Not all sleeved cables are created equal – My thoughts on each!

Check out the Fractal Design Define S2:

There are a ton of options for custom sleeved cables right now, so I figured I’d do a roundup discussing the differences between today’s most popular options and my experience with each.

Some of my favorite cable options:
Mainframe Customs:
CableMod Pro Series:

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Atlas4Gaming says:

uugh i really want them asia horse cables but shipping to my country cost 50$ 🙁

willy Bédard says:

Hey Kyle what about the Phanteks one we can find on Amazon?

yes1695 says:

So I have some “cheapos” in a $2700 gaming PC. Is this bad? I don’t want to hurt anything

TEAM911_The Real OG says:

I’ve bought from ensourced twice and both times the cables are too long on the wrong end of the bend, so when I bend them there is too much excess. If they were put in opposite pins it would have been perfect, but I’m not super impressed so far. I’ll buy one more time from ensourced, and if I’m not satisfied, time to try someone else.

Its Wobbly says:

I live the fucking fractal design advert

Mega Spud says:

Bitwit but the video gets faster each time he says cable

Brian Thomas says:

I’ve never used extension cables like these. At the risk of sounding a little silly. Do they just simply connect to existing ones that are coming out of you PSU?

mrexon says:

LOL he pulled a pin out when he bent the China cable

Tony Moua says:

What if Lyle….is Kyle?? Hmmm

Rosen Fotenliev says:

35$ for a cable, you can get another SSD for the price of few cables

Trent Young says:

I thought about cutsom cables in my new build but i couldnt really see a reason for myself. my case is a 2003 powermac g5. completely closed case. Ive basically had to make every piece of it custom. and extensions wouldnt help the already nonexistant cable management options. I have been using corsair modular cables and cutting them to length myself. might go full custom sleeved one day.

EDG says:

cablemod’s website is gone??
can anyone access it

undermodgaming says:

that pc got 2kids

Cathal Poon says:

Best ad placement ever

Juan Carlos Araujo S. says:

What do you think of Corsair cables?

Ankith B says:

I was planning to buy some Chinese cable from aliexpress because it’s cheaper than other in India

FeedMe says:

Make Cables Straight Again!

shawn zylla says:

i got a set of the pre-done cablemod cables for my home server system, to try them out, and i like them enough that i think im going to do a full custom cablemod set for my next main rig.

PjStarTV says:

Do you have any experience with LINKUP cables? They appear to be the same quality as the UPHERE ones, according to the pictures, but they come with silver cable combs (not sure on material) instead of all black ones so that might be appealing to some people.

Luke Mullins2520 says:

If you have a $500 budget PC you should put the $30 from the custom cables into a modular power supply with black cables

Robert Vantine says:

“I have neither the time nor crayons to explain it to you…”

Rachel Fox says:

If you’re in the UK I recommend shakmods, they’re higher quality than the Corsair ones I’ve purchased in the past. Very impressed with the quality.

Voldaren says:

Could anyone recommend a supplier in the UK for sleeved cables. I cant afford CableMod Pro series but it’s hard finding other people who make them

Tilted by Box says:

Cable mod has an option to make sleeved PSU cables for modular PSUs, isn’t that much better than extensions?

Michael Thomas Ireland says:

None of them have RGB so who cares.

Walter Hoffmann says:

at the 3:37 mark he says 300cm lol

zValerius says:

Thank god you made this video!

Edward Allen says:

My last system I built custom cables for the PSU with MDPC sleeving. It was a ton of work, and I suck at it. The cables looked good, but this time, I went with cablemod pro (mesh). The thing with those is that the sleeving doesn’t stretch like MDPC. Also, it is crimped into the connector.

Kevin Coates says:

or… you could make your own for a lot cheaper……. isn’t the whole point of building your own PC to not have to pay for the labor prices included in pre-builts?

Durahl says:

@08:10 Bruh… It didn’t even take a minute after you started holding the Chinese Brand Cable in your hands for the first Pin to pop out of the Connector -_-

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