This is a Fanless, Fully-Modular SFX-L Power Supply!

Silverstone’s specialty has long been SFF components. Many of their ITX cases are iconic. This power supply, the NJ450W-SXL, is sure to leave an impression. Its form factor is questionable yet its performance is currently unrivaled… and best of all: NO FAN! This PSU is literally silent. Let’s investigate!

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NJ450W-SXL (featured in this video):
Fully Modular SFX SX650W-G:
RVZ03B (ITX case w/ATX PSU support):

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Casper Pedersen says:

I have an RM550x, where the fan does not spin below 225W load. This allows for silent opperation most of the time, without the risk (and price) of a truely fanless design.

Mexahoid says:

Why do you even need N graphics card config (where N > 1) when there’re practically no games that have benefit in it? I see only workstation rigs but no one ever use micro/mini motherboards for it.

Hector Domino says:

Few years ago I noticed crackling sound coming from PSU, I opened it up and discovered a 4 inch long reptile skeleton, touching the fan blades. YES… A FUCKING 4 inch Skeleton!!!
Lots of Good Wishes Silverstone. Keep up the great work. May all the manufacturers follow you and come up with Completely Hole and Fanless PSU.

Dede Yusuf says:

how to maintenance it??

DIY Tech says:

40C ( O.O ) must be using liquid metal on the components inside

Copper Connor says:

Hi daddy

Kasomoru Mitsuru says:

Let me know when I can get an atx sized pcu like this

aho o says:

Possible with big heatsink

Shawn B says:

Wonder if the basement of an NZXT H200 would still be a little cramped with this in there? Has to be better than a full-on ATX PSU.

Nick Rajewski says:

Rocking an EVGA 750w G2. Fantastic PSU.

BlindManMark says:

Warranty ???? Help?

No one anywhere seems to know. Corsair offers 7 Years on the SF450/SF600 models.

1sonyzz says:

now we need seasonic sfx psu’s and will be perfect

cmoneytheman says:

Why is this special it still got cords

Rodrigo Gatica says:

Is there a fanless PSU above 450w? to power a 1070, an i5 7400 and a 240mm AIO or something similar. 450 i think is not gonna be enough.

Mina Darsh says:

Oh man, that IS an interesting PSU. Currently sporting a Corsair SF600, which has a 92mm fan. (Not a noisy 80mm.) But this looks like it could work in my system instead. Just hope 450 Watt is enough for an i7-6700K (down-volted for the moment during this hot weather), GTX 1080 FE, 16GB RAM and dual SSDs. (No additional fans besides the CPU and GPU fan.) Think it will be seeing it is Platinum rated, besides my system hasn’t gone over 300 Watts I believe during normal gameplay.

seawingo says:

EVGA Supernova G2 750W, an absolutely fantastic PSU. It has powered my rig for two years with absolute silence!

Sabre Zero says:

Hi can you do a ryzen 3 2200g budget build with a msi b350 board? I’m planning to build my 1st PC on December and parts are 30% more expensive so if its a $500 it’ll be like $50 or more here. 🙁

DialMURDER says:

This is just straight up advertising.

Jason Ong says:

How’s the thermal cooling with this being fanless?

Idtelos says:

SFX-L DOES fit inside the Node 202 case. I installed a SilverStone SX800-LTI 800W SFX-L in it and was still able to use that 2.5″ drive bracket that goes in the middle on the case. Might want to add that correction.

Thomas Wellington says:

I just had to take apart my EVGA SuperNOVA 650 and put down WD40 on it because it was squeaking. Its been kinda loud regardless and it’s too big to put into many smaller form factor cases. If Silverstone can start a trend with smaller, fanless PSUs, I’d totally grab one.

flandrble says:

SFX-L fits a Node 202 just fine though.

ashley Knipe says:

I gotta say the mere fact that this Psu is cooled on every mofset from within the chassis of the Silverstone ‘psu’ +80% efficiency is a testament to how amazing this product is. An amazing feat, wow.

tubawest says:

There are many semi-custom SFF cases on the market which support SFX-L

Kiki says:

and best part about this silent psu is.. one less thing have to clean and take apart if it gets really gross over time if it had a fan

Mario Suriel says:

So… is worth it?
190 USD for a 450w that has 2 features:

It doesn’t make sense to place this PSU in an HTPC, UNLESS, every other component is also fanless. So, an APU with a fanless heatsink might be the only choice. Heatsinks like “NoFan CR-95C Black Pearl” are big because of “physics”.

Tom Brown says:

This power supply would be perfect for a custom ITX completely silent and fanless build. Would it be safe to make a fanless build using this PSU, a GTX 1050Ti Fanless Palit GPU, and a Fanless CPU cooler? What CPU would be fine? Would make for a completely silent system. I might use this for a wall mounted build that would need to be quiet. By the way the CPU I will likely use is an i5 4460. Amazon have a couple fanless CPU coolers and I think Ebay has one too. Of course I would check the power draw requirements for the CPU coolers. Any thoughts people?

WindfallX YT says:

Sorry, but SFFn beat you to it. 🙂

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