Single Rails VS Multiple Rails Power Supplies – With Jonny Guru | Corsair PSUs

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feralshad0w says:

I have a zalman 850w 45 degree continuous operation PSU.. which had a short run, but was well ahead of its time for 2008/2009…. it has a lot of the features mentioned are in that thing, and I still havent had problems.. unfortunately the cable is a bit short and zalman just cant seem to get the magic formula for its products anymore… makes me really sad.

***everything said.. this is a great and unique video and gives a lot of truth and insight… (even logan has said “you really want a single 12 volt rail” in several videos”)

Wesley Alth says:

cx 750m only have one rail so is it still safe for me to oc my gtx 660 not going to oc my cpu

Saki630 says:

what about when its attached to a nipple?

rickster4k says:

awesome video

Jenna says:

Multiple Rail is safer than Single Rail? 

My COOLER MASTER 800w Gold PSU uses 12V Single Rail and I have been using this PSU for 3.5 years.

Derek Fletcher says:

Really top notch demonstration. learned a lot.

xamy butt says:

He didn’t review on thermaltake smart se 530w in his website. Is that good PSU?

FatfighterXD says:

Thinkpad yay 😀

EvoPortal says:

Not that complicated people, multiple rails don’t offer any SHIT benefit over a single rail.

Christopher Dean says:

corsair link sucks. Every corsair water cooler i’ve seen with corsair link, has not worked. @corsair i’ll ask you for advice when a hooker needs a tramp stamp drawn up.

Daehawk says:

Guy knows his stuff. Both my current and last PSU has been a Corsair. Nothing was wrong with my last one I just wanted more power so got a bigger one. Love my Corsair PSUs.

LegendOfZub says:

I sent this to a creationist because he was arguing without any science. It didn’t help. *unsubbed*

Jeff D says:

Great video and opened my eyes back to multi rail PSUs. Like the guy said in the video, the reason I went with single rail PSU design is I was tired of having to replace my PSU every time I bought a new video card. These days however I tend to opt for nvidias power consumption minded cards (I love the *60 card, although I am currently on the 970 which still has awesome power use stats) so I think I should have no issue with using multi rail PSUs.

sjoerd laan says:

I have a Corsair RM750 (single 12v rail) and it runs my GTX 980 Ti with an verclock to 1544 and the memory to 7,8 Ghz really well, the fan rarely even spins…


Great video guys!

alfredorss says:

That corsair guy reminds me of Randy from TPBs.

Elemino Musgrove says:

Safety concerns accepted, 40 amps is not necessarily a safe current to run if something is going wrong… That’s MORE than enough to cause some serious damage… With 80 amps, you’re actually more likely to burn a trace in half possibly helping avoid a fire… Either way, you’re not gonna have a good time.

Seahawk.Customs.Pc says:

Awesome video by the man Johnny Guru.but did any here there is no true multi 12 volit Rails in psu.

Sayian505 says:

Are people this dense? Obviously if you have multirail you’re splitting the power which makes it easier to overload and if you have single you’ve giving it more headroom. I don’t know how this could be even open to debate.

robo cop says:

if i have a 2 12v rail modular psu, and i want to run an sli setup, do i want one gpu per rail or both on the same rail?

Masaharu Morimoto says:

loved this one Tek!!!

KidGacy says:

I certainly prefer to keep my stuff safe , unless there’s a noticeable performance hit

RAioD Edilan says:

But that 40amps limit is in this particular 1kw PSU or in anyone? What about a 500w PSU? because if the limit is lower like 20amps well then its better the singlerail solution…

RejZoR says:

Thx for this interview. Best explanation of single and multi-rail PSU’s I’ve seen to date. I’m from Europe and I prefered single rail designs. Now, I’ll feel much more comfortable buying a multirail PSU.

billyboy402 says:

So every user who brought your last high PSU like Ax1200i and 860 made the wrong choice – thanks Corsair

chris twoodyhussar says:


bear northpole says:

What software joony? Also if a graphics card draws maximum 20 amps then there should be a 21 amp fuse in place for extra protection. And all psu’s should have a simple surge protection build into it. So in my opinion ALL psu’s are garbage. thx

Mizer says:

Awesome!!!  Always great to know have things work.

TheArathor says:

@GuardianLords where did you hear that?

Mickel Ntek says:

i love my ax760i PSU it usually is at 90-92% power efficiency.

evoeightyci says:

This reminds me of how your household breaker panel is designed. A typical 100Amp box is broken down to 2 115V rails running at opposite cycles so combined you can get 230V. Each rail is broken down to 15,20, and 30Amp lines with corresponding sized breakers. Basically, if you get a short on a 15Amp line that breaker will trip and there is no way you want to trust that line tripping to the main 100Amp breaker.
  This is what I thought of when he explained the differences and advantages of “safer” multiply rails in ones power supply.

Jacob Wills says:


HilaKleiner says:

Dude, see, legitimate answers. Fuck you linusniggertips.

DJOXyGeNe8 says:

So, should we enabled Multirail OCP from Link software?

skapiche says:

The most amazing thing about this is that they actually got Corsair Link to work.. mind blown.

Harmen says:

What brand removed over current protection? These should be avoided like the plague.

Angad Anand says:

Did he just say “Floppy Connectors” ? holy shit, he’s been living under a rock for a while.

Joe Batson says:

I’ll stick with my XFX PSU’s

Fa Vang says:

multiple rails should be the new thing, wonder why we went back to single rails again.

The Spettro says:

Jonny seems like a cool guy. I legit was one of his first set of fans and bought corsair’s first line of seasonic power supplies and guess what. That was 2007 and I STILL have it and its been perfect! lol

Thomas Thompson says:

But are those psu tools available on Linux distros!?

oliver24x says:

Very good knowledge! It’s one of those things many people really don’t understand other than the PSU box says “Single rail for ultimate performence!!!!”, and therefor says multirail is bad. Good content!

Massa902 says:

HX 620, the best PSU ever, had multiple 12v rails.
Johnny Guru , the best name in tech review industry.

tgrech says:

Out of interest, what is the unnamed American company?

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