The New SF Series Power Supply

SF Series power supplies bring legendary Corsair performance and reliability to the SFX small form factor standard.

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The SF Series power supplies have the features found in full-size high performance power supplies, with certification for 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, superior voltage regulation, Zero RPM mode for virtually silent operation, and 105°C All Japanese capacitors for better reliability.


SomeRandomGuy says:

I’d would like to see a SF Corsair 500w power supply. I feel like the 450w is too little and the 600w is too much. I would like to see a Balanced approach with the SF power supply series.

harshlens says:

When is it coming in french retail store please ? I can’t pre-order or buy it anywhere… I also read on forums people buying it on Corsair EU store, but I can’t find the link to that… someone could help please ?


and how much is it?

Gavin Culmer says:

what PSU cables are compatible from other corsair ranges ie the rm series. This would be handy to know for custom cable lengths or using custom cables people already own.

TBotV63 says:

Nice. Now I need an 800W version of that xD

Logan Hamilton says:

I hate Corsair.

My god damn K70 is falling apart, they choose mediocre OEMs, their mice are meh, their coolers and case fans are shit.

Yeah. I’m sorry to all you people who suck their dick.

steve b says:

i will be buying

Br turas says:

Can use sli ? Maybe ?

ever6 says:

Can anyone recommend a good keyboard mechanical? I just purchsed this SF600 from Corsair thanks.

John H says:

thank you for admitting that 450 is more than enough

Sean Thompson says:

Should I get this for the 380t?

Miles Prower says:

I’m interested in these. Will they be available in France soon?

DragonSniper 69 says:

can someone tell me if these are compatible

Enthusiast Series RM650x Power Supply Fully Modular 80 Plus Gold 650 Watt EU Version


Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-03 Mid Tower Case White LED

CooMas Hyper212 Evo

Tutorial Básico says:


Who is I ? says:

Love you guys ! When is the Lapdog coming out !? It looks amazing !

I. Z. says:

Please include the ATX Adaptder Plate directly to the packaging and paint it black.
It costs almost nothing!!!

Rami Al-Omari says:

Gonna buld mini-itx AM4 with ryzen 1600x + rx 580. Does this PSU – SF Series™ SF450 — 450 Watt 80 PLUS handle it? Thank you.

LastMumzy says:

Oh thank god this thing is finally out..

MyKeyz says:

That PSU is garbage, it sounds like a jet! I have the 600w variant and even while idle this thing puts 30Db out, there is no zero fan mode as opening explorer seems to be enough of a load to make the fan kick in! And I’m using a low powered xeon with it which pulls vitually no power at idle, under load this power supply is about as loud as an r9 290x reference in uber mode!


can it run 6700k,390x sapphire, 8gb RAM 2400mhz,MSI z170 m7 ?

ant mest says:


SwissCow85 says:

hey corsair, why is the SF Series not compatible with the Corsair Link ? i wanna monitor how much watt my systems is using

Luna The Doggo says:

These look awesome also there new water cool that was made for the bulldog… CORSAIR ROCKS

The Twelve Storms says:

don’t ever buy a Corsair PSU

Quick FX says:

CX series is fan bearing in my PC broke and made a very loud grinding noise.

Yang Ji says:

Connector arrangement looks like Silverstone’s. Same manufacturer, maybe?

YarugumaSou says:

It’s sad that I have to import one since there’s seemingly no sf psu in my country 🙁

Jordan Miller says:

I’m looking to use this for an eGPU. I assume this is enough power alone to run a GTX 980 ti?

Nad says:

is there psu intake fan is in front ?? and exhaust at the back?? i dont like intake in bottom and exhaust on back

tamahome321 says:

Finally.. An SFW power supply. Now just have to wait for the release of a casing that can match the thin silverstone RVZ01. I hate the bulkiness of the bulldog

DrevisENT says:

I can’t tell from the pictures and I didn’t see it anywhere on the website so I’ll ask here. Are the cables smaller then a normal power supplies or no? I have a full size power supply in my media/emulator box and the real problem is more so the long extra slack in the cables.

BigBadBeef says:

1:29 “If you’re pushing 4k graphics at 60 frames or better, you’ll want to use the 600W version.”

Mister, if the PC world has its own equivalent of a car ricer, you’d be one! If the topic of this conversation were cars, then you’d probably say that the shape and size of the steering wheel determines how much power a car is making.

Jason says:

i want to use an intel i5 6500, evga sc 2.0 970, 1x ssd, 1x hdd, 1x optical drive, will the 450w SF from Corsair be enough?

Tony Lloyd says:

a demo of the idle noise inside the bulldog would have been nice.


the 450w.

Bloodstainer says:

Why is ITX stuff so much more expensive than mATX? :/

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