UPS / Battery Backup – Do You Need One? – How much do you need?

What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply? Do you need one? How large a unit do you need?
600VA – 330W – @Amazon – @NewEgg
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— This is good for very basic PCs, Pentium, i3, or Ryzen 3 CPUs with integrated or very low powered graphics cards. Also a good choice for TVs, DVRs, etc. —
425VA – 225W – @Amazon – @NewEgg

— This is good for mid-range PCs, i3, i5, R3, R5, with up to a GTX 1060 or RX 580. Also for larger home theater setups. —
600VA – 330W – @Amazon – @NewEgg

— This is good for high end PCs, i7 & Ryzen 7, with up to a single GTX 1080 TI GPU & a single monitor 27″ or smaller. Also for premium home theaters —
850VA – 450W – @Amazon – @NewEgg

Note: Larger 32″ & 34″ Ultrawide Monitors, Multiple Monitors, Highly Overclocked CPUs, or multiple GPUs will need more than 450 watts

— This is good for super premium PCs, servers, multiple monitors, or anyone who wants extended runtime on battery power. Also for top of the line home theater systems —
1500VA – 865W – @Amazon – @NewEgg


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Jack says:

I subscribed to your channel from the begin, what really strikes me it’s that i live in Italy and we have prices that are sometimes three times highter.
Anyway i use APC personally and for my customers and never had a problem, instead with some others brands it happed that some went on fire 😀

Christopher W. Hearne says:

Don’t you need sine wave output for expensive computers? My Corsair 1200 power supply made weird sounds when connected to the regular backup-ups when running on its battery, now my system is running on the APC SMC 1500 sine wave. No noise

Pablo Tassinari says:

i sell Tripp lite and it fails within 2 or 3 years, not all

julesloveless says:

we have apc ups’s here in the Philippines, i need to know if they produce pure sine wave

ban dararith says:

I have PC which using power supply corsair RM 750X and 2k monitor 32″ , what is the right UPS for it?

Saurabh K says:

Iam a simple man, i see someone peeling protective plastic, i hit like….

JustaKoreanGuy says:

My PC has a i5 plus a RX480, on PC part picker it says my PC is 374 watts which includes the 24 inch monitor, so would the 600 VA model still work for me? At least time to shut my PC off?

rangeseven says:

Can anybody tell me what would happen if i used the low end 330 watts to power a 500 watt load PC? I assume it will not work at all right? Or it will work but have shorter battery time?
Also what is the VA rating means? Looks like it’s a useless rating from what i understand in the video

BreathN'Talk says:

my trip-lite ups is really good and cheap its a deal


Are you accounting the electric bill to the yearly equation.

BUZZccd Gaming says:

Is It Safe To Use Shine Wave Inverter With Exide IT 500 Battery ?
1KVA Fails To Backup My System BUt 1KVA Inverter Handles The Load.. 🙁

FNU LNU says:

Are the Power Spec 1510 and 1710 laptops from Micro Center good deals? The price to performance appears to good to be true but also has very favorable reviews. $1300 for a GTX 1070 laptop.

gERNAN_Death_Camps_FIGHT_For_The_Truth says:

That’s what i was looking for thank you so much

Raio Verusia says:

Idk where my subscription went but I love your videos, so resub.

Nabarun Paul says:

Thank you.. this was very informative and cleared all the doubts about VA and WATTAGE.


Critter Options says:

can you connect this device to solar power panel

rahul says:

Please explain me about other battery packs.

Dave Erving Evader Knives says:

I’m building a new computer and I’m interested in buying something like this, but I already have a 9 outlet power conditioner. Do you know if they have anything with just battery backup. Thanks, I always go to your channel when looking for new products. Thanks.

Herbert Ladson says:

This is and will continue to be a intelligent and well articulated video that describes the use needs for various types of PC profiles people use. I have and certainly will reference this video for the future.

XDinosteel says:

So the 850VA 450W is good for my ryzen 7, 1070GTX?

Leslie Satenstein says:

I’ve used a UPS for around 15 years, always APC. I have had one APC fail during that time. My latest APC is similar to the smaller unit shown. I have it for more than 6 years, and its on it’s third set of batteries. I should be OK for about 3 more years before having to replace batteries.
I use it mainly for the modem, router, VOIP adapter and the house cordless phones.

