Single Rail vs Multi Rail PC Power Supplies as Fast As Possible

Not sure whether you want a single rail or a multi rail power supply? Watch this video and you’ll know what to do!

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Jonny Guru’s excellent post on this topic:


mamamia88 says:

Question. I bought a single rail psu does that mean i only need to connect the 24 pin connector?

UzY3L says:

And yet, modern 1200W quad rail PSUs cannot power on a system with a top-of-the-line GPU that demands high power-on current. I’ve seen lots of cases where a smaller single-rail PSU powered on a high-end system where a higher, quad-rail PSU would just tick the fans one and then give up. Faulty unit? Maybe. But there were 20 builds that had the same issue. So single-rail all the way is what I say.

strikersix says:

I can understand this watching at 1.5x speed so it could have been faster

TheDavePhan says:

I have a power supply that has 4 12 volt rails at 20 amps each, based on my calculations my processor uses over 20 amps by itself, and it shares a rail with the motherboard connection…. is this why I am having issues overclocking??

yani9o says:

So it has nothing to do with european (switzerland, 230V) and american power sockets? The store i bought my psu told me i have to keep it on single, multi is for american households and would fry my rig…

CrimsonYeti says:

2:09 wow savage poor Austin

Kostadin ILIEV says:

Hi, i’m looking for a power supply for GTX 460 (2x6Pin, 26A). Would this one run it >> “Maximum combined current for the +12V outputs shall be 36A .” (+12V1 – 18A, +12V2 – 18A)? Thanks! : )

Chris Gnerlich says:

i did not understand anything but it is new-born-kid-bloody funny 🙂

Sebastian P says:

My Corsair power supply gives me the option in the control software to switch between single and multi rail. My PC does shut down and starts randomly. So should i use single rail?

Peter Sage says:

Building a set of night bicycle lights with an Adafruit 3.3V logic Trinket (turn signals and hazard lights) powered by a single LiPO flat pack battery. Every LED has its own dropper resistor; the white LEDs especially have naff all power pissed away as heat. Everything powered from a single 3.7-4.2V rail — none of this multiple rail rubbish! 😛

SailorRalph says:

So the greater question here is, when is it ok to use one cable from the PSU to power the GPU and when are two cables needed to adequately power a GPU? You mentioned this in a recent video and I cannot find clear answers. One person says two cables only if you don’t have a cable with dual connectors (eg. 2 six pins) or if your PSU has separate rails. But in your recent video you mentioned using two cables regardless of dual connectors and here you say single rail vs multi rail doesn’t matter.

Dale Sydnam says:

this is LinusTechTips for the add

ChiefChubbaLubba says:

Watch in 2x speed, Kappa

Johan Fredriksson says:

I have a PSU with 22+22+25+25A which ran my 6+8PIN GTX 970 just fine. Now I have a GTX 1070 with a single 8PIN and rumors has it 1070 need 30A so maaaaaayyyyybeeeeeee single- vs. multi-rail DO MATTER!!!??? :'(

Bill Schultz says:

I clicked the cat video box, but it just paused the video. 🙁

brdavis9 says:

Omigawd. Two in a row. (Even knowing this stuff, it’s still great. Second kudos.)

chris twoodyhussar says:

power supply companies should be made to testify before a congressional hearing and regulated by the government to providemore accurate useful information about power supplies RAT BASTARD COCK SUCKERS XD<=====3

Rich Paul says:

Love the cat!

ken san says:

my second power suply dos not have the 24pin(motherboard). Can I just
huke up the green wier and a black wier to the corect position’s on the
add2psu adapter or does it need all the wires in the corect places ?

Aaron Lowe says:

2:14 LOL Austin lost his house in a fire

Siva Nesh says:

i actually clicked for the cat video

Hoàng Trần Minh says:

i don’t care about it being single rail or multi rail. i just acre about it having the GOD DAMN right connectors and having enough of them!!!

PlayStationRIHSKY says:

2:14 best part xD

Julius Rimas says:

thanks for this info.

Fam4sta says:

clicked on cats… Not dissapointed!

Garduno Angel says:

Lol!! PSU AUTO Current Protection to avoid Hauses like Austin’s Home dissasters

Rednassie says:

Did you just say 12V, 5V and 3.3V current?

Ian Calhoun says:

unless you get a r9295x2 where if you plug it into a single rail you get a fire

Ricardo Pesenti says:

“Octopus wires”

Parth Rastogi says:

Austin probably used corsair CX series

Cloud Wolf says:

Text can never be lifeless…

Aerohk says:

Austin was mining too hard with his hardware with not the best PSU. Takeaway: Use a good PSU.

XpertThugGaming says:

I have a 450 w power supply …. and im planning to buy a new gtx 970 …. please tell me what psu i must buy …. please tell me if this psu is enough ……

Hank Hill says:

My supernova 750w g1 PSU causes my 970s to have coil whine. My supernova 750w g2 doesn’t.

Mohit kamar says:

simple ways ?? who’s better multi rail or single rail…I have gigabyte b250 m d3h motherboard … please suggest me all brand psu …

Emad E says:

what is the advantage of using 8 pin power supply than 4 pin

dGG says:

Funny how when the computer “shut off” it said XP

Ty Brown says:

That awkward moment when Austin Evans’ house fire is in my recommended videos right now.

sx1sajor dude says:

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate your voice

Alan Xu says:

**flip table**

fk pc, i want cat!

AUSSIEbattler96 says:

Click here to watch my cats instead and i did i didn’t expect linuscattips hahahahah xD i subbed there too

Lauren C says:

Poor Austin. 🙁

Bubbleztoo says:

Dang it, I can’t click the cat video on Mobile!

ThatGuyWithHisHat says:

I really wanted to get myself an audible subscription a while ago, but they only accept credit card. Not I listen to podcasts 🙂

Aldion Sylkaj says:

RiP to Austin, Linus roaste.

Gulam Mortuja says:

My XFX PRO Black Edition, 750W PSU melted the PCIE Graphics cable and the socked and cable fused, PC still worked until i loaded a game and than it crashed, so most PSU manufacturers now supply daisy chained gpu cable, and my OC GTX 980Ti may have over loaded it. XFX Warranty in UK is CRAP OR NON-EXISTENT.. on another note Audible is so addictive i keep buying books as well as my membership not good for my pocket but enjoyable

Jack Jones says:

I have a Hiper Power 880w PSU with quad rails from 2008. I’ve just got a GTX 1080ti to add to my system along side a GTX 670 and the system is shutting down/restarting when I try to game. Possibly because of the rails OCP?

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