Talking Catastrophic PSU Failures with JonnyGuru

We interview JonnyGuru (Jon Gerow) at Corsair’s HQ to talk about power supply reviews, showcasing some PSU testing equipment while there.
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We talk about catastrophic power supply failures, what makes a good power supply, voltage ripple, and other PSU characteristics with Jon Gerow of Corsair (founder of JonnyGuru). This also marks the start of GN’s exploration of power supply testing, which we can now do with some high-end PSU testing equipment. We’ll need more time yet to explore this testing approach, but we will get there. Our goal is to produce detailed power supply reviews for both YT and written articles, as we find them lacking presence in general on the web.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman, Patrick Stone


Shock Wave says:

Happy I got a Seasonic gold series modular many years ago.

3R45U5 says:

Got my EVGA Supernova G2 750 after ths guys recommendation after having lost two branded PSUs in a span of three years.

Best decision I have ever made. This guy is a true gem in the PC hardware community.

Rarkal says:

Was expecting you to load up that HX850 until it blew up! Do it…

Meteor Media says:

Splendid. Very informative video. In JonnyGuru we trust!

ISEE YOU says:

Give me a high power silent PSU.. they all claim silence yet it’s the only thing I hear in my PC. I have fanless mode on my PC POwer and Cooling Mkiii 1200w.. stupid fan will ramp up coming out of sleep.. now it ticks…

John Chambers says:

I had a power supply blow on me once my ears rang for half an hour.

TheBerserkHealer says:

oooh Jonny guru funn

RavenPrecept says:

I had a computer rebooting and a card not running. It was the 5v line from a Tesla PSU failing under load. It was a 500w PSU but could not code with a 200w system

ball Bag says:

Awhile ago I had a cheap psu go running 8800 gt in sli playing wow… spark’s flew out the back… Haha…. Always bought corsair psu after that and haven’t looked back…

Max Hughes says:

Switching P/S make so much hash on the DC side that ham radio operators use 50″s tech P/S. Half the A/C wave goes to heat. Look at the ATT D4 channel bank 24 volt P/S from the 50’s on an oscilliscope. Pick up a 70 watt amp from the 70″s and a 5 channel x 100 watt music amp from today.

Tony Olsen says:

My HX750W just last weekend murdered my motherboard, Graphics card and one of my SSD’s… sigh

Fernie Vidal says:

The legendary jonnyguru!

Ben Yeung says:

Seasonic, Antec, XFX can’t go wrong. Corsair is really hit or miss. The CX series from a few years ago were all sub par. All comes down to the OEM.

JD Overclock says:

We definitely need PSU reviews, there are lots of Bomb Brands out there!
I’ve seen some tests, by TecLab channel, and that’s it, there’s not much about it on YT!

stan kidofu says:

does anything these days actually use those negative voltage lines anymore? no right?
and how much are 5v and 3.3v even used these days?
Last i checked almost everything is running off of 12V, right?
so why do we even have all these other voltage rails?
how much cheaper and smaller and more efficient could our power supplies be if we would drop all that legacy stuff?
and why isnt it happening?
Isnt it a huge waste of resources and money to add all this legacy stuff to each single PSU sold that actually nobody is using?
if a VGA or mainboard needs 5V or 3.3V its usually not much, so couldnt they just derive it off of the 12V the PSU provides?

IsItAbout TheHedge says:

IfyouarenotFILTHYRICH and cannotaffordHIGH-ENDBRAND i recommend DeltaElectronics PSUs example a.:

Max Hughes says:

5 years ago, p/s with a huge foot print, massive heat sinks and big cables. Today, small foot print, no heat sinks and skinny flat cables.

robert lloyd says:

that was informative i study electrical engineering and still learnt a bit

Simon T says:

Would love to see power supply Reviews. You are right they are severely lacking. Also a video on “who actually makes my PSU” would be interesting.

BlueSmokeGamer says:

Would be cool if Jon posted a couple videos going over the basics of electrical engineering if he hasn’t already to help educate the community.

Gamevet says:

Thanks to JonnyGuru, I ditched my Thermaltake TR2 750 watt Bronze PSU. I found out through his tests that the PSU started failing after 500 watts. I had my PC shut down several times when doing heavy overclocks on the GPUs. I’m now using Corsair power supplies in my builds.

Max Hughes says:

The only thing dummer that putting the P/S inside your case (80’s tech) is making the P/S fan cut off during low demand. The heat rises from the P/S into your case and your fans need to reduce the temp increase.

madmaxmel says:

Thanks to Jonny Guru I bought 2011 Corsair AX750 power supply, I read the article at that time:
The AX750 is still strong, just did it with the 8600k@5.3ghz Oc clocking experiment :). So 7 years… it may soon be time to buy something as good as this psu. Great interview and great to see the man himself!

