Low-cost ATX Power Supply Fail – Crash Test

We reviewed 14 low-cost – less than 30€ – Power supply in our labs. Only 2 out of 14 successfully delivered their rated power. All others failed when loaded at 30-75%. Let out the Magic Smoke !

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Chakshu Sharma says:

garbage methodology

Life Hiếu says:


Neisor says:

That is why you put money To supply.

Tolga Kuyubasi says:

Thermaltake Berlin 630w

*The best power supply!*

BYUNG JAE Lee says:

cooler master ??????!!!!!?????

king mabasa says:

All of atx psu are just generic psu?

David Perry says:

Will a cheap PSU void the warranty on a quality motherboard like an ASUS or Gigabyte.

Silver line99 says:

350w out of a 400w rated PSU is OK tho, its not 80+…

AngryZombie808 says:

0:55 SmartTeck should really change their company from making PSU into a fireworks/explosive production company because they are really good at it! CIT is also good at it too.

Mahone says:

lol LC power 😀 I went through 3 of these(550w rated ones) back in the mid 00s. Powered up my Athlon 64 3000+,K8NF9 mobo, 2GB of rams, GF 6600 GT and 250GB HDD,. Had my PC on 24/7 and each one lasted me for about 3-4 years. They would ussually go byebye when the electricity went out.

gienny lee says:

I can’t believe cooler master elite is on the list too

H.M.S. WHALE says:

it it peak rate or continuous? also these companies should just go out of business coz this can cause serious house fires


my psu exploded while watching

VstaarProduction 15 says:

They should’ve labeled them as 300 watts or so not “500” Watts.


i call bs i run lots of items off these from random pc,s coolers rc car /drone charging systems
iv shorted out the output run 12v 100amp pumps off them thay never pop just cut out or stop working from consent abuse useing some shitty 250w 1 for my ebike charger as i type this fan dosnt work im pulling 300w from it pulling voltage down to 10.3v not dead yet lol what i can tell ur doing is putting a higher that rated voltage threw all these not saying it use in a gaming pc as voltage drop will cause issues but iv never seen 1 die as all these did unless its besttech

CCW says:

Atx sucks ?

Jamessuperfun says:

Just wondering – My PSU isn’t shitty, but I’m just getting into mining. Is an EVGA 850w Gold enough for a HD 7950 + R9 390X, and in time, enough to swap the 7950 with an RX Vega?

Lasko Tii says:

Can you try this on good psus

Jonathan Harris says:

The cheap power supply’s the fans go out right away and they burn up. If you replace the fan with a good one as soon as you get it it will keep working.

Mom Dalila says:

Why it blows ?

GM Enzo says:

I decided to try furmark with my shit PSU and it blew far worse than these, damn I was stupid and lucky at the same time it didn’t catch fire or destroy my entire PC. It scared the shit out of me tbh the “fireworks” in this video look like little farts in comparison!

Master Piece says:

I know the heartache!

Janez Novak says:

LOL what a shit

Xonfrics says:

>When you’re actually using one of the PSU on the Video.

ChiTuSai says:

Are Seasonic fanless power supply good and reliable?

Shadez427 says:

Why they exploded? They arent overliaded…

Lemme Think says:

I have an i5 2400 with 3.1 ghz, 500 gb hard drive. Well in all my psu is 265 watts. I added a gt 610 and it worked perfectly. The recommended wattage is 300 so I bought a cheap 310 watt psu. Would I be able to run it without any troubles??? Please help. Contact me on skype truechip122

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