How to Install a Power Supply into a Desktop PC

This is a full-on fleshed-out how-to video on installing a PSU in a PC. It’s not gonna be a short one, just warning you off-the-bat, but basically it’s all the ins and outs of a power supply, what you need to know, what every cable is meant for and what goes where. It’s actually very simple if you’re new to it.

Please do not ask me what kind of PSU your PC should have, look up the specs of the parts you’re getting and go from there; there’s simply too much information to know beforehand and I cannot respond to every single comment with vital information. Thank you.


Josh Gaming says:

I found a 600 watt evga power supply for 50% off at best buy, one $30, took a drop from $60

nickr1125 says:

Thanks this was really helpful! And on a side note you should never have an issue buying a bigger power supply then you need, it’s actually a lot better and something you should do

Malik Walters says:

Can’t you just take out the plugs in the old power supply and plug those into the new one? So its easier?

Dominic Commisso says:

Maybe 350 400 450 500 550 650. Got it. I’ll go get all of those.

clash of clan with bluestacks says:

ur voice is like frog

TenChittaphon's Smile says:

Help!! I’ve done all I could but it is still not powering up. There is only one green light on the motherboard :((

Jacky Yap says:

You talk too much could have easily made this a 5 minute video

Bertus says:

Is it just me or does he sound like Jeff Goldblum?
Nice video by the way.

Ty S says:

Are molex connectors an okay use for graphics card power supply?

Mel Snorlax says:

Where did you put your monitor cable? :'( my generic old power supply has a slot to put the cable on the powersupply. But my new power supply has no slot. :'( where would i insert it? Please reply ty :'(

Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

Nice video…

AbirBoY says:

thank you so much man , really appreciate that 🙂

1800Jackboy Graal says:

Damn how many hard drives do you have ???

Sulaiman Nabizadah says:


Tony 758 says:

when i turn on my pc i dont see no video on my monitor

Pythonbytes T says:

Thank you! You saved my life.

TenChittaphon's Smile says:

I know this video is almost 3 years ago but I’m still hoping for some answers. My CPU wasn’t powering up but there’s a green tiny light on the mother board. So I began fumbling my CPU and I accidentaly fried my Power Supply and the green tiny light went out. So I bought a new PSU but I’m not really sure if my mother board is still okay. And I don’t know any person who can help me

Jaws Xensroid says:

I came here because I just watch how Stefan The Verse install his “brick” into his case…

xXMatt PlayzXx says:

Can you tell us how to install all the motherboard to hardware cords? So basically data cables to drives and graphics cards.

CaptainWildcard says:

Thank you!

Skyfi9 says:

Is 350 watts enough for ryzen 5 2400g and gtx 1050ti

Sterling Nechanicky says:

Why does my motherboard not have a 24 pin connector someone please help

Kim Aerok Llono says:

Hes voice is annoying, like a robot………………

V says:

I <3 my SSD also!

Kayode Dyson says:


private account says:

did you just assume that cable’s gender?

V says:

suprised nobody said anything about doing this on carpet with no antistatic measure in place.

PrestigeGaming 1 says:

About to install a 500wat PSU and I have a gt1030 video card

TS Games says:

Hi, does anyone know if for the fans you need to buy an additional connector? Or does it come with the new PSU usually? Got one coming today and everything seems simple except the fan part, thanks in advance.

Wave Cannon says:

Good guide Torqcx (At least for this befuddled old man). Thumbs are up.

Yulee says:

ty for this, installed my psu with my new rtx 2070

Abe Linkin says:


DIRECT BaNaNa says:

I’m getting a 1070 for my build would u recommend a 550 psu or 650 psu

Caden Herren says:

You shouldn’t do thsi in carpet

Col7777 says:

I always think if they thought ahead when making power packs, if they made a standard connector to the actual power supply then if it failed just unplug that and all the other cables wouldn’t need to be removed… but they didn’t lol.

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