Kite says:

I wonder what UPS would I need for my Ryzen 5 1600 and rx580 and 1 monitor?

isthemrsa says:

Just a quick question as I’ve been having difficulties getting the spec of what UPS I should buy. My workstation only has a 650w PSU, which usually runs to 75 to 90% load. What VA should I get? Thanks!

Adam S says:

Back around 2000 I had a cyber power unit with Line Conditioning 24/7. The place I lived had spotty electrical with the old time fuses connection all the units in the building (we weren’t independent from one another) that power supply saved my system more tan once. It is defiantly worth the money.

Irbz says:

So maybe you can help me. My main problem is is that the power in my house is more or less faulty (gonna be changing all sockets and stuff soon) but I suffered from small brownouts every 10min where I wouldn’t get enough power for like half a second to a second. enough to make lights flick real quick and some things like window ac units to restart, however its not enough to turn off a pc, the capacitors and such take the blow back. Well this resulted in a $1500 pc eventually going to shit. Now I’m trying to rebuild it and the thing so for the time being i bought a ups to protect this basic pc (the 550va you have in the video actually) but am now finding out that it SWITCHES! to battery when there is a brownout, basically that half a second duration of no power is still there and is not enough to activate the back up battery (doesn’t sound uninterruptible to me…) so does that mean in my case a UPS would be basically useless to protect my pc? Because unless the higher end versions have some way of protecting it against these I’m basically screwed. The apc 550va doesn’t seem to protect against them and they aren’t listed in the software program either as having happened because they are so small and “insignificant” 🙁


I love this guy. Common sense approach to what you need.

Just Anoman says:

I kinda need that 865W one but… it’s so big… I live in a tiny rented room that just don’t have a lot of space left cause I spent all me money on me computer T_T.

seagk1343 says:

The peel made this video your best so far

mathew wyrick says:

But I am going to use for switching plugs

d1w1c1 says:

Had a battery backup a long time ago and decided to get a new one for my expensive build. I just went and bought a cyber power. Had no idea about the usb and software download. Just checked my box and sure enough there’s the usb and instructions to download the software. Thought the usb was for data pass through , lol now I’m checking to see if I had to connect the damn battery. It’s always said it’s at 100% charge so I don’t think I did. Had this thing for a year. I know about the warranty but I had no idea it was as big a deal as it is. Reading the manual now. Thanks to you. Might get an APC next time.

DerNunu says:

I never heared of those things, or never heared someone having one of these over here. I am pretty sure i will never get one of these. It just seems a waste producer for me, unless maybe you have some critical stuff on your harddrives that for whatever reason you can’t make backups for on external harddrives.

htwoa aowth says:

Where is the smart ups video


I’ll like to see an ark survival evolve laptop gtx 1060 vs 1070 benchmark

major man says:

Why would you not use the other brand of back of batteries you mentioned on your video

CrimsonButtflap says:

and here i am, eyeing a 3000VA, 2700 Watt UPS, because when I plug in MY (1000 Watt) beast, I WILL HAVE MY RUNTIME. $500 is STILL a small investment, if youre plugging in a $3000 gaming rig. That’s my 2 cents.

carity says:

“Waveform Type: Stepped approximation to a sinewave” D: no good
get the APC 1500VA Back-UPS Pro Sinewave (BR1500MS) for $200

Robert Drake says:

Had a Cyberpower UPS where the battery died, and when it did, it took out one of my sticks of ram. So they can actually kill your computer. BTW, when I took the battery out, turned out it was a third party battery. Bought the unit from Amazon new. Something else to look for, when the battery was manufactured because they wear out even if you don’t use them. Got an APC unit that had a four year old battery in it, contacted Amazon, they refunded my purchase (told me to keep the unit).

Bender Rodriguez says:

Another useful video. Thanks!

Skygazer says:

All these are not good since they dont do sinewaves.

SoDavid Suor says:

Do I have to switch off the power ot unpluge it from power outlet when I don’t use my pc??

Kuldeep Singh says:

You didn’t show the backup results

bob chicken says:

Just wanted to ask due to these upses use sine wave does it play well with efficient 80+ gold psu

Hunter Chatelain says:

Great video and great advice. I managed to snag a 900W CyberPower unit during Black Friday for about $120. FAR more power than I need currently, but hopefully I’ll be upgrading my computer long before I need to replace it.

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