My Year-Long Experience With a $15 Power Supply

Choosing a PSU is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to building a PC, and although it can be tempting to try and save money on everything, it may not be worth the risk. Today I’m discussing my experience using a $15 generic PSU to power a gaming PC for a year as well as talking about it’s abilities with a slightly more powerful system.

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HE-A-L says:

I’ve got a raidmax rx 400 xt is it okay to run an amd rx 460

exlibrisas says:

I want to ask. How to know if PSU has all connectors you need? Do you choose components and write down thier pin requirements and then see if your desired PSU has them? Or do you just get all you neef if you choose more expensive PSU?

Youssef DAK!NG CSGO & More says:

just a friendly comment , dont use the p90 everytime in csgo , coz its for silvers who cant aim , use an awp or a m4 or smth like that , make sure when u use them stand still then shoot with them , not like the p90 because its an smg that u can run n shoot with it

imawhale says:

TL;DR Safety is number 1 priority

Joshua Nicoll says:

I just got a refurbished Corsair VS450 for my aunt’s PC when the shitty OEM one died, and for £28 from, it is a pretty clean one. Plus it not being complete chinesium, I imagine it will out live the PC itself now,

Lucas Deruyck says:

i picked an antec vp550f psu up for 45 dollar not used and the price new is 80 dollar


i have a 750 watt psu 80\ bronze and its fucking loud

goof says:

is atx good?

VirtualWolfHD says:

what was the launch price of this psu? and can it supply enough power to play a really demanding game like fallout 4?

Evono says:

Thermal take Berlin and the thermal take line is the cheapest kind of PSU thats safe. Short out safeguards overload and temperature safe guards all in . with 3 years guarantee.

*Tomato_ _SOOOS* says:

I have 400W Seasonic PSU from 2012, i5-2500k, GTX 1050, 8gb DDR3 1333Mhz, and it run very good 🙂

G3 says:

these type of psu (450,550) are most commonly fake rated capacity, irl they can only handle max 350w 300 continuous

Zoltán Cser says:

I am running the i5 650 and 750 Ti with a 195W PSU. xD

dava4444 says:

Thanks for the vid. good advice! .. PSUs while not as sexy as cpus or gpus.. are the heart pumping electricity around your PC. besides.. if you buy a much more expensive one now, with decent rails, much higher wattage (800 to 1200w) it’ll last you for years and years and you wont have to buy another one

haz939 says:

I gone through so many cheap power supply’s. I remember the £28 one with the 8800GTS 640MB the most, ran burning hot! lasted for years. Never destroyed any hardware components with a cheap supply fortunately. it’s a little unnerving when you smell burning, next second a loud pop and a bright flash and all the power going off when it trips the RCD! Always buy a branded PSU and get one rated for your system!! But too much these days with hardware requiring less power.

Black Hearted says:

My parents don’t understand that. I always tell them my cheap PSU won’t be good in the long run and could kill my system but they say every other people uses these PSU so why are you arguing. This pisses me off. And I’m going to upgrade my GPU with a GTX1060 or a RX480, they still don’t want to buy me a new better PSU. To make things worse, my PSU doesn’t even have a 6+2 pin PCI-E power connector. And it is from an unknown brand.

Bretticus Gaming says:

i nearly learnt the hard way to not cheap out on your PSU i built my brother PC with a powercool 800w 80plus rated PSU and then it was never pushed anywhere near full load it was in a system with an AMD A10-7850K with no GPU yet so just using the intergrated graphics and it just one day wouldn’t turn on and then started to spark. So i took it out the PC and plugged it into a tester and the moment i turned on the power at the wall loads of sparks came out of the back and onto my arm and it caught fire but thankfully the PC is 100% ok.

Finn says:

can my 1050ti run off this

aman dubey says:

I thought u had an corsair vs 450 which had. 35 amp on +12 v rail.

LukaGames says:

i am using that now

Potato says:

bro i had 750 ti and got 1060 3gb just like rginhd

DylxnGz says:

so, what about a 1050 ti without pin connectyors?

imperiajor says:

Cheap PSU + apu A10 = awesome PC that works “perfect”

Oscar E Morales P says:

Looks like a PIXXO Jaguar, I used mine for like 5 years, it was also like $15 USD, used it with a i5 2400 + HD6770 then HD7850, so it was only pulling like 200watts max, still I would not recommend it for such long time.

SRAVAN S says:

I got a case with a PSU 450W with a couple of 80mm fans for 23 pounds!

Luciano Jamimbo says:

I have a thermaltake tr430w

MrAlienautopsy says:

I recommend Seasonic lower end psus..affordable but still decent quality

Trump says:

fucking idiot running a shit psu on a computer i hope you enjoy killing your components dumb fuck

EvolutionOfMe says:

plz tell me you are using a controller on csgo lol

Okay , Cunt says:

I’m about to buy a Corsair VS450, I plan to use on an amd a8 7600 apu, HDD,DVD,8gb 2133mhz ddr3. Is it good enough???

JustinXenyx says:

You can get Seasonics or Deltas pretty cheap in Germany.

meow luvaratory says:

Im still using 7year Corsair and its still OK

A random Guy says:

ohhhh, you touched my PSU

David Perry says:

A poor quality PSU will void the warranty on any components damaged by the PSU if it surges or ripples excessively.

Mon Mc says:

Far Cry primals visuals remind me of Skyrim especially with those stacked up stones. It has much better looking distant LOD’s than Skyrim though.

eufogia says:

i had a ‘700w’ psu from ebay that i was using with my amd a8 7650k and amd r7 265, playing beam ng on. About 30 mins in it was going fine then there was a small flash of ligh and a loud bang and my system went off, scared the life out of me to say the least


I’m running an GTX 1080 Ti with a 430w PSU ^^

Suchi N says:

I tried a budget (circa £38) 650w PSU as a replacement for a oem unit in an old rig of mine. No great power requirements with total being around 350w. Pc ran for 20 mins before making me s**t myself with a massive bang and a blue flash. Very lucky that I didn’t take out components. Moral: Just buy something decent. (CiT mentioned below are very good and supply some companies such as Corsair)

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