Seasonic FOCUS+ Gold 850W Overview – The Best Power Supply of 2017!

This right here, is the best power supply on the market right now. Hands down. So, let’s find out why.

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Khaffit says:

I have never seen a PSU review before
I like what I see though, keep it up 😀

KENSG says:

Great video..thank you

ReformedTechEnthusiast says:

You would notice a difference if you’re monitoring voltages. My old CM GX2 psu had some delicious 12v and 5v ripple under med-heavy load, this little guy is keeping nice and steady. If you want some sweet clean electric goodness going to your hardware, this is definitely recommended. I actually eeked out 4.1ghz on my R5-1600 just from the switch of psu’s, couldn’t be more happy for 70 bucks with sale and rebate.

rosenscharf says:

Hey Oz,

I have recently put together my first gaming rig, used and extreme budget. I really enjoy your videos and they help me understand things a lot better. However, I am really new to this and cautious, so here are my specs and question:
MoBo: Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P
CPU: FX 6350
RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz
HDD: WD Velociraptor 600GB
+DVDRW drive
+120mm fan
+cpu fan (60mm???)
The current PSU that was bundled with MoBo, Case and CPU is a BeQuiet 430w. The GPUs I find on German craigslist are often GTX 760 OC, so with the 125W tdp of the FX, the current PSU won’t do, I guess. I have a noname (rasurbo dlp 65.1) 650W PSU that I bought about 4 years ago, but this only has one 6+2pin PCIe plug. After reading about molex to PCIe last night I am kinda scared to fry my system. The PSU says it has 20A on both 12V rails and I could hook both HDD and DVDRW up to the SATA daisy chain, so the GPU would be the only thing drawing from the adapted molex plugs. I still need to find out if both molex lines draw from the same rail, though. People generally advise to not use adapters, however, I see them included with GPUs and other people say that it can be done safely, if one knows what he is doing. As I am running on a really tight budget, I would prefer not to invest another 50€ into a third PSU.
Please help me!

P.S.: Could you recommend another GPU that draws less power? I do not intend to go above 1080p and I am really just a casual gamer, so apart from GTA V there will be few AAA titles I am going to play.
P.P.S.: The more information I gather, the more confusing it gets. I have contacted the previous owner of the PC. He ran an R9 270X in the system, which according to manufacturer draws >185W, so 15W more than the 170W of the GTX760 OC. The WD Velociraptor claims to use less power than a 3,5″ drive. CoolerMaster calculator says that my system+ GTX 760 OC would draw 432W under load. A friend of mine is an engineer. He says that the calculator gives me numbers for all components hypothetically running full load, which they never do. The guy selling the GPU says I will be fine.

Toni Ivanov says:

I’ve been rocking a S12 520W since may 2012! Apart from some coil-whine-like noise in the begging that just went away, I’ve had no problems with it and when I eventually change it, its definitely going to be for another Seasonic!

Lars Passic says:

Stoked to watch this! Just installed this PSU recently. Be advised that the Seasonic website recommends to use individual PCIe cords for video cards that draw a lot of power (more than 225w). I have two Vega 56 cards, and this PSU only comes with 3 PCIe cables, so I had to order a 4th cord.

Ak47 says:

more of u dancing please

Paul Frederick says:

I don’t care what computer I have, I put so much work into them that I do need a top quality PSU. So I use nothing but Seasonic. They’re not much more money than 2nd tier PSUs. They’re way better than most stuff out there though. Seasonic uses genuine Japanese capacitors. That alone makes them worth the premium price.

Michael Townley says:

I’m not sure what it is about your content but I love it, and you sir deserve a subscription.

The SMMDH says:

My NIGGA Makes The Best Video

JmirePhysX says:

I’ve never been so hype for a PSU!

Emperor Red says:

Nice review ! hope can you review some gaming headset specially that is good on fps

Alex Doughty says:

I will defenintly be buying one to get my RX 580 to run I only have a 200W hp origin PSU

Sebastien Legoute says:

This would be sick to win for my build. R5 1600 and r9 fury nitro with a 500Watt power supply but currently broke college kid.

Sean Moore says:

I need a power supply bad, please help me Ozzy

Aeon Mouse says:

Seasonic sent it out? So, this is a paid pump, or an infomercial, and not a review.

