How to Pick the Correct Wattage Power Supply

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Balanced PC Build:
Ryzen 5 1600:
Cooler Master Hyper T4:
MSI B350M Gaming Pro:
G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB DDR4:
WD Blue 1TB HDD:
Gigabyte GTX 1070 8GB:
Fractal Design Define Mini C:
BeQuiet Pure Power 10 600W PSU:


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Aniket Sakpal says:

Always quality videos coming from your side brother cheers! You the best 🙂

SLAV says:

Ill get a 1200w just to be safe

nika kukhalashvili says:

which power supple is good for GTX 960 2gb plz tell me

FrostTrapQueen says:

Im making a build with a 1070ti and an 1800x, is 750 watts enough? Or should i use 1000 watts

George Beckford says:

thanks for all of those info it is really helpful ………ok i have an asrock ddr3 mb dual core pentium 2.50 per channel + a msi geforce gt 710 ddr3 1gb graphics card and 3 seperate hard disk what power supply would u recommend to use what wattage ?

James french says:

600 watts is overkill for most peoples computers. Really. Even with a moderate overclock, i7 and a 1070.

Jesus Jarito says:

Thanks man for this video. I am wondering if my EVGA 650 watts 80+ gold rating is enough to run a 2nd GTX gaming x 1060 in SLI. My existing component are:

I5 7600k
MSI GTX 1060 gaming x
18GB dual channel gskill trident z rgb
2 HDD (4tb and 1tb)

Thanks bro

Yiğit Doğan says:

Expectation: ROOOAAR!
Reality: MEOW!



Darkwarrior Temper says:

So the higher the watt the better?

Leo Lost says:

Hi! A future build with an i7-9700k + ASUS Hero XI and a 1070ti, using an AiO Corsair H100i v2 + 2 SSD’s + 2 x 8gb DDR4 Kingston memory + 3 x Thermaltake Riing 120mm White led fans + ASUS Cerberus Keyboard and Mouse, using a XFX XTR 650w 80 Gold PSU; will it be enough? Thanks!

Guilherme Andrade says:

I bought a GTX 1070 EVGA and i5 8400 with a 550w Corsair PSU, is that enough or I just screw it up?

Randy Espoda says:

There is more to reality than just 600W.

12Kirby26 says:

How much Watt do you recommend for Ryzen 7 1700 + gtx 1060 ?

Christopher Aguilar says:

how much wold i need if i have:
i7 7700
Nvidia 1060
16 gbram

majid shahani says:

so you could have used dmc 3’s final mission cut-scene of vergil saying I need more power. but nooooooo.

matisse klein says:

in my pc is a Corsair RM1000i

PC specs:GigaByte Aorus Z370 Gaming 7.

GigaByte Aorus Geforce GTX 1080 Extreme edition (8GB).

Intel Core i5 8600K Stock Clock speed (3.6) maybe I will overclock in the future.

NZXT Hue+ led strips with two AER RGB 140 mm fans.

NZXT Kraken X62 AIO Liquid Cooler.

3 HDD’s
1 SSD M.2
16 GB Intel Optane.

3 120 mm Fans
1 140 mm fan.

2 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Ram modules 3200 mhz. I will add 2 more modules in the future.

NZXT H440 Case (black/orange)

Pls let me know if I also can add a second graphics card in SLI otherwise I will replace the PSU first Thnx!

Markinpuff says:

Exactly right, a very reasonable explanation on a subject that always seems to draws way to much anecdotal hyperbole. (No pun intended). When switching power supplies became the norm, the math changed a bit, as voltage stabilization became more critical with that design. I often hear stories about how PSU failures bring down individual components or entire systems. I have never experienced that on any power supply failures I’ve had.. I’m wondering what point of failure would do that? Over voltage maybe ? It’s a wonder then why PSU’s and/or motherboards don’t include fused/circuit protection like most high wattage power supply’s or even power conditioners found in audio/video applications like home theater. Sometimes you find these safeguards on UPS’s or power-strips, but that doesn’t always help with PSU failure further down the chain or would it?

Milan Zeeman says:

What for objects in your pc gives WATT

hazem faze says:

is it good to have 750W ?

Plenus says:

Just install a nuclear power plant and ur all set.

Arthur 94 says:

Is 450w enough for a ryzen 5 1600 (for overclocking) and a gtx 1060 3 or 6 gb?

t h e b o o n k e r says:

My psu is 102,000 watts. Is that good for a PC from 2003?

Darrick says:

A system I’m building which includes an 8700k with a 1080ti comes to 489w on system builder. Would an 850w gold psu be viable?

Intelligenkeit says:

i was on their page, i searched for the power consumption tests and i didnt find it…

Jadon Harper says:

Greg you forget the power of Solar Panel technology. My Electric bill is $3 a month.

미띤새끼 says:

I got a i7 8700 and gtx 1080 and got estimate load watt of 386watts and was recommended 436watts, will a 500w do fine?

MemeMan says:

If you have overkill is it bad?

William Eley says:

I’m going for a r5 1600 and a 1060 6gb which seems to pull about ~300w, what is the BEST VALUE psu I should go for that will still work above what it needs to


Can you guys help me out a bit?
Ok so ive prepared the list of parts that i wanna build a pc with and the thing is my budgets a bit too tight rn all im missing is a power supply and dont know how much power i need….
I just want a stable gaming experience..
Ima list my parts down here so itd be great if someone helped
1) gigabyte lga1151 motherboard
2) intel core 15 8th gen
3) corsair 1x 8gb ram
4) gtx 1050ti
5) seagate firecuda 1tb sshd

xd Will136 says:

Can a 500w power a gtx 1060 6gb, Ryzen 5 1600 and 3 case fans

Ghost of Christmas Past, From the Future says:

I plan on putting 2 1070ti’s, my numbers came out 1037.25. Is 1000w still not enough?

Ali Srour says:

Can you recommend a psu for 7700k+gtx 1070 ti msi gaming x+1tb 7200hdd? Budget 40-60$, I don’t want those bad brands

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