SeaSonic M12II 620W – $60 Fully Modular 80+ Bronze Power Supply

Great Deal on a quality PSU for a $600 to $1,200 Build, OEM System Upgrade, or Replacing a Failed Power Supply!
SeaSonic M12II 620W — @Newegg —
Full Playlist of All Power Supply Reviews on YouTube —

For a system over $1,200, you might want to consider the Seasonic Focus Plus line, it comes with a longer warranty and better power delivery

Seasonic Focus Plus 650w — @NewEgg —

Seasonic Focus Plus 80+ Gold –


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Swiss Choco says:

TechDeals could you please review the “ASRock Z270 Supercarrier” plz plz plz

Randolf Gayas says:

I just buy new one. Can you tell me if the fan is turning if you turn on the psu? I test mine but cannot power my rig

AlexTheSniper19 says:

I would thing I always say about custom computers never skimp on your power supply serisuoly I see dudes run 500w evga non bronze rated power supply on like a 1070 I am like your house is going to catch on fire. Its the same tier as the corsair cx series. I use jonnnyguru for psu info.

MetalJacket says:

Yeah great PSU I got the 520W version for my Ryzen 1600 + RX 570 build back in June. Was $20 cheaper than 620W on sale at time and I pull 300W or less anyway.

leirisal says:

I have bought this power supply a couple months ago. Great deal indeed

Werner Larrobis says:

Its seasonic, its a no brainer. Best in the business.

Angelo Kobe says:

What about the S12II series? Are they a good substitute for this power supply?

Steven Williams says:

Fantastic power supplies. I have been using seasonic PSU’s for years. My x58 build from 2010 has a 750w seasonic PSU in it still running strong. I orderd the 620watt variant using your affiliate link Mr. Tech deals. Love the channel. Keep up the great work.

Sherwin Ken Suriba says:

I am currently using this PSU and why i am watching this video?? ohh it is from Mr. Deals so I click it. 😀

Toto Geenen says:

I hate living in europe at some rare moments.
This is one of them, getting a decent low price psu in europe is impossible. I got a thermaltake smart 600W psu for €50 wich was the only thing somewhat decent I could find but it’s on the bottom tier in the tierlist.

Jovan Stojanovic says:

Wow this video ia actually very fresh, cool!

Guala Nejo says:

in Malaysia it cost 110$+ is it worth it tho? (this include to other pc components in Malaysia. )

Ben Coomer says:

I have the 850w version. Love it.

Michael Theurer says:

wow good deal was just looking for something like this fully modular at that price is fantastic

Aniket Sakpal says:

Thx alot Man! I did asked u on Twitter for a psu video and this is the best psu I’ve bought yesterday it’s so nice 🙂 this video is soo great and appreciative I will always continue to support ur channel 🙂

RyupunkZ says:

this psu was out of stock when I bought my leadex gold psu for about $90 and it has been great. Still wish I got this one though, for the price.

Meme boye says:

Just bought one, should deliver under 24hrs. Ty

Isaac Stephens says:

This is honestly a poor deal. The Corsair CX /CXM is all around better. The M12II/S12II is lacks OTP, it doesn’t support C6/C7 power states, its group regulated and can only do ~550W on the 12V rail, as a result of it being group regulated it has not so good crossload performance, and its not known for being quiet. Its a 8 year old unit, its glory days have long passed.

tigerbalm says:

i just ordered this! Seems quite better features than teh Masterwatt 650 for a few dollars more.

Great Leon says:

Literally bought the non modular version about a week ago. replaced a 10 year old bfg 550w that blew up in stress testing.

Infinite Star says:

For 45 dollars, is it worth it for an i3 8100 and a gtx 1060?

Lin Chester says:

I def picking up this PSU for a buddy of mine who has a Acer Prebuilt Predator G3 gaming desktop. It has a LiteOn 400+ Watts unit and it needs a bigger PSU as he going to add a GTX 1080/Ti into the PC and the stock PSU isnt going to cut it.

