NoFen – NoFan Review fresh out da box! Fanless computer case, power supply psu, and heatsink

We are about to build a custom computer using a NoFen/NoFan case, power supply, and heatsink!


Quentin Stephens says:

I used a Silverstone FT02 instead of the Nofan case and removed all the fans. The rotated motherboard means that the heatsink, PSU, and GPU aren’t all one above the other so vent their heat separately.

Alexander Keith says:

Could have used the fan less r7 250, or anything really that only has a heat sink… dissapointed in this even though it is epic

mbvalency says:

On topic: Check out Scythe Infinity or Ninja.
Same result with better compatibility. I am running an Athlon X2 with 2,5ghz in half passive mode (one system fan installed) with an Infinity 1st generation.

marcus mcc says:

A gas is a fluid:)

3techs says:

Sorry but we didn’t have time to on this build as it was already late because of the incorrect heatsink that was first shipped.
If we do another in the future we certainly will as we are interested in the results/differences between the 2 as well.

AnArabGaming says:

please tell me the name of that case
DO NOT tell me its custom though the case that is

gunnarMyTube says:

I´m using that older style cooler on a Core i7 machine that I built as a silent microphone  recording computer. These mics pick up ANY noise such as refrigerator, commuter buses, creaking floors and not least computer fans, mechanic hard drives and so on.
So this was a revelation. You come down to experiencing the noise inherent to your own body,,,,,I run OSX on a i386 type microATX motherboard.
The cooler occupies the slots of some of the expansion slots but I am happy with just the passive cooled graphics card as extension.  Best computer ever with triple displays.
The cooler wouldn´t cope with an i7 running all cores full throttle but that is a rare case so no issues. NOFEN / NOFAN is a top ranked supplier in my book.

Christian Schmidt says:

Are you guys seriously debating whether the cooler is filled with liquid *or* gass ???

4Leet says:

Did you guys do any comparison benchmarks for this setup vs a fan cooled PC? I’m interested in what that Fanless Heatsink is capable of.

Quentin Stephens says:

Heh. Youtube won’t let me link to my build thread on Hardforum.

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