MasterWatt 450w 80+ Power Supply – Great Value

Great deal on a 450 watt power supply, awesome features and price!
Pre-Order 650 Watt Version @NewEgg —
Pre-Order 650 Watt Version @NewEgg —
I will update the links once the 450 watt version is launched next week.

Full Playlist of All Power Supply Reviews on YouTube —


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Bud Fox says:

great video thank you. i was debating between this and the 550w model incase I ever put a top-line graphics card in. I now realize its a debate between 450w and 750w.

Sconeikiin says:

Sweet. I think i’m gonna build a ryzen 5 1600x + gtx 1060(or maybe 1080) build with this power supply.

Zypre says:

So in my area I can either get a MasterWatt Lite 500W (80+ White) for $49
or the MasterWatt 600W (80+ Bronze) for $70
I’m not sure if there’s a real difference between MasterWatt Lite and simply MasterWatt, but I do know that I don’t need 600W.
Although maybe the Bronze vs. White would make up for the price gap? I could use some thoughts on what the best deal is..

Tripp Galaxy says:

really like the bottom line no B.S approach watching your videos made me start looking at components for what there are not what they are hyped up to be or that using 50% psu curve thats been claimed to have and also made me look at bronze aswell

great work 🙂

Muhammad Ichsan says:

3:15 that was smooth.

Frost Husky says:

Any update on when this will be released?

DrTrice says:

Omfg…. Awesome. I usualy bought the thermaltake smart se line up for Budget Systems but this is rly good and i guess in the next couple of days ill order one of this. Very nice. Best regards from germany

Tech Deals says:

*NOTE* – This isn’t actually for sale just yet, it should launch next week, Oct 25th
Pre-Order 650 Watt Version @NewEgg —
Pre-Order 750 Watt Version @NewEgg —
I will update the links once the 450 watt is live and open for ordering

*UPDATE* – I changed the title and thumbnail… listening to your feedback, I get the point on “best” being a very subjective term, and “best” relative to what… So fair enough… let me know what you think of this title…

HuntaKiller says:

a 8700k with 1080ti stock runs good even on this psu..superb value

sassuki says:

Excuse me, but you can’t recommand a 450W PSU with a 200W graphics card.
PSUs work best if you load them with 50% of their rated power at most, both in terms of noise, longevity, and power efficiency.
So with a 450W PSU, you don’t wanna put much more than 225W load on it.
So you don’t wanna put a graphics card that needs more than 1 single 6-pin power connector (150W TDP max) for use with your usual 65-95W CPUs.
With a 125W CPU (for example all 95W Ryzen CPUs; which actually pull 125W when Turbo is enabled), you’ll be thinking twice before putting a graphics card with more than 100W TDP. If you go with a 200W graphics card here, you’ll be needing at the very least a 600W PSU.
Also overclocking is an absolute no go with a 450W power supply if you have a 150W TDP GPU. For example, going from 4GHz to 4,2GHz on the AMD A12 pulls 50W more power, making it a 125W TDP CPU all of a sudden, where it is actually rated at 65. So it’s not just a “little” more power draw. It’s a huge bump for a mere 200MHz!

うちはいたち says:

Why does he look like Melissa Mccarthy…….

Phenomenal says:

Is this psu enough for i5 8600k(overclocked) and gtx 1060 also overclocked…??

alex1986lunatic says:

The CX series actually come with a 5 year warranty as well. I got one a month ago.

Emad E says:

Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 230V (ErP 2013) 500W PSU
which one is the best

Morgan Way says:

How about CM MWE Lite Series ? the difference is their efficiency ?

maritrunks says:

Great review as always

Alexis Garon-Michaud says:

looks good!

sha106b says:

I got an idea: Do a SLEEPER PC build.

Toto Geenen says:

I’m buying the masterwatt 550. It has really low ripple and the 12v rail stays at nearly perfect 12v all the time (going from 12.01 to 11.97).
This is great for overclocking wich I love.
The 5 year warranty is a great addition as well.
Don’t really care about the low noise because my pc is a jet engine anyways.

GT says:

Why can’t I find this psu anywhere? Is it discontinued?

Gul Dukat says:

Hmm. I think the hate is Coolermaster related. Maybe it’s H500 aftertaste. xD Love how you pulled out that 750w btw.

JPMEX says:

whats teh cheapest 1900x build? whats the minimum PSU i can get?

A man of culture says:

Will my GTX 980 work fine with this power supply?

R O H says:

I have Coolermaster MWE 450.

Aadit Shirke says:

Hello. I’m running an i3 8100 with 8gb ddr4 ram and I’m planning to buy a gtx 1060 6gb. But the psu I’m using is a corsair vs450 and i heard many comments saying that this isn’t a good psu and can harm your components. Is it really that risky?

Dr.Zanos says:

Is the cooler master mwe 450 80+ white non modular version good though ?

Brax Atikus says:

sweet! you did cover the new psu. & kudos on the slick move when you revealed the 750

Cycie says:

Will this be enough/overkill for a 1060 using an eGPU dock that uses mini PCIe for laptops? Which reminds me, you should do eGPU videos, it will be really interesting what your thoughts are on it!

GurtTarctor says:

What about this compared to the EVGA 450W B3?…

franzb69 says:

coolermaster must be targetting the same power supplies that FSP is trying to target.

Plenus says:

Just bought the 650W model! Got a good deal here in Brazil, thanks once again =]

Keith Goh says:

That is a very nice PSU.

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