Linus Tech Quickie: The Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply

AX1500i defines the state of the art for enthusiast-grade PC power supplies. It provides 1500 Watts of continuous, digitally-controlled power — even on 115V 15 Amp circuits — and 80 PLUS Titanium certification with an incredible 94% efficiency rating.


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Dylan Ramirez says:


Mads Christensen says:

Would it be worth it to simply purchase this for the sheer electricity savings? Over a Platinum I mean.

The Goalie says:

I really don’t see a standart machine needing this. But Corsair is my favorite company… so i guess if you want a 1500 beast this is the way to go…

Metallus Müller says:

Put likt /probs to Linus is Description!

Much Glenn Very Wow says:

thinking about the electricity bill now

Gillian Vanroy says:

You gotta love linus

SquareKite says:

Why is Linus always so excited about the fan not spinning up until it’s at 40% load? In like three videos I’ve seen him do on this PSU, he’s mentioned it like 8 times. If you have a 1500 watt PSU, youre idle usage is probably > 400 watts either way 

Dylan Ramirez says:

It’s out of stock damn miners

JoeBoi says:

linus is here as well?

Moby Su says:

Are digital power supplies more efficient throughout their operating load range? Can you do a video explaining the advantage of digital vs analog power supplies?

Bug Bear says:

Hey Corsair i have been waiting for 3 months now for you to get in the k95 i got mian for Christmas 2013 G keys started dying on me before the RMA day was 6/30/2014 all i get from you is call back in 15 days so i did then i was told me call back at 7/30/2014 i was on 30th to to send mine in to get my money back.some Warranty

Paul Nolan says:

Yes Linus!

Michael Lolwut says:

does this come with the nuclear reactor to power it or is that sold separately

Aero says:


MattressCactus says:


Marcs TechBlogg says:

No probs for Linus in the discription?

ULTIMAD3 says:

Ohh linus

Garth Clark says:

Case badges?? In the past year…none of the many Corsair power supplies I have purchased come with them any longer. Are they still provided?

Dbzlotrfan M says:

1.5 Kilowatts is insane . . . .

Hamish says:

this guy is pretty yummy looking tbh

Joe B. says:

Tell me how many months before IT DIES !!!!!!

OGSebzter says:

Go Linus!

clarkkent999 says:

The moment when you realize that you’re on Corsair channel instead of LinusTechTips or Techquickie. 

Alpha says:

linus knows best 🙂  

MAsterTroll says:

I wish I had this instead of two 1200i lol

GalaxyTraveler says:

Linus does the best videos

Mike Baker says:

I cam here for a review from the guys at Corsair and I have to see Linus do yet ANOTHER review on the same PSU.

Andy J says:

I want one even though I don’t need one.
Linus is right.

Marc Senecal says:

My PC does not need this 1500 watt PSU but Linus made me want it… Is that bad Corsair?  Great endorsement LinusTechTips!  I was not paid in any way, shape or form for this comment…  🙂

HawkEyesMihawk1 says:

with which program you can see how much power supply your psu use from the system?help plz and ty 🙂

Marcs TechBlogg says:

Linus is best! Let him do more vids for u guys

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