Seasonic PRIME Ultra Platinum 850w – $180 Ultimate Power Supply

Do you want “The Best” Power Supply you can buy for a top of the line system? You’ve come to the right video!
SeaSonic PRIME Ultra Platinum 850W — @Newegg
Full Playlist of All Power Supply Reviews on YouTube —

For a system under $2,000, you might want to consider the Seasonic Focus Plus line, it comes with a longer warranty and better power delivery

Seasonic Focus Plus 650w — @NewEgg —

My Video on Seasonic Focus Plus 80+ Gold –

NOTE – All three PSUs are on my test benches, the Titanium, Platnium, and the Focus Plus. These are really very nice PSUs and have been very stable in many hours of testing.


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Metalmachine467 says:

Power supply porn

Dark Memz says:

For 850 w psu its not good deal. Extremely overpriced its just a psu..

Ursa Ursulas says:

What do you think Seasonic Focus+ 850w Platinum unit? Just bought today! Hail from the Finland 😉

Stalewind Farto1078 says:

And I thought I was into overkill, that PS is gloriously capable of monster set ups. Power Supply envy is an ugly feeling.

KMAC says:

Anyone interested in this should look at the FOCUS PLUS series. I have an 850w FOCUS PLUS GOLD and reviews have showed it’s almost virtually ideatical to the prime series except slightly cheaper. Sane ripple, I believe same capacitors, almost totally identical for about 30-50$ less

Felix says:

Power supply lasting for a decade, now that’s a deal lol.

David Dupoise says:

I purchaced the 1000 W model for my Threadripper dual RX 580 GPU – the fan does not turn until the CPU is at 50% load and both GPU’s are under heavy load. Then it is still silent. Serious quality.

Hawk1291 says:

$2000 PC? so a GTX1080ti with an I3 processor in a cardboard box? Kappa

John Hooper says:

Best PSU review site is a german site.. just juse google translation.. they test fan speed and noise level on different watt usages..

SenZjo says:

stickers and plasticks need to be peeled slowly… *TRIGGERED*

Killajolt says:

love the mug, figures dva drinks that much coffee

huy bv1998 says:

I used to have the seasonic platinum 860w model, it died for only 9 months of use (can’t turn on the PC). Now, i have the prime ultra titanium 850w model, 5 months of use, i still have no issue with it. And I’ll wait for 4 months from now, see it’ll die like the old platinum model or not

Raven Assault says:

He mentioned “mining”. I’m now triggered.

Zzyzx Wolfe says:

If you really want the best in PSU reviews, nothing beats JonnyGURU. Still, great video!

Michael Gusevsky says:

9:10 the pins look bent some? Is it perhaps the lighting or something?..

George Morley says:

I never skip tech deals ads!

kodo nosaki says:

Premium power cables are usually constructed in a manner to be more flexible. Those designed to carry more amperage for a premium high watt system, will have larger electrical conductors, as identified by a lower gage number, imprinted and or embossed along its outer jacket. To achieve their maximum safe voltage rating, as indicated on the outer jacket, premium cables will use higher dielectric materials, and overall, need not be any thicker than lower quality cables.

Zombie Food says:

Great review! Love seasonic psu’s! Quality and representation are top notch!

Daniel Martonik says:

I thing there is only one way to test this psu in terms stability and reliability. Put in machine with amd fx 9590 oc to 5.0 or 5.1 Ghz and gtx 480s in 4 way sli. If it can survive 1000+ hours in one session without crashing than it is a psu worth the asking price. 😉 😀
Oh yea and I almost forgot turn on prime 95 for few hours ofc, it would be too easy to test it on idle. 😉

TheHammerGuy says:

Maybe review the gold version of this series?

RoboTronix says:

On the list of components I recommend people do spend crazy money on is the PSU…. A good PSU will last many builds a poor one I wouldn’t trust with 1 build…

Bluen Ginez says:

Mr. Deals, do you still have the Focus+ from a previous video? Is it noisy by any chance? I’m considering a Be Quiet! SFX-L if it is

David DeBroux says:

I’m a fan of both EVGA and SeaSonic, though I’ve used EVGA’s power supplies more than SeaSonic’s.