LuckyApplez // Free Intros says:

Which PSU should i get?
EVGA SuperNOVA 650
Corsair RM650X
SeaSonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold

Christopher Everson says:

I have one of the older gen silverstone fortress cases. Its has all the IO top exiting the pc also the back mesh of the PSU also. I have it sat on the floor in front of a shelf, i placed a cup of tea on that shelf. Whilst brushing past i knocked it off, a whole cup of tea poured directly in the back of my power supply. PC shut down almost instantly, i ninja grabbed the power cord because i could hear fizzing coming from it. When i pulled it, there was a nice pool of tea in the recess submerging the pins.

This PSU was an old thermaltake toughpower 750, i had been rocking it for 12 years and all came to an end in 5 seconds of stupidity lol.

Ordered a budget 500W bequiet and actually noticed the pc started booting up faster and more responsive on the power button. Its a shit way to kill a component i am sentimentally attached too, but, at least i improved my machine 😀

Thats one form of catastrophic PSU failure

adam honse says:

Excellent nerd stuff

facelessninetytwo says:

If the ripple is too high, it can eventually wear out some sensitive chips on the motherboard like SuperIO microchips.

varun padhye says:

Had a corsair gs600. Really pretty with led lights and all until it went poof in about a year. Used to run a r9 290x on it. Maybe I asked too much from it or maybe it was shit all along. Presently on a rm750x. Great quality stuff

Paul Frederick says:

The next time I am in the market for a PSU I’ll have to give Corsair a look. I usually just buy Seasonic now.

john papajohn says:

So im pretty confused about some PSU related issues that i think are solved. So i have a ryzen 2700x system and a new 1080 that i went to the trusty PSU calculator when i noticed less voltage helped and my wattage was pretty close to my max so i switch with my brother that had a 1000W gold with his Maximus Extreme IV and put my 750W bronze in his rig since he got a 1060 that he upgraded from SLI 670s and his pc failed to boot(was only boot order problem)….so real question….Before the PSU switch in his bios the OC tweaker was so glitchy i would scroll and it would take 10-15 seconds to move to the next option…every time i pressed down. Extremely annoying and made it impossible to OC anything. And when we switched PSUs the glitch in his bios was magically gone! Im confused. Im happy it works now but i am very interested to understand what happened. Also kinda concerned that i just put a dying PSU into my rig. I checked the PSU with my multi meter and i noticed the 12v was about 12.190 ish and in bios it jumped a bit more than 100mvs but everything in system and in my bios visually, performance and temp wise seems better. Any opinion on whats going on or something can/should test.

Rudy Sal 14 says:

Is it bad to run 3 fans of the same mobo fan connector or just run off power cable? Haven’t done it, but was just wondering?

Serkan Ön says:

I have Corsair VS650 after 2,5 years it is not working stable , sent to service in warranty check. 20 days later received the power supply from them according to them it is flawless. I don’t have the equipment to prove them what i see sometimes system crashes and boot loop reboots. I changed the power supply much cheaper one I have no problems.

Digi ViChi says:

Exactly why i use a Corsair psu, Ssf 600
after going over all reviews and testing results of and
these are overall the best to get, according to E.U standards.
there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to a good psu, its the blood that runs the beast.
however, psu manufactures should look more into pico and mirco options. and other form factors.

Martin Palmer says:

Absolute legend. I always told people looking to build their own PC, if you want a good power supply, get one that Jonnyguru reccomended & dont ever buy something they haven’t reviewed OR have a bad review of.

One of the very few websites that does complete teardowns and overload testing.

Corsair biased… no, corsairs are just damned good, hadn’t had a single bad PSU since buying only corsairs… I just lost my 1st corsair after 11 years if 24/7 use (TX650)
Immediately replaced with another corsair HX850.

Either way my experience is Jonnyguru isnt Corsair biased, corsairs are just damned good.

John Doe says:

love Jonny’s reviews…btw yea…seen a flame out of a PSU once…definitely impressive sight

Yoan Michael says:

I have a corsair psu it works great

Garry Perkins says:

I do not know why I love JonnyGuru PSU reviews, but I really love Jonny Guru PSU reviews. I swear that stupid website has cost me hundreds of dollars and my employers thousands more.

FeTi Productions says:

Just as long as you dont base the reviews off the expensive stuff only, $30 and up please

lordsqueak says:

PSU Reviews – Awesome
ps. make sure put add an PSA if the PSU is using proprietary cables (with PCI-E connectors)

sbn025 says:

best tech channel of youtube! Hands down!!! Great content Steve!

Душан СИЛНИ says:

Can I replace 400mF filter capacitor with 820mF Nippon ChemiCon ?
Can it make a problem?
Thank you.

Alex Chambers says:

Thanks for making quality, informative content Gamers Nexus. Great content, tone, and guests that I would otherwise not know.

bean stalker says:

When Jonny guru speaks TGPCMR listens…..

tonkatoytruck says:

So where do we find these cables we all should be using? What gauge recommendations? I want more.

ThrakazogZ says:

The PSU for my latest custom loop build was chosen based on a Johnny Guru review. His PSU reviews are the same as Gamers Nexus case reviews. You can trust them.

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