Seasonic PRIME 750 Watt 80+ Titanium Power Supply – Unboxing & Overview

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Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – What does “80+ Titanium” mean?
9:39 – What budget PC would I install this in?
13:20 – Unboxing Starts
19:19 – Modular Cables
25:25 – PSU Itself!
29:20 – Final Conclusion


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Almighty Carrot says:

Seasonic or evga?

Matt G-B says:

Your videos are so great. I’m getting this power supply for my next pc. I’m starting of with a 1060 for now. But once I have saved enough I’m upgrading to a 1080ti. So I’m justifying getting it by not needing to buy a new power supply after it when I upgrade to higher power components.

Dull Account says:

TECH DEALS PKEASE AWNSER! If I use a Dell Optiplex 790 Mini Tower (DDR3-1333MHZ [240 pin]), 2x2GB RAM sticks (4GB RAM) (DDR3-1333MHZ 240 pin), and the VisionTek Graphics card (from the $200 PC build video), which setting will I be able to play Overwatch on?

Meister Sen says:

I like the new Prime Series of Seasonic, 650 Watts and also with 80 + Titanium daaammmm…. and also 12 Years Warrenty, thats really, really awesome. And i also love the new Design of those “Primes”.

95A1140 says:

Seasonic has some really nice packaging. I got the same stuff with my 550w G series.

Peter Jansen says:

Tech Deals
What sort of power supply would you choose for a system with a Ryzen 1700(X) when you use 1 powerful graphics card (let’s assume 300-350 W, just to be safe given that the die size will become larger before they shrink down again)?
You use as a rule of thumb that a PSU should cost roughly 10% of the total system cost. I guess that around $1500 is a fair estimate for a system like that. A 650 W gold power supply of a good brand (any company which uses Seasonic for it?)? i prefer semi-modular and I would like a zero-RPM mode given that I aim to build a relatively silent system (Noctua D15, Fractal R5, large graphics card with open fans and a good heat sink…)

Lars Kraus says:

I got a 700 watt psu for my old pc cause that thing was using about 300 to 400 watts under load. That would usually put the psu at about 50% of the max output which would mean max efficiency. I’m still using this psu but the 6600k and 1060 it’s powering right now just dont use that much. It’s still probably not worth changing it.

Guy Salazar says:

I’m a big fan of your videos. Keep up the great work!

Aditya Ranjan says:

I got it when you talked about labels, you mean Corsair.

SRAVAN S says:

this is 50$ expensive than corsair HX750

isaksme says:

i like my cables T H I C C

peterruskov says:

SeaSonic packaging is top notch not only on high end.My gold psu have the same exact packaging as this one and 5-6 years ago bought bronze one with similar quality.

Viking Honor says:

10%… damn I need a 400$ power supply

Leon Pozo says:

Never in the 20 years of pc messing have i seen a kettle lead melt. We call the kettle leads here because our kettles used to use the same wire lol.

Kaushik Talukdar says:

thats an awesome powersupply..its a beast

justin johnson says:

I Watched The Whole Video Your A Fun Person.

Mikkel H says:

most likely, this will be the PSU for my next build (Zen 2 next year)

Kenny Kwan says:

Found this exact same model for around $100 last fall. Excellent product and quiet!

Jack says:

This is a video that makes me love the channel, not live streams, but valuable information.

Sunako Kirishiki says:

this would be awsome i want it =D

Vanilla Bumblebee says:

Very very well explained. I could easily follow your explanation, even as a german. I just ordered the brand new Ultra version of the 750 Titanium that was released a few days ago. It’ll be great, hopefully. Happy New Year!

Dias Muertos says:

I have a 750 watt 80+ platinum power supply 🙁

60AT Rws says:

Just got one 144$ amazon warehouse deals! Watching your videos before I install it. Your channel has helped me so much, I bought without your advice and boom there you are with my exact model! Great content. Tech deals is the king of hardware!!

Shawn Medellin says:

Where do u sell some of ur pc parts?

frn555 says:

Not true that Scandinavia has expensive electricity. In Finland 0.16$ per KWh. Tax incl.

SRAVAN S says:

These look nice than the hx750 
Looks better than braided ones !

Dunz says:

This video made me sub

Yiğit Alp Serin says:

Amazing video and amazing psu

lexii miller says:

As an Australian where electricity can cost quite a lot and we also have 230v, high efficiency supplies seem to be really useful. Haven’t bothered to do the math but my quarterly bills seem to be noticeably lower since I swapped out my bronze Antec HCG 520W for my Silverstone Strider Platinum 550W or maybe it’s just coincidence from being a higher quality supply overall, and having also switched the power hungry 280X for a 1070, idk.

meprateek1 says:

Power Supply for Hawaii!!

JustQueztal says:

Do you think a ryzen 5 1600 well help me for the up coming games to run at 60fps 1080p

Super Space Idiot says:

shinny!!! xD

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