Pico PSU’s Explained

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what Pico PSU’s are and how to use them. So I made a video all about them featuring the Pico 160xt.

Pico 160xt: http://amzn.to/1KRNFbD

Full Write Up: http://tekeverything.com/what-is-a-pico-psu/

Pico PSU’s: http://www.mini-box.com/DC-DC
Power Bricks: http://www.mini-box.com/AC-DC-power-supplies

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Knives4Reason says:

I’m going to build an ultra small system, with a 3770 and a 1050, I’m not completely sure if i will go over 200w, can anyone tell me if and how many more watts ill need?

The Even Stevens says:

G4400, gt 1030, 1x 4gb ddr4, 120gb ssd, can this psu handle it?

MassZERO says:

how does this guy only have 7.9k subs? he deserves many more guys!

MoonSaiyan says:

Subbed. 2nd vid watched 😀 I like the format and mini PCs. Keep them coming 😀

Alejandro Mellado says:

Great video man, very well explained.

IronHeart004 says:

@tekEverything definitely im gonna use S4 case. but i guess i need at least 300w psu to power up everything. any recommendations ?

Paul Bourbon says:

The reason (I think from observation) that these can be so cool is because the Bridge rectification and regulation probably only occurs in the brick. I assume the Pico PSU is really just a plug adapter with some filter caps and a 5v regulator for SSDs and other peripherals

kuilla 2048XD says:

boku no pico psu.

Luke Port says:

I have a Picopsu 160 xt and I can’t get it to boot my mini itx motherboard. Nothing spins up and no lights will come on. I swap the PSU out for an ATX2.0 regular PSU and the machine comes right up. Any ideas why it would be doing this?

Dojo Games says:

The 12v in need How many Ampers? Thanks

Anon Mason says:

But my GPU uses 300 watts on it’s own…
Then what if I use SLI?
Looking to run DC for my solar powered desktop.

Converting AC to DC is what makes heat by the way. And it’s also what sucks the life out of battery banks.
If you are plugging that thing into AC power outlets then the brick must be what gets hot.

kgmlenno says:

boku no pico psu

dave4shmups says:

Great job explaining these PSUs!

Tayson Rios says:

Many thanks I’ve been looking for such a thing for a long time

ugibugiwigywigy bugi says:

where is the actual PSU come from ? it is come from PICO 160XT or come from the power brick ?
for example I need 300 watt power supply for my system build so which part
should I upgraded ? it’s the Power Brick only(with output 300 watt) or
PICO PSU with 300watt and Power Brick with output power 300 watt or

Kehinde O says:

how were you able to connect a graphics card to it? an you use multiple pico psus together? 1 for gpu and 1 for other components?

Dallon Ghan says:

Will a Pico work with an intel I7 7700k, 16GB ram. I am using my computer for music production and have an external soundcard a MOTU 828X

J Bolo says:

A technical nigga, WTF??? Next, you’re gonna tell me this brother swims and plays hockey

K2 Gamer says:

Can it run battlefield 4 all day?

Tom Brown says:

Could this power an i5 4690k and a GTX 1050Ti? My current rig is an i5 4690k, 8gb ram, and a GTX 970.I have a 500 watt PSU but I was thinking of getting a Pico PSU as an alternative to a high end SFX PSU which aren’t small enough for truly portable builds. Many thanks in advance!

Yannis Kyriakopoulos says:

Can this work with my i5-4460 and GTX 750?

Tyler James says:

man 100 for a psu setup in a budget build is killer though. Seems like all the cheaper ones are ebay models and idk how much i trust them

beabuls says:

Building computers for a decade. Still learning things all the time. Great videos.

Tero Kertoo Asioita says:

This cleared up much how to power up a strange Mini-ATX built I got from my friend… It’s been in use in car repair shop before She found me. 😉 It has Intel Atom as CPU + Intel Mini-ITX MoBo and Chipset. Thank you very much! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU one more time!! 🙂 I would kiss you in cheek if you weren’t boy, but now I’m getting creepy to myself too… x)

To the another point we go below! (With Yoda’s voice of course!) 😉

If I’m correct it want’s 12VDC PSU that can handle max 20A just to be sure. 16A is enough, but device only takes that much amps it needs so 20A should handle peeks. 16A sounds logical because computer need 5V and 12V and you have to do that on 12V PSU. That thing powers up with 4A PSU but it does nothing. Screen stays blank and ie. Caps Lock doesn’t light on keyboard. Devices like HDD, fan (I put a lil fan there to keep it cool), card reader and one of the weirdest front panels turn on with too low wattage or A PSU. I’m very sure that thing eats DC voltage. 🙂