620W is def plenty for the i7 6700,16GB RAM,128GB SSD system and 5 years warranty for a piece of mind and can be used on a second PC once I persuade him to go DIY PC route

Sonny Fellers says:

This is the absolute best value in psu that is worth buying. Got one in every machine at my house. I have heard the G series (or is it focus) is newer replacement and will go that way if/when these ever give up on me.

curt31tom says:

anyone know if this power supply or the 650 gold supports -Current/Over-Voltage/Over-Power/Under-Voltage/Over-Temperature Protections? Tech deals pointed out the importance of this on any power supply he tested so i was hoping this model also supported it but i saw no mention under the description. Thanks!!

k Heart says:

New Core series inc?

Mario Vega says:

Hello Mr Tech Deals: As always a great video and since this is the PSU i’ve got installed in my system as of now I wanna ask you this question. Should I upgrade this PSU to a let´s say seasonic focus gold+ 650w ? My system is running an i7 7700k (running at 5ghz) and a 1080ti. The reason why I´m asking this question is ‘coz I´ve read in many tech forums (specially jonnyguru) that bassically this PSU sucks because it´s really old and has no protections (but TBH this is the best PSU I´ve ever had hehe). What do you think? I´m seriously considering the upgrade but I´m not sure if it´s necessary.

curt31tom says:

tec deals have you noticed all doa’s on newegg for this power supply? i wonder if folks are getting this unboxing and just plugging it in if so it would appear not to work.

SnepKaunt says:

Already have it, but it was like $110 where I live. FML.
It’s also worth mentioning that companies like Corsair, Cooler Master and Silverstone don’t manufacture their own power supplies but rebrand from other manufacturers. One of those manufacturers is Seasonic and they make quite a few PSUs for Corsair, Antec and XFX.

Galactic Orca says:

Doesnt it have just a single 6 pin for the graphics card? I dont like the aesthetic of part of a cable just hanging off of my gpu.

TGF says:

i bought the 520w version 2 years ago for 70

have had no issues with it and it is whisper quiet

Sabit Mahbub says:

Should I buy this in for my budget system so that I can upgrade later?

westnylefx says:

This Psu is absolutely amazing. I use one of these in my ryzen 1800x rig!

ASITON says:

white boi

Ricardo Castillo says:

Great video. Just got one for an I5 with a 290X lightning. Works great.

Carl Wells says:

I have this exact power supply (*correction mine is actually the older 650w semi-modular version) – it’s a great unit! Paid $89 nz dollars which was cheaper than this price at the time… fun to see what’s inside

Bloodstainer says:

This is the best PSU for any $600-1200 build.

aussiebear22 says:

In the 1990s, I bought Antec-branded PSUs. Today, EVERY ONE of them have failed…The symptoms always begins with voltage levels dropping; then system instability; followed by system not being able to boot at all. I open them up, discharge all the capacitors, and no surprise: Capacitor failure! (Either swelling up or slight leaks at the top. Every single one of them!)

Nowadays, I stick to Seasonic brand. They are more expensive in Australia, but its worth the price.
(I usually go with 80+ Gold spec ones if money isn’t an issue, and 80+ Bronze spec if on a budget.)

My cousin is an electrical engineer and he opened up two Seasonic units (breaks warranty!) to see what really makes them tick. Tech Deals guy is right, Seasonic does put in the effort to build quality units. From design, components, and function.

The difference between a cheap unit and a Seasonic one, is the voltage protection mechanisms and durability. (You’re paying for electrical protection of your expensive computer components and Japanese quality capacitors.)

…Cheap units generally don’t have adequate voltage protection or longevity. (They cheap out on capacitor quality and don’t properly design their PSUs). Its about minimising cost as much as possible. They either don’t last long or end up damaging your computer components.

JohnnyNismo says:

I ran an older model Seasonic M12 for 11 years before its output voltage started to drop. I can’t stress to you how high quality their PSUs are. I recommend this model for all my friends building on a budget. It won’t disappoint.

Dakota Bradford says:

I got a evga G1 650w fully modular 80+gold rated psu for $65 on sale brand new in the box from Amazon. Absolutely amazing psu.

Alvin Chan says:

Surprised that ram and gpu prices here are hella expensive but a lot cheaper than the US!

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