Power supplies – How to make the right choice

There are several important factors to consider when it comes to selecting a power supply. Luckily, Linus is here to help you navigate through the PSU world, offering some useful tips on how to choose the perfect one for you!

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Randy Pyles says:


Y D says:

he just made at least $50K for this Corsair Ad..

BirdFusion says:

Corsair Tech Tips

Y’all CT says:

It’s linus Sebastian Tech Tips

hihellhi says:

Instructions unclear, my psu didn’t blow up.

Lando Parada says:

The right choice? Easy, if it says “Corsair” in the box, you know you’ve made a perfect choice.

Alex Forrester says:

Linus should give more advice on computers. Perhaps come up with something catchy like “Tips for tech”

Carl Wells says:

Nice overview although the single vs multi rail thing still confuses me.

Aditya Sharma says:

how to calculate required wattage for any pc build

Valentine Lin says:

Putting Linus in the thumbnail has become a viable clickgenerator

Keconsip says:

Low rpm is all ready low noise. Zero rpm is stupid. My rmx750 sold for 150$ after rma and buy 10$ for used 500w korean psu is less stupid. Still solid for hungry power x58 oc setup and 1060. Also tested with gtx 590.

Ludwig Harisuo says:

Funny enough when I built my pc 2 months ago, I ended up picking a corsair psu, cx750m, that thing was the cheapest psu for 750watt

iKingRPG says:

So should I replace my cheap bronze EVGA 450 watt??!

The Dankest Of The Memelords says:

Buy Corsair, the highest quality power supplys! -Corsair.

WickedRibbon says:

Genuinely curious how this video came to be.

Cande Tobias says:

So confused thought it was techquickie

Logan Toasy says:

hi linus

Peter Phillipps says:

Where can I buy that t-shirt?

Jeremy R says:

Smart move hiring linus tbh

Silviu Soare says:

Nice comercial!

Wesley Chalmers says:

Linus forgot the password to the LTT account

Tom Brown says:

This Linus person should make a talk show on YouTube every Friday about tech news.

Yurei says:


TechNotarius says:

Corsair Zero Fan Mode decrease life capacitors in PSU.

Nub Ogrodowy says:

How to make the right choice?
Dont buy Corsair.

iKingRPG says:

Me: Building a PC is easy
Mom: then why do you watch YouTube about computers all day long?
Me: So I can know more.
Mom: Do you know all you need to know to build a computer?
Me: Yes.
Mom: I thought you said you knew how… Why do you watch Linus JayzTwoCents and BitWit and Science Studio ALL DAY LONG??!?!!
Me: …

Josh Smyth says:

linus = corsair shill
typed on k70
while looking at 570x crystal with 6 sp120, and a h150i
listening through void pro

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