Seasonic Focus Plus Review – Quiet, Modular… Amazing?

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Strong, quiet, efficient… What’s not to love?? Seasonic’s Focus Plus lineup is dropping bombs in the midrange power supply market, without making a sound.

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Tech_Bloodbath says:

nice review i just picked up the little brother the focus gold 450 for 45 after a 10$ rebate on newegg basically the same quality psu with a 7 year warranty no silent mode and semi modular. i am excited about this psu first time i havent had a budget evga 450 or 500w white.

Nytalix says:

Is there a chance that you have a filipjno friend?

Pc ColdWar says:

great review nice that you take time to focus the cable dimension i really appreciate it for me the only problem in you review is that you don’t mention de dimension of fan blade since bigger fan make less noise and i’m not a fan of fan less mode since they heat component for no reason event if there capable passively but having the possibilityto swich is nice.Last but none the less don’t you overbuild a bit your psu for your rig lol i think a 650 gold would be enought but i think you may want it this way to get fanless whit dual polaris card ;)i run a nice 750m watt gold from thermatake toughpower serie which is the best one they do semi modular since having less connection point mean also better power delevry for same core component


Coil whine ?

theblishknovk says:

This is the best power supply review ive ever watched. And im going to buy this.

traffic cone man says:

gtx 1050 or gtx 750 ti?

Alessandro Yuichi says:

When you turn it off it makes a click sound (relay)?

KastroCreates says:

im thinking bout building a gaming pc and dont know if the parts are compatible?

ClanTeamKill3r says:

That packaging looks like something id get golf balls in, lol

Faye Kwatch says:

Basically one big informative ad.

Meltdown says:

i’m still pretty shared against focus plus and pirme for my x299 build

A Very Bad Meme says:

Good meme.

Area Games says:

Nice video

Marek Nowakowski says:

I got the 750FX, mostly because it’s cheap and with decent black cables.

Ben L. says:

Idk why you have such a small amount of subs. I thought you were some big YTer @ first

KarVin Pastel says:

I just wonder how this guy has only 9k subs.his content are worth more than that

Konkey Dong says:


Hentait says:

Hi. Vewy gud vid. U gud. Do gud

M1R1KIK says:

What will be the best substitute of RX 480 for Ryzen 3 1200??? Trying to make little red!!!

Søren says:

Quick question, i am planning on buying the 650w one. Will it have the exact same cables? The cables on this 850 model looks alot smaller with the heat shrink.

А. К. says:

It is not rediculares quiet, Seasonic fan make buzzing sound when load, the other one make sound only from air flow. I think this is bad quality fan if you look for silent PC.

Cy Sy says:

How does it compare to their X-series? Its also gold and fully modular.

Al L says:

Nice video, no hype just facts. Reason for the stiff cables is the capacitors inside. The newest version in the Prime Ultra series has done away with those. Hopefully, it filters down into other models.

Petrezen1982 says:

Good Job !

ciakman says:

Your videos are so good. How don’t you have more subscribers? You deserve better.

Lou Clifton says:

6:40 And now… the sound of nothing! 😀

Xcalium says:

first, sorry

NW says:

Great review, thanks.
These are great PSUs; they got high marks on johnnyguru as well.

Saul Oathman says:

You put exactly what I wnted to know about this PSU in mind. I was looking for a video with the sound levels matchd up…and have been looking at the Bequiet Pure Power 10 700W, as well as the EVGA G3 Series – this one is probably what I’ll be getting. Ty again.

ANX Raven says:

Great voice for introducing pc parts

Galactic Gaming says:

This is great

Miroslav Milan says:

So… no one is going to mention the rattling noise of the Focus+ fan? I find that completely unacceptable, especially for a “premium” PSU.

Zaeta ! says:

My brand new Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750 Gold have a clicking noise that turns to a grinding noise when under load, it’s rather loud. Gotta be a faulty fan yeah ? Had my PC on service because of it but they claimed they couldn’t replicate the noise so no fix was made.

nhguapo says:

Great review! Really top notch. Subscribed.

Brian Mejia says:

Is seasonic reputable?

Aleksej Andrejev says:

ordered one with 750w

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