Correct me on anything if I’m totally wrong on something. I can’t get info out of that PicoPSU what model it is. It was already difficult to find that MoBo’s specs and info! It’s pretty sure some low-wattage PicoPSU because it has Intel Atom on it’s beautiful Intel MoBo. 🙂

It’s the machine on the left. (Duh!) It’s not point to show that PSU. This was the only pic I found so far and I can take pic of that PSU separately laterz. 😀 || https://imgur.com/a/14yiX ||

That HP on right is in use all the time. It’s good guest machine and you can use it as emulator station, multimedia viewer on living room and so on… List is infinite! That little Atombox could do that too! 🙂 Too bad I don’t really know does it work, but it still power’s up somehow with PSU without enough juice! That’s a good sign! YATTA! (^-^)/

Thiago Vieira says:

How do you power that first build with a Nvidia Quadro? How many watts need?

DrFruikenstein says:

Subscribed. A lot of cool vids. Thanks.

I thought about using the Pico 160, but as my project will have a battery in it, plus a few power hungry components, I picked up the M4-ATX PSU for the Gigabyte F2A88XN-WIFI board (A10-7870 APU), and the DCDC-USB-200 Buck-Boost board to power the two 8.9″ displays that I salvaged from two dead Acer ZG5 netbooks.
My choice may be a little over the top, but I’ll never have to worry about voltage fluctuations damaging anything.
Also, as the planned case will be made of polycarbonate (Treated to reduce static buildup), and leather, I’ll need power for extra cooling. It’s planned to look like a small treasure chest when done, and hopefully weigh less than my 122 year old Kimball piano (Yes, my project is meant to be portable).

Kohai says:

that form factor is nice man

Seb says:

Nice video although technically the power brick is the actual psu and the pico psu distributes the power throughout the pc so it won’t get very hot, the power brick will however.

james says:

Thanks. I’ve been looking at these online, but it makes more sense now that I could see the different angles of it. Btw, nice room.

Andrius Kamarauskas says:

i think its more DC-DC boost converter rather than PSU but its to late to rename it:D

mohamed haiyum says:

can i use 12v 60watt power brick? my pc overall watts is 180,,is it ok?

J Wohl says:

pico will stay cool. your power brick is a different story.

Felicio Moreira says:

Thanks a lot.
And, what is the case at 2:08

Alejandro Guerrero says:

hello, i purchase this pico psu with192watt power adapter, I’m using Streacom F7C Alpha case and this power adapter have a 4 pin mini dim male do you know where I can buy a 4 pin mini dim to. 5.5×2.5mm adapter ?? it’s this possible? thanks in advance!!

ccricers says:

Anyone have experience with the Pico-box brand plugin boards? Like the z1 160w which is half the cost of the PicoPSU, but I’m sure for a reason. Are they less stable?

cand7e7ack says:

yo.. so a small chip sitting on that 24pin.. has this been stress test like running game 8-12 hrs? its like a school project. but seriously this is awesome stuff.

John Raafat says:

the actual psu is the power brick on the outside …

pec1739 says:

thanks for the vid i have been thinking to build a tiny computer for work and some simple game in passive cooling

Future Animation says:

dont buy picopsu

Alcino Acosta says:

only thing they need is to make them pretty.

Judah Luciano says:

is this pico psu will work on GTX 1080 mini?

Aleksandar Stefanovski says:

did it block the ram slot?

Tom Bell The Mad Scientist Marketer says:

Love your videos! I’m looking to build an ITX machine under 190 cu” with a 7700 and a 1080 (no overclocking) Ideally with the DC Power source inside. For the rig, would you say the HDPLEX 400w psu and 300W power supply works best, or 2 160s and a Meanwell 400w?

Tyler Brown says:

i literally just bought a mini itx psu and rhen i saw this…

Hail Storm says:

Your vids are so simple and well put together I love it, got a sub from me.
These are so cool and a great way to save space while still getting the require power for a small rig. I plan on using one of these in a future build, I have a question though:
You say this pico delivers 160 watts with peaks up to 200, does that mean I can run this on a build that requires 190 watts or should i use a different unit?

Kuntal Ghosh says:

Becareful the 12v line is not regulated and it conects directly to the 12v rail in the pc and if you use something higher than 12v it can kill all the components that needs 12v and so dont us it in your car because the voltage is not stable it go as down as 10v when cranking the car and as hih as 14.5v when the aultarnator is on… Use a buck boost converter and set it to 12v and it will be a very good far a pc in car and power your monitor with another boot converter if it needs 19v or higher ….. A nice buck and boost converter is ltc3780 which you can get for 10 to 20$ on ebay or AliExpress!!

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