Nice video, I am subscribing

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