The MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ – overkill? Oh yes. A beauty of engineering? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.

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Singularity24601 says:

The electrical engineering is “way above your head?” None of those components explain anywhere near the $1000 price. Rather, the price is simply exorbitant by design, in order to target so-called “whales,” and to attempt a “halo effect” for CoolerMaster’s other products.

Oh Shit Nation says:

can you do a comparison between this psu and the cooler master masterwatt maker 1200


get the fuck out

Juthatip Kumarn says:

emi noise level is always a trade-off of efficiency. probably they have achieved titanium level without noise? oh and its transformer is new.

waterlubber says:

Holy fuck those capacitors

Elendil says:

I would have expected individually sleeved cables for a grand.

ThaTyger says:

My OCZ modxtreme PSU had a cable pouch as well :p Interesting product but I don’t understand why they put years of research into something that only a few people will ever buy 😡

TheDustyCrow says:

I think I enjoyed the little zipper containers that came with the unboxing then I did the PSU.
Those look really nice! And hella useful.
(Nothing against PSU’s, but its power, I don’t get the appeal behind it. I will never see it again once its in my pc)

Oliver Kurzweg says:

Well maybe they will sell a few to people who want to attach sensitive probes and sensor equipment to it (you don’t necessary need to use a 12V PSU for a PC) or something but the vast majority of the few sales will be the same target group as the first Geforce Titan that was just excused to have a ridiculous price tag by double precision performance and was bought by rich gamers anyways. Yeah – there were some people who used it for compute and some even bought large quantities but because of lacking Geforce drivers it was not feasible for critical calculations.

I mean that’s alright. The partner company probably just will use parts of the design for professional 12 power supplies they sell for rather 10.000$ upwards and not just 1000.
And Coolermaster gets some promotion out of it and can claim “we have the most advanced PSU on the market”.

For CM it’s mostly a marketing device.

But I would laugh hard, if some Chinese PSU OEM just steals design features and solutions that are not copyrighted (board layout, arrangement of components and their purpose etc.) and integrates it into their own new high end OEM platform the certain retailers can order.
You can sell such a thing way cheaper if you just steal the key design and save on millions of development cost.

Then a slightly worse design which isn’t equipped with the total top of available components would be sold as the new top tier titanium grade PSU platform.

Mystic Bardock LSSGSS says:

Do not use modified sine wave UPS with Active PFC PSU!

the grinch says:

here’s jony

Ptrck Caresosa says:

in near future PSU will become a power brick like on your phone XD

Anjesh Shrestha says:


Mtres Studios says:

It would be cool if they had a water cooled power supply with more than a titanium rating!!

Aun Shah says:

they should make a powerstrike to benchmark power supplies.

Santino Agustín Pandolfi says:

is that the same one that you can buy on amazon for 450$?

Fredrik Carlén says:

All this efficiency and still a fan?

Your Highness says:


Kiran Alokkan says:

No RGB? No thanks.

Branislav Kondic says:

Whats so innovative about transformer?

MrRagequitnow says:

Great the Nvidia of PSU’s. Well lets announce a product at a insane price, consumers will assume its epic next gen tech, and we make 1000% more profit. God no wonder Trumps president, we’ve gone full retard.

Tony Lloyd says:

lost interest when you said it’s not in the clear case.

Matze says:

Overclockers could like this one. 🙂

Zadamanim says:

I don’t get it, what’s it do better than a normal psu?

Gaetan Hedouin says:

maybe this PSU is radioactive (trolololo) i won’t buy one.

Vannon Loeung says:

they need to sell these with braided cables automatically.

paladro says:

does that packaging comes with a probe for your uranus?

Avery Tucker says:

At that price it’;s at. it should be like 3000 Watts. =/

AudioFag says:

I wonder if this powersupply could make any difference in a pc audio wise when using usb powered devices?? ie AQ Dragonfly

theater40 says:

None of the things he listed actually make it any different then a normal power supply

unitedgray says:

1:36 you misspelled transformer.

Mark M says:


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