How To Jump Start A Power Supply (PSU)

A short video on how to jump start a power supply using a paper clip!

WARNING! follow the instructions at your own risk. OverclockersClub cannot be held responsible for the information provided in this video. Please, if you have any questions, jump onto the forums and ask away!


David Benjamin Laliberte says:

Brilliant thanks! So if the fan turns on then there’s something wrong with the motherboard?

Carlos Gomez says:

Nice and crisp information. Can’t make a mistake.

LopsidedEdits says:

What do I do, I have the 24 pin cable from my psu, but it is split into 20+4 pin, and the 4 pin is too short to reach the mobo, so it can’t go in all the way. Any recommendations?

JBaciJ says:

Say .. hypothetically one forgets to unplug the 4 pin connector and other components from the PSU, but one still happened to paper clip and turn on the PSU. Would this cause any potential damage?

Mark Heitz says:

I have tried this and I can only get the PSU to run fan at low speed. The project I have is I want to link up 5/6 tops 12vdc fans so thought this would work , I also bought a driver 12/20v wondering now if would cook them or would it work as if used a transformer each fan would receive less voltage can anyone tell if the driver would work or would a simple 12 v driver be able to handle so many fans or what’s wrong with PSU please please anyone tell me Cheer’s

Seth Grubbs says:

my power supply works to an extent as in I turn on the pc and the fans spin as if booting up (mind that i have just built this pc) and then they just stop and nothing works? Any solutions?

Robert Knudson says:

very helpful random youtube thank you!

Abdullah waqas says:

i have no yellow wire in power suppy which is ised for 12v plzz tell me which wire is used to get 12v

Prickled Panda says:

i did this with my psu and green and black would turn on for a couple seconds then turn off but green and blue would leave it on.

عالم الكمبيوتر - شروحات و العاب says:

i bought a new motherboard asrock fatal1ty h170 perhformance edition
just finished installing it to my pc and plug everything

now my pc wont powering on from the power button
i already checked the cables and the ram and the cpu and everything

no leds light no fan spining while pressing the power button

so can i do this trick or no ?

Penny Ripoffs says:

My cpu doesnt work, i plugged all the wires correctly, even the fan doesnt spin. Is my psu damaged?

Georgie Thumbs says:

What do you mean “jump”? To test if the power supply works or jump it because it locked up? I was just at my computer and all of a sudden it shut off and it wont turn on again. I took the power supply out but the cables are still connected and nothing happens when i turn it on, the fan doesnt move or anything. Nothing looks burned out. Is is locked up?

BuddyIsSavage says:

Welp I got a dead mobo

bringthedarth says:

Thanks for teaching me that a nice jumper adapter came with one of my old EVGA cards. I never realized that’s what it was for! Feel like an idiot now! lol

James Stinnette says:

I just finished putting my new build together and I want to test my psu because the computer will not power on at all. Do I need to completely disconnect the psu from my mobo in order to test it or is it safe to simply disconnect the 24 pin and test?

Vinsof Isaac says:

Can I use this to run a graphics card ??
I ask this ques bcuz I think if I shut down the pc the card would not !!! is it safe ?

George Negrici says:

by doing this could it mess up de psu when using it for a longer time lets say 4-5 hours?

Nazri Usham says:

Thanks a lot bro 🙂

Michael Street says:

Thanks for killing me.

ѕρeαк fαcтѕ says:

I’m to scared to do this i value my life lol.

Daniel Birx says:

Aaaaaannnnnndddddd I wasn’t paying attention the second time I did this and did the reverse side. But nothing really seemed to happen, hopefully everything is all good lol

Victor Villalta says:


Last of Brunnen G says:

Great video, short and to the pint. Kudos!

OneShot Gaming says:

Thanks so much for counting over the wires because my psu is not color coated and their all black! This video help me a lot! lol Its my first build and i am kinda a nervous nanny! I am really nervous it will not turn on! Any tips?

Victor Renan Covalski Junes says:

thanks man! cheers

R. Sergi says:

A very great video, and a question emerges: Can a single ordinary PC (say, gaming PC) have 2 PSU then? For example, I use the first PSU to connect motherboard 24-pin, and then I want my HDD, fans, etc connected to the other PSU with a jump start.

Zfast4y0u says:


is this 1000000% safe to do? i mean does every manufacturer of PSU has same order of this wires ( not expert )??? i have corsair rm1000x, it has all black wires, i will have to drain my luube for repaste and i will have to do leak test, so jumping PSU will be needed, i really dont wanna fuck up my psu by jumping wrong wires!!!

Paul Rahe says:

Thank you. You solved my problem.

Abaasi Abbie. K says:

Thanx Buddy.. Very Helpful 🙂

Roman Ruiz says:

I did this with a 650w PSU and, after several trys, a cap exploded leaving a very nasty smell behind. Fortunately for me, since I farted almost right after the explosion (because of the distress), I didn’t have to deal with the smell for long.

You should probably indicate that this process isn’t safe for every PSU. Thank you for helping me fuck mine (and yeah, I did short the correct pins).

Joshua Albuen Secoya says:

How about it runs during paper clip diagnosing then it won’t if you put it back on to your pc

shadow10hunter says:

Can i use a jumped psu to do non-computer related stuff like a high power water-splitter or something?
Will extensive use of the jumped psu damage it?
Useful video, by the way.

Ferryanto Gunadi says:

thank you!

Reddix1993 says:

So, by using a power supply jumper, could you run this long term with no issues?

George Anastasopoulos says:

A very good video on testing a power supply unit!

Kyliou 301 says:

is it safe?


sir,can i keep this jum starter wire all times in the supply!anything ill happen??ill it blast if i keep all time the wire in the supply??sir and also i can feel a small shock on the wire if i touch thm

DSM Dallas says:

I turn it on, and off it goes! no sir, you turn it on and on it goes! LOL

Rick Mateo says:

Hi I just bought a lenovo m92p desktop and want to use my 500w psu,but issue is psu has 24 pins & mboard has ony 14 pins,it fits halfway,half of the pins are out of this ok to turn it on.

shiva kumar says:

love you

Carlos Gomez says:

Here is a silly question. Could I use an LED as the mechanism to short it? That way I could see a light too. I read that the voltage of the green wire is 0.06 volts.

Absolute Zero says:

Thanks! But mine appears to be DOA since it came as a bundle with the case.

Brandon Wright says:

Thanks bro GENIUS!

Papadi Baba Latisha says:

Thanks broo..
Nice and work for me.. but fan running slow.. can i use for 2 vga 1070? Is it save??

Duncan Wallace says:

This does not work for the Thermaltake G1600 and 1500 psu’s because 1) they don’t have a power button and 2) the cpu cable needs to be plugged in (at least that’s the only way I could get either of these psu’s to power on).

Jason Voorhees says:

My 24pin has 1pin missing is that ok?

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