Silverstone 450W 80+ Gold SFX Modular Power Supply Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Silverstone’s ST45SF-G Mini PSU is PERFECT for performance builds in a small space.



ManWithBeard1990 says:

I wonder if it’s tiny enough to install in an iMac G3 case. I’ve been toying with the idea of restoring the one I’ve got, but keeping the CRT to keep it looking authentic. I could either do it properly and shoehorn a mini-itx board into it, probably with an APU because I’m not too sure if there’s room for a graphics card, or put a Mac Mini where the old hard drive used to be. I’m fully aware the CRT is very low res. That’s not an issue. It’s meant to be a toy. Not a work-pc.

markyofficial says:

Would a GTX 970 and an i7-4770k with a swiftech h220x run on this psu?

Omnilatent says:

Can’t wait to see your build with this PSU and the FT03 🙂

Guy Hayklan says:

Nicer review, love your enthusiasm

DevenThorius The 3RD says:

this powersupply is so overpirced its over 100 euros in my country then i dont know about the other country’s

Dah Zodiac says:

If people want to upvote this: I have this psu in an itx build with an i5-2500k at 4.3 ghz and a 7950 oced to 1100/1575 and there is room for more overclocking. Other = 8gb ram, 1 hdd, 1 ssd, 4 fans. When I get my watercooling thing for my gpu I will be overclocking more, why I have not done more right now is due to heat in an itx.

EHAb abdelmeged says:

?? can i fit this in dell 780 optiplex slim desktop

Jas Nijjer says:

i think that takes atx psu’s

sidqi sobhi says:

Will this psu can be as upgrade for the gateway sx2370-ur13 (original 220 Watts!!) mini tower desktop? I have searched have the net but found nothing really useful!!!
I would appreciate your help.

SpychoMD says:

I think this is why people buy cheap 800+ watts PSU for a gaming PC instead of a good quality and reasonably scaled PSU like this one.

asteroidminer says:

It’s so loud. I hate it

Dave Comia says:

Bitfenix prodigy?

Zatoichiable says:

How the noise from the fan?

ManWithBeard1990 says:

It’s always a good idea to have some power reserve. A 400 watt power supply for example usually can’t use all 400 of those watts on the 12V rail. I don’t know how the power requirements are per rail compared to what PSUs can supply, but more often than not it doesn’t entirely match up, so you’d have to buy a PSU rated for more watts than your combined components will need. (The original comment is gone so I’ve no idea how much power Dan Knight suggested. More than 450 watts is probably overkill)

Sethris134 says:

Yep. Long as you don’t have like 30 fans or 30 hdds or something else hilarious.

iph 88 says:

ر8ﻻله د 6ى هو أن

XenatR says:

can anyone who has this psu confirm/deny the fan on this psu is LOUD? 🙁 apparently there is a mod to change the fan with an aftermarket one

Ferdinand Fuentes says:

It should be. I’ll be building a system with that very gpu in a few days.

Also according to tweaktown, their test system with a gtx 770 drew 403w.

Jan Fink says:

Question will it fit a Rvz 01 + intel i5 4440 + GTX 780 + 480 GB SSD, 8Gb ram and the Blu-Ray burner  os should be steam os Linux and a gigabyte h87n itx board ?

Black5Lion says:

A Titan in an SG05 bit(dot)ly(slash)12yJWo8
A Titan in a FT-03 mini imgur(dot)com(slash)a(slash)DZvlM

Jens Kristensen says:

can it power up a gtx 770 msi gaming edition 2gb?

Dah Zodiac says:

i dont hear mine. idle or load.

Donald says:

This PSU is very known on modder forums, and not in a good way.
Be aware that every single ST45SF and ST45SF-G will have a problem with an EXTREMELY loud fan. I mean tapping and grinding.
Every single one does it, either out of the box or over a few weeks.
replacement special fan and shipping is $30, and you won’t have a warranty anymore on this “FSP Group” built psu.
if you rma, you get one with the same issue. The version 2.0 supposedly fixed it, but didn’t.
basically unusable cables in a HTPC, so another $30 for their thin cable set PP05-E
So all in all, $160 for a FSP group psu with no warranty.

nopparat222 says:

This support THE pc lenovo idea ic 300-20ish power supply?

Albert Chang says:

There is a new version of this psu that runs the fan at lower RPM across varying power loads. I wouldn’t OC the cpu and gpu too hard as the fan I hear starts to get pretty noisy past the 70-75% load mark.

GlassyBiscuit 4 Gaming says:

any one think Linus is kinda a dick

Ayman Abid says:

when the like rate is 1070

George Andrews says:

Does anyone have any experience using this in an mATX case? I really like the adapter, considering it for a build I’m doing for my girlfriend based on AMD’s Trinity architecture. I’m sure I could get extensions for the requisite cables if necessary. The fact that I now know there’s an adapter plate so it will fit well is a huge plus, and I just don’t need that much power for this little system.

Dieu Tran Quang says:

can I run this with gtx770 or 780 cause I have an Asrock M8.



Albert Chang says:

550w for nvidia titan and 7970. every other gpu you can live with a quality 450w with medium oc on gpu and cpu. This is IF you are running an intel sandybridge, ivybridge, or haswell cpu.

V7D says:

I really enjoy your reviews man!

Best greetings from Sweden! =))

ExitusHD says:

Does anyone know which power supply can fit in the dell optiplex 775 small form factor, it has to be atleast 350W

rezident13n says:

0:24 That’s what she said?!? Nooooooo!!!

MrFrambooise says:

i think yes

Tom Lin says:

Linus, can I run a XFX 7870 with this PSU?

ManWithBeard1990 says:

That’s true. But a Pico-PSU only delivers about 160 watt I seem to remember. That’s not really enough to drive an AMD A10, is it?

clerus17 says:

Do i use this one in my coolmaster110 or the Corsair Cx Series 430 Watt Atx/eps Modular 80 Plus? wich one is better?

Yang Ji says:

Linus, it may actually reach in a TJ-11. Remember, 24 pin in a TJ-11 should be very close to the two AP181 fans. Just saying, it might work.

Miku Lover says:

How much does this weight?

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