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Chris Lightfellow says:

Omg you look stunning with your glasses on!, keep using them plz <3

JRDN says:

Pump might be dead, use hwmonitor and aida64 stress test it, see what temps are

Ahn Henri says:

Caitlin, how many fingers am I holding up?

Shambles1980TRealOne says:

wow you must be acting and badly..
No one can be that annoyingly ditzy

Killa B says:

Oh shit… play Quake Champions? what’s your gamer tag, we gotta duel? unless you just like the Nyx wallpaper

Anubis_X64 says:

My glasses are just has thick. It sucks I know. However contacts can be annoying after hours of use (To me) Still look great. On to that sound…ohhh man I have that issue with my fans. I changed a setting in BIOS and it stopped. However is has came back again. It happens when my PC is on for several hours. Still trying to figure it out myself.

Steve Nelson says:

Don’t say that. I think you look gorgeous in your glasses. Idk if it just me I’m sure other guys have the same quirk. I find it more attractive to me. Keep doing what you do, Your awesome and i love watching your videos. Have fun and keep them coming! Love ya!!

Dennis Menace says:

Your still loveley… No Matter what you wear <3

And plz do some Cable Management on the back of your Computer 🙂

Matt Christie says:

You should wear the glasses more often. You are cute as a button!

BrainSeepsOut says:

My best guess is this PSU’s supposed to be used in tandem with some case airflow, the large heatsinks are testament to that.

TechGuy77 says:

You might have air bubbles inside your Kraken. There are ways to remove them but it involves temporarily replacing your Kraken while keeping it all hooked up with another fan based cooler. Then turn the system on, tilt the Kraken different direction and gently tap it and the air bubbles should get removed and the sound goes away. Then put it all back together. Otherwise its an internal propeller making the noise. Good Luck!

Snafu2346 says:

I like the glasses. They’re cute. Glasses are cute. Have you seen that kitten wearing glasses? Made it cuter. Its proof. That cat is smarter too. The smartest cat ever.

LowEndGaming HD says:

Ya I had this problem I tried loosening my screws and tightening them again then it worked fine or make sure any part is not loose

vac59 says:

I went the super silent route as well. Silent 850w Corsair(not under load), No mechanical drives (SSD for life), Silent fans that are OFF with low load(bios fan curves), and a Corsair H115i AIO. Found that the AIO came with crappy 140mm fans, replaced with silent fans :] Then found out the loudest thing was the pump in the AiO. Corsair has a tool to put the pump in quiet mode(only two modes balance and quiet). Still quiet mode but I can hear the pump churn like if i had a mechanical drive in the system. Overall the system is quiet, no fans when surfing the internet or watching 1080p30 video. I may get some sound padding for the inside of the case, overkill but its in my bedroom/studio. I don’t think another AiO will be any better, the current H115i keeps a AMD 1600x super cool with no fans on. Only heat issue is VRMs on a cheap B350 board. Next upgrade will be a x470(8phase vrm) and a 1700x.

Zach Beck says:

Glasses look hot, great channel by the way, i’m lovin’ it keep up the good work 🙂 laterrrrr

Jerry Oswald says:

Install a Noctua brand cooler and “release the Kraken.” I’ll show myself out.

Simon Fuller says:

NZXT CLCs are shit.. I’ve returned two krakens that had both developed pump failures and now i use air cooling which actually runs cooler due to more fan airflow where the radiator used to be.

psychorabbitt says:

For some odd reason, this video won’t play on my Fire TV. Works fine in browser on my desktop, though.

john smythe says:

caitlin, why dont you like your glasses, I think you look super hot in them, even though you are WAY too young for me.

Acknologia says:

Seasonic gives 12 year warranty with all their titanium psus even the ones with fans

DrB1900 says:

With the glasses you smile more, and make eye contact more; keep them 🙂

MAFtech says:


Tomislav Uroić says:

everything is sexy on you

euskafreez says:

It sounds like a bearing issue, I’d be wrong though. It’d drive me crazy!

mars pancho says:

they can make white pcbs I have the seasonic snow silent 1050w it has a white pcb

dr crypto1776 says:

Gorgeous glasses! I just stopped by to see you.

E S Preston says:

I’m the same with my glasses sooo own them like a rock star!!!!

Vyrisus says:

Your glasses are cute!

B Mcginnis says:

i was totally hoping you were going to smell that psu when you took it out of the package… you’re not as much as a nerd as i thought u were… feelsbadman

Markinpuff says:

That cleavage is killing me.

Oafah says:

I run my fans around 150rpm at idle, which makes them inaudible from a foot away. If I have my external hard drive plugged in, it sounds like a trash compactor by comparison to the rest of the system. As such, my entire editing rig runs on solid state drives, and my long-term storage is kept out of the room.

Pump noise is even worse than a drive rotor spinning. Once you achieve optimal fan silence, even the best of pumps become a pain in the ass, which is precisely why I don’t employ AIOs in any of my personal builds.

If you value silence in your idle operation, AIOs are absolutely out of the question.

Marshall's says:

A woman made videos of PC? Hardware?……. I need married something similar. Awesome

ejeckk says:

You look fine.

Ene Rares says:

CORSAIR RULESssssssssssss

Total Bullion says:

Haha, reflections in glasses/sunglasses are a vfx editors worst enemy.

Grem Five says:

Love Seasonic power supplies…. used them in most my builds. Tried a corsair one but came back to Seasonic.

Love your channel

liminal says:

It’s your case, sorry. The only airflow comes from the top of the case, the bottom of the front feeds the bottom PSU area… The Kraken goes up to 2200rpm – at max fan speed it WILL BE LOUD. So maybe you need to setup your fan curves? Nobody minds your glasses!

Obed Fuentes Leon says:

I like your glasses, you look good with it. No dislike from me.

Ozzy Bogan Tech says:

Good video thumbs up. I use the AX 860 PSU still have never had the fan turn on, the fan doesn’t spin when the system is under a low load.

kdub77 says:

such a cutie…love your vids!

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