Metalmachine467 says:

Not a bad price for a really good power supply

Nicholas Narcowich says:

I have an off topic question. If you have a MB that the manufacturer deemed obsolete & doesn’t offer an update to the bios, so, I need a new MB, maybe memory & CPU… will I need to buy a new copy of windows… along with all the other stuff? I built a computer to try Linux some years ago, but I wanted the HW to be okay for a Windows build too. I liked AMD – as an underdog – so I bought a msi 785GM-P45 with an AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor @ 2199.9 MHz (CPUZ) with 16Gb DDR3 memory – max for the MB. I tried Linux & liked it, but when Windows 8 came out, I thought I should try it. . .:-( back to Linux. 🙂 Then I thought I may not have given it a fair chance . . . try it longer… just before I totally gave up on 8, 8.1 was anounced as a free upgrade… so, I decided to try it. 8.1 was far better than 8. BUT, still ick. BUT, just before I went back to Linux – which I liked very much – a free version of Windows 10 was announced. I thought it couldn’t be as bas as bad as 8, and may even be better than 8.1… I had better check it out. I did & liked it. I have been thinking of building another Linux rig, but I like to keep my W10 rig, but with Specter & Meltdown, I have some concerns as that can effect most rigs no mater what OS. Right now, none of my rigs are offerd a BIOS update. I feel it is so odd that the MB & computer makers are not all on top of this. I feel they should be all over a BIOS update, Am I to junk 3 laptops & 2 desktop computers? msi, ASUS, DELL… will never have my business if that is the case.

Aeon Mouse says:

Hello and Thanks for a well-presented, detailed video on the SeasonicPrime Ultra 850 Platinum. Here’s a somewhat silly question: Why on the sides of the units do PSU manufacturers place printed information in an upside-down orientation? Thanks again!!!

HardwareHungarian says:

I got that exact psu for $159 on amazon about 3 months ago

TheTargetlockon says:

Thumbnail is 650W? :0

Naseem Akhter says:

Awesome Review !!! Thanks !!!

Nice Trade says:

currently building a new Workstation, last component that i need & iam stumped as to exactly what power supply i should go for.. 500w, 550, 600 or 650w.. the workstation is, Asus Prime Pro X370, Ryzen 7 1700, 2 – Radeon Pro WX 5100 GPU’s..

the Radeon Pro WX 5100 GPU’s pull power directly from the motherboard, TDP 75w per card.. so 150w total

canaconn23 says:

The channel should be called will it play xd

Ludicrous Productions says:

I had a evga bronze 80+ and it died so I bought a Seasonic 650W gold+ and I fell in love with it

Pedromania says:

Amazing video as always 🙂
I was wondering, could you do a video on VPNs? Like if you use one and if you do which is the best one in your opinion and if someone should use a free one.

Kevin Tjokro says:

great video as always! btw do you feel the difference in weight between the platinum and titanium on hand? cause i’ve heard the heavier the psu is the better (not always to be fair) just me

joe black says:

Any news about those new graphics cards?

Matt McGregor says:

You mention 12 year warranty and it surviving multiple builds. That really depends on new power requirements. Multiple PCIe on graphics cards and dual 8-pin motherboard connectors are an example of negating the reuse of slightly older high-end PSUs due to cabling changes. I have a nice shinny EVGA 1000 G1 which cannot support current high-end dual 8-pinn MBs. It’s a great and quiet PSU, but I cannot reuse for some system builds. There was a time when that was true, but progression changes the playing field more radically as time goes on.

Scott Terkel says:

12 year warranty for both? I can read the boxes 10 and 12 year warranties

RPM Designs says:

I used to own an Seasonic X-850 and everything about Seasonic just reeks quality, including the packaging. I now own Cooler Master V850 which is exactly the same as the X-series Seasonic but watching this video i feel the need to buy Seasonic again lol. Thnx for the good video.

Dezső Drózdi says:

I like how everything you recommend is at 1.8x price in my country 🙂

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