How To: EVGA Power Supply Installation

An overview as to how to setup and test your EVGA Power Supply! Need help choosing a Power Supply? Check out the EVGA PSU Meter


dildodickgollum says:

Is the 430 watt evga psu good with a 1070 if my wattage is only 310?

Apioskin says:

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KillerGames says:

you is awesome you is smart i appreciate this video

MrMattyice93 says:

Is eco mode useful when gaming? Because that’s all I do when using the computer

Evil Angel says:

Does the supernova 650 also include the 6+2 and 6 pin pcle combo cable?

JD Bandeiras Negras says:


Spirit Outcast says:

Most people will wonder on making the fan side up or down, and here’s the best answer-

If your computer will be on carpet(with the case having short and stubby legs), it’s much better to have the fan up. If you have the computer on a desk with taller legs, go for the fan side down.

Orlandordg says:

I want to connect 6 gpu sapphire nitro rx 570 to a psu. Which psu do you recomend me? and in which connector I have to connect all gpu to psu? on sata or vga connectors?

Danny Chen says:

i have a nzxt hue+, i have to plug in the molex on the mobo, it requires 5v, how do i set the molex up

Lyoko006 says:

My 750 gold makes a clicking noise then turns off and restarts. Please help

LuisitoMD says:

hi, i have 750gq, can i connect this psu to a 220 volts oulet?

drysori says:

Why would need to test a new power supply?!

BaccaKiller says:

When I plug in my 500 Watt power supply the fan doesn’t turn on? Help!

Jackson quan says:

Skip to 2:40 for the important shit

Andrea Z. says:

evga supernova GQ 650w mounted in a phanteks enthoo itx that i will overclock… psu fan should be facing down or up?
please help!

Alex Black says:

my power supply just died. need new one then upgrade my G card. already got new mb process and hard drive. I had no experience before this with comps

Spongebob says:

what happens if you connect more conectors to yours motherboard pins will it fry ?

otakuMCkid6969MRstealYOgirl says:

This was a really professional tutorial

Reverse Tank says:

My EVGA SuperNova NEX650G doesn’t wanna turn on.

RedItUp says:

What’s the perif port for?

Ascend Metal Slug says:

Thank you for uploading this!! I’m building a PC for the first time and I was confused why the PSU cable going TO the PSU was split (looks like an 18 pin + 10 pin). My current Silverstone 1000W PSU has a single 24 pin on both ends going from the PSU to the MOBO.


hi my g3 850 fan didnt run with eco mode off any help?

Niles Niles says:

Does the PSU tester works with none EVGA powersupplies?
I’ve bought the 750W Supernova G2

monkeh88 says:

is it quiet?

James Rushton says:

I have a EVGA 650 GQ and my cpu connector is a 2 by 2 and the power supply doesn’t have a 2 by 2 pin what do I do?

Leomann88 says:

Thanks for the detailed video. It helped me install my new supernova 750 g2

Monferaigne says:

Question, I’m planning to buy Asus Strix GTX 1080ti OC edition which is powered by 8×2 Pins, is it possible to use 2 seperate 8pins cables and connect to VGA1 and VGA2 PSU?

Monkey D Luffy2 says:

Dumb question i have a power supply. I want to upgrade to a more powerfull one can i used the same cabels the old power supply has and just connect to the new one. Help me out thanks

Tavuk Studios says:

anyone else not able to get the cpu plugged into the Power supply? it doesn’t seem to fit…

Real Pepe says:

If I have an 8 pin port on my GPU do I have to use them all or can I use only 6 of the pins?

Candi Soda says:

There’s like a buzzing sound when I turn eco mode on. Is that normal?

Roman Smolkin says:

Where can I get that power supply tester piece?

Tyler Sanders says:

Does your Ac input Amps have a impact on your PSU turning on i have a
evga 500W 80 plus. That won’t turn also i had a 600w that did not turn
on so i exchanged it for a 500w power supply. Would a power strip help
with the problem?

gUdU Oficial says:

you no need install 2x 8 CPU cables? on motherboard if she have 2x 8cpu? 3:20, if you intall 2x 8 cpu connection motherboard explod?

GP Patrol says:

i love modular psus because i love the feeling of plugging in the connector and since theres two ends double the fun

Fadeux says:

Fun fact: “Circle Down”? The labels on those switches are actually binary. 0 = off I = on.

Anis Caprnja says:

Ordered one, it was dead on arrival 🙁

iZankz says:

for some reason after about 4 hours of my pc being on it shuts off by itself and im thinking its my psu because whenever i turn off my pc my psu makes a short grinding noise

my specs are:
Intel i7 6700k
16gb ram at 2400
msi gtx 1070
msi gaming m5 motherboard
evga supernova 650w g2

Jesus Gibran Castillo Hernandez says:

I had a week’s power source, I think my light is bad …

James Rushton says:

I have a EVGA 650 GQ and my cpu connector is a 2 by 2 and the power supply doesn’t have a 2 by 2 pin what do I do?

Spongebob says:

will your motherboard come whith a manuel to put in the connectors ?

Mr. Webguy says:

For the love of all that is holy do NOT have music running in the background while you are trying to explain things. This is not a porn shoot.

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