New EVGA 850 Watt Titanium Power Supply, Computer Troubles!

Started having issues with the computer a few days ago, computer would not turn on and over the next couple of days, would randomly shut off. After testing the power supply, I suspect it might have been the power supply at fault and replaced it with a new EVGA 850 watt (same as the old one) Titanium Power Supply.

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thomas mcmullen says:

nice tower

jeff 2146 says:

what are the specs for this pc ?

Jeremy says:

I know that pc must be a little old but I just saw this video and one thing i noticed is that it really needs cleaned out if you or someone you know has an air compressor you need to take it and blow it out good bc dust is your pcs enemy it will cause issues to your pc if you don’t keep the screens and what not cleared it’ll cause ur fans to exert themselves harder to get air in to cool ur pc down. But other than that hope everything works and runs smoothly

thomas mcmullen says:

say randy you could come and get me i will make your tower looking like new also if you want send me the power supply sounds like it is one of the capacitors in it like it will charge then all of a sudden discharge if you do not want to you do no half to send me the power supply also to test it out jump the green wire with one of the black wires that will turn on your power supply

Cole Mcmillen says:

Do you know where the gold nuggets are on Hobbs farms I can only find 97

Nalis Solus says:

Looks like the old psu is full of dust…
I like your function over form approach.

Yusuf Itani says:

Any knows how much watt the power supply need to work?

TheRedGamerFPV says:

Nice cooler master case

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