Tips for the PERFECT Cable Management Setup

Let’s talk about cable management and the techniques I use for all the case reviews. These simple guidelines will help you achieve a satisfying job with routing cables in the main interior space and behind the motherboard tray. Let us know how you manage your cables below 🙂

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5even5eals says:

I’d appreciate some worst case scenario tips. When you have to jam 10 sata drives in case, closing its rear panel becomes a challenge.

Maxim Inkognito says:

Димон, а субтитры можно?

Vikram Singh says:

wht u told ? guru?

Cayden says:

Just get a wireless PSU

Jay Lee says:

More video I watch, you are becoming my favorite tech reviewer. I love your style of video

Nicolas De Francisco says:

hello there, man, i love your production videos,I see them a little while ago and, i love all of them. the edition, the position of the cameras, great work in that. really, congrats
greetings from Argentina,

(Espero se entienda mi ingles :v)

chargedsupercap says:

My case has notches for cable ties. What do I do with front I/O cables that stick out of my MATX board in mid tower? There is a 15cm clearance.

Bring me Peter pan says:

Ooooo one thing you missed that I didn’t even think about when I bought them is how much extra cable I’m going to have with custom extensions. My cable routing is nice for how much cables are there in such a restrictive case like the s340 elite (its a simple bare minimum type case) but right in front of the psu is a rats nest and there is really nothing I can do about it.

I’ve been considering actually cutting and removing some of the cable length out of the cables but then the power supply with be useless without the extensions.

Frédéric Jeanbart says:

I like things to look good and I’m not a lady. But apart from idiotic prejudices, there are good advices in that clip 🙂

FlippinFreds Free Form Factor says:

How did I miss this video. Oh. Ya. My dad passed.And things came to a halt for me at this time. Dmitry you and I are much alike when it comes to our cable management. Couldn’t have done this tutorial any better. Great Video. It’s inspiring enough to give people the confidence to help themselves in these situations. Good Job my friend. I have a cable management video on how I did mine as well. Just click on my name and look for cable management video.

abdullah alwakil says:

Awesome feed dude! Can you make a video of how to light a video like this and what kind of lighting do you use!?

Ankit Saiyan says:

Dude, it was lookung clean inside vut ur cable management sucks!

Michael Lopez says:

Try cable managing a Corsair 250D ;_;

The RealMcCoy says:

Is that psu shroud also compatible with the Mastercase 5 you have there?

derek400004 says:

HardwareCanucks is definitely my go-to website for credible product reviews. deserves like 10M subs!

Beau DeLony says:

Only thing i see in this video that is a BIG no no, NEVER ABSOLUTELY NEVER route wires under a board (the pins and sharp solder connections can pierce the wires EASILY) or under ANY metal to metal bracket… that’s what the rubber grommets are for.

DigNap15 says:

It would be nice if case manufacturers put some decent clips at the bottom of the case by the power supply. Just stuffing you cable in like on your video to me is a lazy way.

DeathsTacoIsHere says:

half of all your videos are just pc pornography

Bring me Peter pan says:

This is why I think modular power supplies are a must if you are a cable management freak, being able to take unused cables out entirely is a life saver.

Especially if you are using custom sleeved cables that take up a lot more room than the stock ones that are compact and usually housed in a single black pet sleeve.

DagicCross says:

we need modular hardware in 2020! just like ram sticks, m.2 drive, no extra cables and looks 10x better!!

Vega 128 says:

i once unscrewed the cover between the vrm coolers and the io panell to rout a cable for the cpu fan uunderneth it

Mantas Jurksa says:

Nice guide

paul Z says:

tip #1: invest in a good PSU with long enough cables

Crylhound says:

Case manufacturer do all the great stuff like rubber grommets, cable tie hooks, different routings, shrouds, etc. B U T P L E A S E for the love of god fix your colored USB, HD Audio and also that stupidly rigid USB 3 front panel cables

Trevin Shu says:

Please do a video on desk cable management.

MrMethadrine says:

My OCD is triggered…

Armani Nguon says:

Bro your so underated love your videos!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

cryer3160 says:

metal strings might interfere with signal transference, very low chance but if you have the “cable humm” in your on board audio front panel, this might be a culprit. Makes you wonder why they don’t coax the front panel audio jack wires. I understand coaxing everything is wrong because it leads to crosstalk, but audio…

Mark Eugine Caderao says:

Can u give me some Extra Video Card? im Mark Eugine from the Philippines

عبدالله سهيل says:

نفس طريقني بعملها حلو

Righteous 1 says:

Thank I subscribed.

Kiba says:

try this on the portal case LOL

Tom Knight says:

Enroll destroy garbage mere very closet adopt sweat value companion brief.

Doug Stewart says:

Instead of zip ties buy a bunch of cheap velcro cable ties. You can get 100 for about $8 off Amazon (with Prime shipping) and you can cut them up to make quick, clean, re-usable cable mounting points all over your case. Also, crafters tip: Need a cable mounting point somewhere the case manufacturer didn’t think of? Velcro tie + hot glue.

Al Biss says:

Just wanted to mention that your videos are amazingly beautiful, with some kind of a nice artistic direction, Kudos! 🙂

La Technition says:

So much better than linus tech tips

Paul Tsimbakis says:

What RAM are you using?

Nikolas Obrenovic says:

great work. Saved this so when I finally get to cable managing my first PC I will take a look and follow your tips. I got an Inwin 101 C. A bit tight in the back but I just have to take some time once I get all the components left. AKA 2080 Ti

ll MrMatrix ll says:

Is it safe to route cables around and between the motherboard like you did?

JAWD says:

Luke has already tested if cable management can affect temperatures… The results are SHOCKING.

DigNap15 says:

It really is time that the manufacturers made an all in one plug for the i/o cables ie Power, Reset HD light etc.

Alan Chavez says:

Hmmm, seems like I have a lot of work to do.
This is a good damn value video tutorial.

uwu ouo says:

need a list of cases without psu shrouds. because white builds… and rgb

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