Raccoon says:

I will buy this to prepare for volta right now i have corsair vs650

La chaîne Hardware says:

10 Years warranty, why mine didn’t got this when she poped

JR says:

The 650w is a good value tbh. I saw it go on sale a lot during bf

Mario Angelo Florentino says:

wtf the 550w version of this is about $90 converted here in the Philippines. *sigh*

elevengiant says:

too many things to enter

Christopher Kiefer says:

Ozzie, I really enjoy your videos. Glad to hear you talk about power supplies. It’s a hugely overlooked topic on these tech YouTube channels. Let’s talk about Japanese capacitors! Actually just yesterday I bought a Seasonic Focus Gold! Mine is a 650W. I consider pretty much all other (non-Seasonic) power supplies highly suspect. I’ll never buy a Corsair PSU because I care about my other PC parts!

Peter Cruz says:

Dank video as always

Steve Calen says:

Got one of these during Black Friday for 69.99 after sale price and $20 rebate. Unfortunately the box arrived looking like it got pierced with a trowel through the Newegg box INTO the psu box. Sad face… At least with all the positive reviews, I won’t have buyer remorse once the RMA arrives.

hidde1626 says:

Nice vid! I love Seasonic!

Azims Lives says:

Really need this. My current psu so loud… :/

Sean Eredia says:

if i have 8 gtx 1060 that only requires 6pins, can I use the 12 excess pins and combine them together to power the last 2 gpus?

Ranggi Arohmansani says:

Always fan of Seasonic, unbeatable stability and reliability.

Mike Ike says:

Hope I win Oz! You’re the best on Youtube! I built my “ozbox” 1050, i52400 8gb ram for 200$ because of you now I have a monster.

franky says:

I’m probably going to snag this PSU. My thermaltake smart series 650w is getting old (5 years) and it’s running on a i7 8700k and a GTX 1080 lmao.

Zudo says:

My PSU is clicking and whining, definitely in the market for something new

Azad SIDDIK says:

as usual nice vid bro 🙂 what i like about your vids are that they are to the point and you got a very soothing voice !!!!!

MahBones says:

You’re a good dude Oz and you make me laugh.

Orangefoxx99 says:

I like the video style, it seems like you are being spoken to directly. Recently bought a seasonic focus+ 650w and it is super easy to install and a heck of a bargain.

PaulinOsakanow says:

My Seasonic Platinum began failing under load after only 10 months. Paid cash here in Japan at Joshin – couldnt find reciept – honestly never thought I would need it ever. Seasonic would not help me.

Shinji Ikari says:

You can usually get a small performance boost, and possibly better or more stable oc. From a totally shit psu like a b2 to something like this.

G GG says:

Nice and compact,neat stuff!

Explicit Tech says:

Can’t ever go wrong with seasonic.

CMstacker says:

*Seasonic is King!* I will never ever buy another brand PSU, ever again (except their own they also design and manufacture some units as an OEM for other brands so that is an option for me too)…. i`ve liked them for last 10 years and at last managed to get one of their products this spring in form of venerable, soon to be retired Platinum 660 XP2 PSU. I got it along with new Ryzen 1700 build. GPU I have is old and power hungry Radeon R9 390. My system pushes around 350W full load and PSU` fan doesnt even spin. It didn`t spin up once in last 10 months :D. According to JonnyGuru that PSU is so efficient fan doesnt even spin up until some 600W load which is 90% of rated capacity, not even in the “hotbox”. And even then it doesnt stay on but “pulses” on & off depending on temperature. And it can go up to 800-900W before safely shutting down. Overall voltage regulation is under 0.3% and 12V ripple is measly 25 mV. It`s a majestic product and new ones in Focus and Prime lines are somehow even better LOL. Unfortunately I dont think Seasonic gets all the praise it deserves. They are well known in enthusiast community but not so much in mainstream tech circles. So I guess coverage like this really helps to spread the word. Quality PSU is way more important than people realize :).

Dodger 1351 says:

850watts..?!! That could run whole shopping mall ..!!

Mike Ike says:

Absolutely the most professional and I always enjoy watching your videos. Really calm and straight to the point, I love it. Keep up the good work man!!

Fyzical says:

Notification Squad!!!! Wassup Oz. Sorry I’m 3 hours late. I’m good in PSU RN I just need a 8gb RAM. Keep up the good work

Street Guru says:

For sure should have shown it running in a system though, probably with prime 95 and Furmark running. Hooked up to a kill-a-watt compared to one of your lesser PSUs

Xx Tek tip xX says:

Gotta disagree with the title, the best psu is still the seasonic snow silent

Derek Morrison says:

Hey Oz man I currently have a power spec 80 plus gold… it works wonderfully for me and my light build rig. I was wondering though would using CableMods psu cables specific to certain psu not work with my PSU?

John Ashley says:

This was on sale on blackfriday for $70. Wish I would have picked it up, wasn’t sure of the quality

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