HP 8200 Elite Tower Computer – Power Supply Mod and Upgrade

Modifying a standard ATX power supply to work on an HP 8200 Elite Tower Computer that uses a non-standard power supply. This will allow us to add a Video card and other standard hardware to this otherwise non-standard computer.


Motorsiklo says:

sir can you suggest what motherboards are compatible to my HP 8200 Elite

First Last says:

Connect Pin 2 of the 6 pin P2 connector to the “tac signal” of the Chassis fan to solve the fan error. This was the gray wire on my HP 8200 Elite CMT chassis fan.
Buy this adapter: AYA 12-Inch ATX Main 24-Pin to 6-Pin PCI-E PSU Power Adapter Cable 18AWG HP Z220
After you get the adapter:
For Pin # reference the green wire ‘PS On” wire on original P2 connector is Pin 3.
Move the green wire to Pin 3 on the new P2 connector.
The empty reserved slots on the original P2 connector are pins 5 + 6. No wire needs to be connected to pins 5 + 6.
Leave Pin 1 “FAN CMD” empty as the Black and Red wires on the new P2 connector go to ground pins 17 + 18 on the 24 pin ATX connector.
The Yellow wire Power Good wire goes to PIN 4.
Cut the Red wire close to the 24 pin AXT connector.
Connect cut end of the red wire to the TAC signal gray wire of the Chassis Fan. The other end of the red wire goes in slot 2 of the new P2 connector.
Pin 1 slot leave empty
Pin2 slot red (connect the other end to chassis fan tac wire, my wire was gray)
Pin3 slot green Power on (pin 16 on 24 pin ATX connector)
Pin4 slot Yellow (Power Good pin 8 on 24 pin ATX connector)
Pin 5 slot leave empty
Pin6 slot leave empty
The Black wire is grounded at the 24 pin ATX connector so it wire does not need to be connected to the new P2 connector.

Matiboy Visual Stories says:

sir can i ask a favor about the diagram you showed where can i get it to be printed so that i can follow instruction from it, and what exactly the name of booster you put in it?

Brandon C says:

Excellent video Tony. I worked as a computer technician for many years and have ran across a few of these HP computers. They always seemed have some kind of funky design that isn’t standard to the industry. Didn’t really see that issue too much with Dell computers when I compared to HP. I guess HP just wanted a proprietary design so the end user couldn’t replace things as easily. Another way for the company to make money I suppose.

Brian Richmond says:

It would be helpful to supply the website address of where you got the pinout drawing and where you got the 5v to 12v converter. https://psg.i.lithium.com/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/132341i356E46D82CDB54AF?v=1.0

Glenn Watkins says:

There is or was an adapter cable already made for this conversion. Here’s a YouTube video showing the cable and they provided a link (expired) for the cable from an eBay seller. I don’t know if you can still buy these adapter cables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VCslFs6lW0

George Myers says:

Many years ago I wanted to add a satellite dish to my 12 line BBS. Wanted to get news groups. Picked up a HP to network to the
PC I was running the BBS software on so I could off load the the news groups processing

Found the board would not work in an HP. That was the last Box PC I ever bought. Since then I have always built my PC’s. That way you get what you want, most times cheaper with better specs than any box pc on the shelves for what you spend.

xBane_ says:

Jesus, my 6300 Elite has a 320w, and it’s SMALLER

Static Bits says:

They’re not modern. Back in the 90’s these were called ‘desktops… in 2017 they’re desktops turned up on their end and called “new’… wow.. I won’t buy one because of the lies.

legendario 30 says:

and if I add + 5vsb to + 3.3vdc and + 3.3vdc, does it work the same?
and would it be vsb or vdc?

Radion Kyryliak says:

This is an another standard which is ATX12V (used mostly in servers).
As alternate solution server PSU can be connected without 12VSB-booster (for example HSTNS-PL18). If you do not need COM, LPT, PCI then -12V is not necessary.

Lambert Klein says:

Thanks for this informative video.
For the standby voltage couldn’t you just eliminate that voltage booster by tying into a 12v lead on the new power supply? Looks like it has plenty of output.

Bryan Gibson says:

To be fair, aren’t a lot of these HP (6000/8000/etc) line of computers inherited from Compaq? An obvious reason why that POS company is out of business? Maybe I’m wrong. Anywho, thanks for this video as my son has this model of computer and I’m attempting a graphics card upgrade as well.

Matiboy Visual Stories says:

what is the exact voltage of the booster sir..

Daki MC98 says:

WTF is the atx power

ShinxD says:

hi where you buy mini mainboard?

Robert Langford says:

I cannot understand why anyone would ever buy an HP PC. They’ve always been non standard. Even the connectors for the front panel are not standard. Every single one of these that ever crossed my bench was scrapped.

fartamplifer says:

I’ve heard some people say that there will be a problem with the fan sensor forcing you to press F1 on every boot. Did this happen to you?

