Modular vs Non Modular Power Supplies as Fast As Possible

I get this question a LOT – Modular power supply or regular power supply? Which is right? Well, now you can know in just a few minutes!

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DoodieSmoothie says:

Why are you so funny?

Big Baby Blue Eyes says:

Got any more of that contrast?


Is Corsair TX 750W PowerSupply is good for gaming IN 2017 HELP ?!!?????

Headhunter_FRANK says:


Eilert Schütte TV says:

why no pictures only adio

CaptainTurtle says:

Love the Zoolander reference

Srikanth G says:

You are awesome

Starfals says:

Is it me or he looks better in the old videos 😀 Damn you aging!

Hashim Aziz says:

I need whatever this guy is on.

Jaamz says:

why would you buy a full/semi modular psu for more when you can buy a cheaper non modular psu that does the same thing as the full/semi modular?

bleachie says:


Asurakun1 says:

it’s time for you to eat 383 bugs from different variations.

Morahman7vnNo2 says:

All Japanese Caps!?

Come on, Nichicon isn’t that reliable.

PorkFreeGaming says:

Linus, looks like you have to eat 351 bugs

IAmTheOne5 says:

356 bugs will die today

In Linus’s mouth

Adrian Voinea says:


Chris Van Alstine says:

eat bugs Linus!

Daniel E says:

lol sry

Andy Nash says:

Can we pick the bugs?

James Norpel says:

I don’t know why or where I learned this but his name is Linus. Someone help

sin says:

God damnit I should’ve watched this video before I bought my semi modular. I wanted to replace all the wires eventually smh rip i hate being a noob.. at least i got a gold certified one tho

Alex ware studios says:

Thanks at least I got that figured out

Poop Keren says:

will non modular power supply look good in a pc case with a side window

nigga faggot says:

fucking horny cunt

Walker Morales says:

I liked the video, but it would be entertaining to see Linus eat a bug…

SilverRain says:

I’m sorry but what is the benefit of all Japanese capacitors? Are they better made than presumably the Chinese or American ones?

Easton Ho says:

I would dislike so you would eat a bug, sorry not sorry

EnzoAuditore says:


Donovan Stockwell says:

1:43 – This is Not true. I have a pc that only has a 1x-P2 connector, 1x-6Pin connector, and 1x- 4 Pin Connector.
This is also very annoying because I cannot find a power supply that contains a P2 Connector, or any adapter for one. If you can, Please help.

Iron FiL says:

i love cooler master

Sameer Pashikanti says:

Stop at 0:37

azri nor says:

I just cut off unneeded wires n solder themback if needed

Budget Gamer kings says:

I want this techquikie as fast as possible

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

non modular psu is for goddamn lazy people

Clem says:


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