Seasonic Prime 850W Power Supply REVIEW

Seasonic Prime 850W Power Supply REVIEW
The PRIME Titanium Series achieves the highest level of 80 PLUS® Titanium certification on the market with its 94 % efficiency at 50 % system load. (The feature only applies to PRIME Titanium Series.)

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Camera I use for video

Camera I use for images

Video lens

Stills lens

Video camera Mic

Video Lights

Voice over Mic

Tripod & video head

My Beast
Intel Xeon 2683 CPU

SeaSonic Prime Titanium 850W PSU


Motherboard ASRock x99 Fatality Pro 3.1

Nvidia Titan X

Fractal Define R5 Case

Noctua CPU Cooler Fan

Corsair LPX DDR 4 RAM

Noctua Case fans

Samsung 950 Pro SSD

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio DAC


West Wood says:

just bought this, so happy with it

sidharth sunilkumar says:

hey, since u have a dell xps 15 9560, i have a question. i want to buy xps 15 with 265 gb ssd and 56whr battery. so is the place where they put the extra battery empty? (i saw that when u buy a 96whr battery, u can replace it with a 56whr and 2.5inch hard drive)

Jack Burton says:

IMO there are three main things you want to look at with a PSU: efficiency, cost, and warranty.

Efficiency may or may not be important to you. It depends on how you use your computer. If you’re someone who logs on only a few hours a day to surf the web, check email, do a few things then efficiency is not an issue because you aren’t using that much power to begin with. Just get a decent bronze-rated PSU.

If you’re a gamer pushing your CPU and GPU to the maximum for 4-8+ hours a day and especially if you’re like me where you have your computer on 24 hours a day, then an efficient PSU actually saves you money over years and pays for itself. So spending $150+ for a titanium-rated PSU is worth it.

There are only two brands I’m considering for my new PSU for warranty and general quality reasons and that’s Corsair and Seasonic. Corsair has a 10-year and Seasonic Prime has a 12-year warranty. The price difference is small so I will probably go with Seasonic Prime.

JJesse Glaser says:

Is the top left corner input pci-e or eps power? eps right?

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