Seasonic FOCUS Plus GOLD – 550 Watt 80+ Power Supply – Review

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550w — @Amazon @NewEgg —
650w — @Amazon — @NewEgg
750w — @Amazon —
850w — @Amazon @NewEgg

Seasonic’s Web Site with more details on this PSU —

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Boywunder Coma says:

should i get a SS ssr-500fx or Corsair rm550x? Pre-thanks for answer.

Agelos M says:

what is the point of 10 years warranty ? Only for sales marketing.

Armand B. says:

as long as you wearing this shirt – like from me

BigSchnitzel says:

The guy with the cleanest haircut in Texas in back

Praja Calin says:

Love your vids, bought one of these after watching this video, but I have an issue… There’s a humming pulsating sound coming from the PC since I installed it. Suggestions?

Nguyễn Hồng Hải says:

Hey Mr Deal, what is the differences between the Prime Gold G650 and the Focus Gold besides semi-modular vs full modular?

FzzLe says:

Love your videos. Nice job again! Best reviews on youtube so far when it comes to PC Hardware!

But is it possible to play a B-roll while you explain something? Like when you say “the cables are sleeved” then playing a short clip of the cables how you unbox them or something like that. Just a minor thing, but nevertheless nice vid!

Kevin Novak says:

Would this be enough for a 7700k 1080 Ti build?

Norse Lavenza says:

I just started to buy my parts to build my PC and i just got a corsair RMX 550 gold for 60$ on newegg. is that a good deal? was thinking about getting the 650 gold but tbh for 10bucks more and it will only be running a 1060 3gb card anyways so my brother said jsut stick with the 550 gold

otakuMCkid6969MRstealYOgirl says:

The 650w version of this or silverstone 650w strider gold?

heinmick2 says:

How long/tall is this 4×4 CPU PIN and the 24pin PWC ? ^-^

Adote Azhar says:

Love the review, solid job!

Aya C. says:

Wait… there was a giveaway for this PSU? Is it over? How do I enter? Thanks.

Dirt Diver says:

Like your haircut

WhyHatersEnvyMeGaming says:

Dude sometimes I really wish you would do a custom water cooling loop. Just because you are so good at details. Plus it would benefit others and you. Just because you are so detailed!!! I hate none in depth vids. That’s why I come to your channel!

C Saville says:

Dammit I just subscribed on my wife’s account to make sure of another subscriber. These videos are brilliant.

Mono Kendo says:

is this enough for a phenom ii x6 1090t?

Sotorious says:

if someone have the same psu please reply ,iwanna ask something

Yody The Whode says:

Anyone know if the 4790k stock will run flawless with this? Considering swapping out my evga 500 80plus.

Cadian9t says:

Please don’t stare at me. It makes me uncomfortable

Chris Henson says:

You’re just a class act. Thank you.

wizzie vfx says:

corsair’s rmx, and evga’s g3 series are overpriced… this is what people need

Steve Evans says:

The higher end Seasonic psu’s come with 10 to 12 year warranties, do you think a 650w will still be sufficient 10 years from now for a single gpu with a amd cpu?

Arief 42 says:

hy just wanna ask, can i run a ryzen1600 + rx580 and overclocked it with a 500w tier 1 psu?

[ Mr.G ] says:

Ill be getting the 650w version for $96 hope its a good deal.. nv video as always..

Mark Baily says:

I have a much older Seasonic SS-550HT which says it has +12V1@18A,+12V2@18A,+12V3@18A,+12V4@18A. Does anyone know if this will be enough to power a GPU with an 8-pin connector (that connector is rated at 150W) like the GTX1070? It comes with one PCI express 6+2 connector and another PCI express 6-pin connector.

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