Leland Clayton says:

I thought Dell was bad with their power supplies. HP really screwed things up with that.

Granted you could still fill up the expansion slots with assorts of cards before hitting near the 240watt range but HP should of known. that people attend to toss in mid to high end video cards for gaming.

Azer Ajeti says:

post us those printed diagrams if youre kind enough! video helped a lot i was sturggling today when i realized ive bought new gpu and psu for ALMOST nothing.

Akoryma says:

sorry bro i don’t understand all because i’m french but do you have change your box?

G SGK says:

Has it started with no issues, or you had to reconfigure something in BIOS, or system?

Skiddy Barrel says:

What’s the specific case? I have a hp 8200 but it looks different

Glenn Watkins says:

Use this cable / adapter and re-pin one of the plugs: http://www.ebay.com/itm/152350662741

Josh Manis says:

This was an easy project versus some of your more extravagant projects, but a very interesting project! I very much appreciate your work!

caiden farrington says:

Or you can buy the adapter on Amazon for $7

David Diep says:

I like the death disclaimer at the start. Very dramatic!

eddy haze says:

What? did not think it was that complicated I have a hp 8300 mt kind of the same as 8200 and everybody is going with just the 24 pin to 6 pin adapter .. you just have to re pin the wires on the adapter to get it to work …

green122s says:

Hi Tony

Discovered your channel a few days ago and have watched several of your videos. Great work and fun too!

Do you have a link for the 5v converter board?

Thanks very much. Gary

cosito moxxo says:

que tipo de elevador de voltaje uso para convertir 5 volt a 12 volt

Mr. Brother says:

thanks a lot sir… you just did the great job.. now don’t have to buy new pc… thumbs up. (y)

abdessamad haloua says:

you update bios or not ?

Muratti Geze says:

Thank you very much!! My PSU JUST GET BAM on my Elite 8000. The new one cost around 180 euros. This video save my life and save money. Every step explained. Happy New Year!!!

muhammad ovais khan says:

Hi there i have HP 8200 and i want install GTX1050TI, do you think it is possible to install such graphic card in HP 8200 and what about its power supply and graphic card space in compact board

Tyler Miller says:

The psu is fine, just can’t put a power glutton inside.. gt 1030s, gtx 1050 and the 1050 ti are perfect for this machine, just plug and play and gg. Can grab one of these for under $150 with the i7 2600, just a little ram upgrade and a $80 1030 , perfect for light gaming.

Jose Ahumada says:

I used this for the HP 800 g1 TWR, and hp elite 8300 cmt. I got my adapter on Amazon. It had the black red yellow and green wires. I put the black wire in pin 6. Red in 5. Yellow in 4. Green in three. I kept getting the four beep error. After about three hours and nearly destroying the machine with a hammer I realized I forgot to plug in the cpu power cable from the new psu to the motherboard!!! I’m glad it worked out and for any one reading this in future these two models work with the pin arrangement I just listed but don’t forget the cpu power!

Justin Pearson says:

They have been industry workhorse machines for years…. Power supply was perfect for it’s purpose…..just not yours. You could put a gtb1030 in it and avoid everything you are doing. The 8300 Elite was a better unit. You can buy em for around 100 bucks with free shipping. Add a got 1030, SSD, and more ram, and they play most any game

Rubus Roo says:

sickening crippling their machines like that. why even bother with pci-e slots if the design prohibits expansion? even dell uses relatively standard components to allow common upgrades

endy mks says:

why need DCstepdown at purple wire, what voltage need in wire purple HP mainboard

steve c says:

I had the same problem with a Dell Optiplex 3020. The P/S only puts out 12 volts so to put in a video card I had to upgrade the P/S and get an adapter from Ebay to make it work.

Abdullah Baig says:

What kind of motherboard this pc has? I mean in size , form factor ? And what custom case i can use for it ?

vince j says:

nice video- if you could replace hdd to ssd , I think your pc will run amazing, especially ssd now is so cheap.

klcbsoft says:

Ha, HP/Compaq-PCs! Everything around their boxes is a tad off from any standard 🙂 Starting with the case itself, non-standard dimensions, odd drillings, the torque screws and specialized HP-mounting brackets and what have you. Still, having been inside many HPs, I have never seen such a joke of PS like this 240W thingie you fished out there. Must be their Desktop/consumer-line. Usually I see old server- and workstation-HPs/Compaqs and while everything is still off any standard, they at least put fine PSs in there. Nippon-Chemi Con caps, fat heatsinks, filters everywhere … in short: textbook SMPS designs. Good conversion there, and! I gotta have such a neat little voltage tester. Thanks for sharing!

Rei Atzhu says:

can you make a tutorial how to splice and connect wire video?

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