What UPS To Buy As Fast As Possible

How should you pick the right UPS for your computer so you’ll be prepared for a power outage?

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L8zin says:

Ups into your fridge tho

Chad Peterson says:

Would also recommend you guys mention Pure Sine vs Simulated Sine waves. From what I understand simulated sine UPS’s are cheaper but may harm components such as screen back lights. Great weekly vids guys!

Vertigo101 says:

Where I live in Maine we get brown outs all the time ;/

Card Wallets says:

my ups has an LCD that tells me all the information I need 😀

Chams Hamis TV says:

Awesome informative video dude!. I love every part of it, including the UPS thing of course that’s the reason why I landed here in the first place. But of all the parts of this video, I love this one the most…(track 0:20).! Well, don’t ask, I’m a Photoshoppy Guy, so I love things about pictures and creative editing.

wyglif says:

Should it be “which” USP to buy?

Nathan Snell says:

That’s what you call “as fast as possible?” Could have shaved off at least 25% of the content.

ShaperJet says:

you explained nothing , how do I find wattage or VA

Mike Soda says:

So for 500W I’d want a minimum of a 1000VA UPS?

MaDrung says:

What UPS to buy as fast as possible? The first one you see.

DarklingGolem50 says:

In a Nushell. A PowerBank/Battery Pack but with a Wall Outlet and a Step Up/Down converter and a Power Management

bill maragos says:

the ups works in the dark to serve the light

goras234 says:

Funny, I learned it as P=IU

I’m swiss

Tim Lipinski says:

Have an APC Smart-UPS 1500 that backs up the I-5 Desktop Computer, 1080P Monitor, Dell 24-Port Switch and the CenturyLink ADSL Modm. This keeps me up and running when the lights flicker and the clocks need to be reset ! And if the outage lasts a few minutes I will have time to shut down ! tjl

modfreaks says:

hello guys great video can i askif a RELISYS 700VA UPS is a good one? a friend give it to me cous he had two of theme but am hesitating to use it on my desktop pc thank you.

etofok says:

so I need a 1300 VA UPS to sustain a 800W PC PSU? ???

TraZor says:

I literally had a Power outage while watching this video -.-

ali99 _ says:

easy solution that does not involve a UPS and do ur work even the electricity is off for days……

buy a laptop :3

MrCatFace 8885 says:

Watching this video during a power outage

icanthackit11 says:

Very well delivered Luke! Thanks! 🙂

Christopher Sutter says:

defending from cat… my cat likes to use my tower as a jump platform to the window. he killed one of my hdd by rocking the case when jumping. I now have cat quake straps securing my tower from the car.

b888 says:

I have 1600VA UPS and 300Ah of tall tubular battery, oh baby I rejoice power outages, gaming while hear the UPS of other people screaming as I game for an hour. Now that’s an investment every gamer should do.

ahjgbhlahgaohgl says:

my ups can run my pc for about 9 hours after the power goes out

Mckinley John Duran says:

How about AVR? How does it work? Do I need an AVR?

Dick Face says:

Luke sounds extra Canadian in this one

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