It Seems I pushed a Budget Power Supply a Little Too Far…

The Corsair VS 450 PSU has served me well the last few months, but today it decided to give up.

Thanks for watching 🙂


Jason White says:

Man I had 290x and an overclocked FX 8350 powered by a LC6600 v2.2 PSU I paid 30€, still going strong with a new build after 4 years. (I called it, didn’t I?)

William Pimentel-Tonche says:

5:20 You are my type of guy.

Albert bob says:

shit i just bought the 550watt version of that

Yeah Right says:

can it run crysis is already an old mem anyway.. will crysis destroy it should be the next question

Yuvraj Mann says:

Thx man, this really helped, i ordered the same psu and it stopped working the first
Day. I asked for replacement but i might get refund after watching this

Saumitr Upadhyay says:

bro a fx with a 660ti on a 450 watt psu is surely gonna blow up…..wattage required is like 421 watts …….any 450 watt psu wouldn’t be enough, u should’ve gone for atleast a vs550 n it can work for atleast an year……..the quality isn’t that bad bro…..the capacitors surely degrade over time on that one,
but not that fast

SampleText says:

thats psu is 80+ rated and u bashed it the entire video for not being while it is

That Dude There says:

are you from the upper west side of manchester?

Claudio Rodrigues says:

R.I.P. Corsair

TechnoLadz Vlogs, Tech, Minecraft and More says:

You could say it was an emergency Crysis

R Lucifer says:

i saw this video 11 months ago, and i still bought a 550w version –‘

Rithik Kumar says:

I had a VS450 too. It failed only a year after I bought it. My PC was only using about 300W at max (Power supply calculator). Turns out the VS series is the shittiest series from Corsair. I bought a Cirle 80+ PSU and it is working finer than ever! I don’t know if Circle is an international company or an India only thing because I’ve never seen any videos on it that are not made by Indians lol

FBI says:

damn i just ordered a corsair vs 450w white alongside a gtx 1050 ti and a ryzen 3 1200 for gaming…so do you think that it will explode?
(also what about overclocking?)

julian fieber says:

I bought my Parts used and withy my 2011 plattform i got a 850W 80+ Gold 160€ PSU which is overkill af but at least its not gonna explode.

ayanforever says:

Can anyone tell me if using a 10A power cable would be safe with this smps,if used with a 1050ti 4gb and G4560 ?
The 13A power cable that came with it didn’t fit with sockets here..

yu zhou says:

Corsair vs series is garbage, I use to think just pick a good brand with enough power output, and you are good to go, but no, low end power supply may contain low quality components that may cause trouble or evem blowup when your system is under heavy load, you might be lucky it never happen, but I dont want to risk the entire build for just saving some bucks, buy a high quality power supply, it is very important

Poviku-PPcans says:

I guess crysis made you cry sis. Ok I’m bad at jokes

RED iculous says:

i think “crysis” should have a better title like “Crysis The killer Of Computers”

Dabombinable Mi says:

My VS650-causes BSOD if put under a load higher than 150W.

ElkkuGamer 360 says:

Ok im never going to play crysis on my pc.

Smugleaf says:

My PSU can’t run Crysis.

I’m Gay and suck dick says:

Doesn’t Corsair turn off right away when something bad happens? That’s why the other components didn’t burn out. So like me I thought the insignia psu was good for my system but instead of the insignia psu popping the motherboard popped, so I went with a Corsair cx650m and it’s working okay.

NoBoDY Edbert says:

VS = Very Sh*t :/

H1kari Senpai says:

Vs450 has 80+ certification and good user review :/

Spesifik Brush says:

I bought the same power supply, and now I’m seeing this ;w; I didn’t get a GPU though, and my CPU is a G5400.

I hope it won’t blow up

Rebelouš says:

I have got it. No problems, yet.
Edit: I got newest version 😀

Saptadeep Nath says:

Crysis probably killes my motherboard

Cydraech says:

Far Cry 3 killed the PSU of my brother once. He was hunting sharks and suddenly the sharks won 😛

some kid says:

Hello everyone and welcome to another video.

AnotherTerrible ContentCreator says:

pong was too intensive I see?

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