Walmart Great Wall Power Supply Test – Overpowered DTW PSU

We’re reviewing the Great Wall 500W PSU used in the Walmart Gaming PCs, featuring the Overpowered DTW1 power supply.
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The Great Wall 500W PSU used in Walmart’s DTW1 (650W in higher-end PCs) hits the bench today, going under the scope for voltage ripple, efficiency, and overload/overcurrent protection testing. Great Wall supplies a lot of PSUs that many of our viewers have likely heard of before, including Corsair units, Riotoro, OCZ, and Sparkle.

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


Billy H. says:

So they build Corsair PSUs. I owned (2) Corsair ax760i power supplies BOTH suffered cooling fan failure in under 1 year & I owned a builder series Corsair 430w power suply, which died in a little over 1 year of light use too. I’d like to see you stress test that Great Wall power supply 8 hours a day for one month !! I strongly suspect you’d hear the loud POP of a capacitor as it blows.

syahiran rosli says:

How about long lasting test

Butch says:

it just goes to show you, looks aren’t everything. ☻ great review

MajRatbag says:

the walmart pc is getting a lot of bad press but so far the complaints are all really minor, it seems like the hardware is all fine and it will perform according to its specs. Is it just the price that is pissing everyone off?? No walmart is my country and the price seems around what we would pay for those components so I don’t really understand the problem. If you want a Ferrari you dont go to a Ssangyong dealership right? From what I understand Walmart is not a high end boutique retail outlet right?

Natsume-Hime says:

One thing to remembered: If you’re getting a direct off name product like this it could be a notorious “third shift” product. Which means lower quality production, and a lot less quality control. That’s assuming whoever is making Wal*Mart’s “Over Powered” PC’s isn’t further cutting corners by buying from the reject bin.

2K Tan says:

People spewing stupid comments like that about it “blowing up” are all 12 year olds that think it’s automatically a bad PSU because it’s not black and it’s not name brand. Aesthetics are irrelevant dumbass kids. Just because it look like it came out of the 90’s doesn’t mean it did. Sure you deserve more than what you get for what you’re paying but the PSU isn’t going to burn the system down obviously, contrary to a bunch of idiot misinformed children’s comments. What a surprise.

Spencer Cartwright says:

I appreciate how scientifically GN tries to approach everything.

Jammit Timmaj says:

I’ve found out the Chinese manufacturers will make something as good or bad as you request. It’s the guy hiring the Chinese manufacturer that decides to make them cheap.

Ricardo Castillo says:

Good review, looking forward to more power supply reviews.

Jason Keresi says:

this video was great i like the manner in which you did testing that that test rig looks awesome as well and least they didn’t give you complete trash for power!

Murix Bob says:

Have you considered opening the PSU to examine the filtering stages and the components used in the PSU? I ask as long term where the components (capacitors, rectifiers, etc.) are made (Japanese caps. for example) are important to know. Hardware Secrets has some great examples ( & Looking at the filtering stage sections of their reviews gives a good idea ( although they don’t do PSU reviews anymore.



Tanasen says:

So now should we call you Stevo Guru?

KGB313 on Twitch says:

So basically, this PSU is perfectly fine for an unmodified DTW1 or DTW3 Overpowered PC. The manufacturer went with a cheap but functional option for an off-the-shelf pre-built system. Color me shocked.

It’s pretty lame that you keep referring to it as “Walmart could do ____”, when they are simply the distributor. It takes all of 2 seconds to find out that Overpowered PCs are made by Esports Arena, a California-based company.

You’re literally just promoting these as “Walmart” products to capitalize on negative attitudes toward the retailer. Lame.

mrcrawford84 says:

Did GN end up getting the right PC from WalMart?

opaz79 says:

Great video. Make another one about black crime rate.

Josh Mc says:

This channel is insane and i love it. Its closer to AvE and this old tony than it is Jayz 2 cents and LTT

Aaron Wang says:

Try Redstar’s power supply, that shit would most definitely blow up

Jacobin says:

rte radio one

Bibasik7 says:

Better than Dell. The PSUs Dell uses are exposed, so you can stick a metal rod in it and kill yourself, without even opening the PC.

Andrew Morris says:

Walmart really should’ve powder coated it.

Admiral Ackbar says:

White power supplies matter.

Nathan Bongard says:

Did this really need to be 16 minutes long

Shambles1980TRealOne says:

that stupid activate windows water mark made me think some thing was wrong on my pc.. fix that shit

Mist8kenGAS says:

wow, what a Great Wall-mart psu!

Mush V. Peets says:

Eh, any cheap, decent-voltage-rating, non-splodey power supply is an exciting power supply in my book, so long as it isn’t loud. 😀
Great Wall should just start painting the things black and selling them as entry-level gaming PSU’s themselves.

Trevor Simpson says:

This lady does not like Wal-Mart Pc’s

Happy Hippy Hippo says:

You talk too fucking much…fyi

Sal Ad says:

Spray it Satin black, put a Corsair sticker on it and call it a day lol Maybe some braided lines as well..

xyoopridex says:

I can’t be the only one who went down the comments before watching the video to see if someone pointed whether it blew up or not and closed the tab disappointingly…

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