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sku: 11-147-193

The Rosewill R536-BK is full of features that make your new system perform with real muscle. This case comes with plenty of room for expansion, with three 5.25″ external, one 3.5″ external, and five 3.5″ internal drive bays. A 120mm fan delivers outstanding ventilation and exceptional system cooling, along with a mesh front bezel for better internal airflow. A 500W power supply is also included to provide stable and strong power for your components. Constructed of Hot Dipped Galvanized steel, the Rosewill R536-BK is charming, as well as sturdy.

Rosewill R536-BK Black Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with 500W Power Supply


– Credits –
Presenter: Joanne
Producer: Lam
Camera: Rachel
Post-Production: Anna

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SanManuel7 says:

This pc case is a piece of shit

Kabouter Pongel says:

The side mount is usually used for a air-duct for the CPU fan, like on the older Coolermaster cases (Centurion 5 and such). But I do think that that is pretty out-dated, because well, big CPU coolers have become much more standard.

SalandFindles says:

You’re sad. Joanne’s not there for you to gawk at. She’s presenting a product the best she can. You should try to fall in love with a person in real life, not from a YouTube video.


brendan stanton says:

why does she suck in air like an elephant every other fucking word. It’s annoying as hell

Explicit Tech says:

50 shades of Rosewill

AfroStorms says:

They only do these videos because Newegg owns Rosewill.

Romick Vieira says:


Shea G says:

Rosewill Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with 50 Cent

PhuckYewMaine says:

Whats the point of a reset button?

I dont even connect that shit

Andrew Hoult says:

I got the exact same model but mine doesn’t have the fan mount on the side, what should I do?

Glen Mcdonald says:


chronofusion says:


OhItsThat says:

Really? She sounds like an awkward 15 year old giving a oral report on a science project in witch she didn’t study for! Go watch TastyPC if you want to see and hear a smokin’ hot woman overview/review products, Tasty actually builds and uses computers so she can be trusted. What is this girls job at Newegg? She must work in shipping!!!

Thebamerx98 says:

BK=Bad Kids

Ryan H says:

Big block chevy? 😀

xXComputer_Nerd1625Xx says:

Isn’t rosewill newegg’s brand?

Argos says:

Dat picture…


forget the case. for get newegg …….is there price tag on this chick ? ….

Tainted says:

rather get Rosewill Challenger-U3 only 39.99 right now (pcpartpicker) & comes with 2 120mm fans & 1 140mm, also don’t trust PSU’s that come with case’s.

thtphoto says:

This person should do all of their demo vids… Very nice voice and presence… She made me want to buy this case.  🙂

Noctis says:

is shit, looks like shit,overall shit xD

Alexeon says:

I bet if I bought Joanne some new dust filters she would date me

Da- Digger says:

Very informative. Thanks

Jhoan Gutierrez says:

it looks like they are reviewing the big old cases in my office lol…. y bother?

Xeno Morph says:

Only 60+ aged people would be interested in this case lol

Jim Clements says:

Yes I enjoyed you.

Ardis. says:

there’s always somethin’ that needs Screwin’- joanne

Dennis says:

sup with the dislikes, y’all just bitches.

MrForbious says:

British Broadcasting Corporation 😉

Jame C says:

What an ugly p.o.s case, even if i were to buy this case, i would throw away the psu.

David says:

FUCK YOU JOANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OhItsThat says:

Make sure you get a Tetanus shot b4 installing anything inside the case!

Mikes Tek says:

80 mm side intake fan? really? The front and back fan grills are horrible too, way too much blockage for 120 mm fans

Nick Schafer says:

The case comes with what? 50 pancakes? That might be a deal. The case is cheap compared to cases that have better dust filters and better design for the same price! Don’t care if it comes with one fan and a 500W PSU that might as well kill your system because it’s just a re-badged product from Deer. Another reason why is that it only produces 372 watts for 12V. Which is far under the needs for a gaming system with a dedicated GPU. Avoid it like the plague!

traingp7 says:

Scott Mueller loves this case. He uses it for almost all his builds, models based on this exact style.

Romick Vieira says:

Came for Joanne, stayed for Joanne and will keep coming for Joanne.

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